The Avalon Legacies Book 1 Legacy Forgotten

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Chapter 6

He awoke several hours later and Ailis was not beside him. It was close to dawn and he had to leave soon. He did a quick mental search of the house and found that she was in the attic. He thought about just leaving but figured that he should at least apologize for last night. Although, he was sure that once she woke up and remembered what he’d done to her, she’d ran from the room as fast as her feet would take her. He still wasn’t sure what had happened. She’d been dreaming when he’d gotten there and it was a bad one. He’d tried to wake her but it wasn’t working. He knew she hated when he invaded her mind but he really felt as if he had no other choice. So he tried to give her a command to wake. In retrospect, he guessed it was a bad idea. When her eyes popped open, the green in them was glowing so bright, Kenneth had to shield his eyes. The small yellow flakes in her eyes seemed to shimmer like gold.

Kenneth got the distinct feeling something else was in there with Ailis. Something way more powerful than Kenneth had ever experienced.

He’d felt power gather all around him as her eyes continued to glow fiercely. He knew in that moment, something other than Ailis had complete control of her faculties. The next thing he remembered was taking her blood.

He scrubbed his hand over his face in frustration as he sat and hung his legs over the side of her bed. He just wished he could remember what the hell had happened. He couldn’t believe he’d attacked her and what was that thing in her when she’d woken up? He wondered. Was it in there all the time? Should he fear it? Kenneth didn’t know the answer to the first two questions. As for the third, for some reason deep down inside, he felt she would never hurt him intentionally. He was the one who’d hurt her. He thought, disgusted with himself knowing she’d never forgive him. She’s probably hiding in the attic waiting for me to leave. He thought with an unwelcome stab of pain suspiciously close to were his heart used to be.

He got up and trudged to the attic, a man nearly defeated to tell her goodbye and that he was leaving her alone for good.

When he entered the attic she was staring out the window. She turned and smiled and then turned back to face the window. Kenneth suddenly remembered the taste and feel of her blood running down his throat and his fangs sprang free as his constant companion surged to attention. She’d tasted like pure warm sunshine caressing his every follicle. He knew he’d suffer all of eternity, craving just one more drop.

“You know,” She said. “I can’t imagine what it must be like never to see the sun. I could stand not walking in it but you don’t even get to see it.”

“Kenneth wasn’t sure where she was going with this but he knew that he needed to leave soon, before he did something utterly unforgivable like ravish her in this very spot. He cleared his throat and hardened himself to her.

“I came to tell you good-bye.” He told her formally.

She turned back to face him quickly, her eyes were very wide. “No you can’t. I mean not yet. I have a surprise for you.” She told him excitedly. He raised an eyebrow at her. “Don’t worry.” She said “You will like it.” Now Kenneth was interested. What was this girl thinking? “Sit in the chair and close your eyes.” She commanded him.

Okay. He thought. Now this is getting kinky. He sat and immediately, steel clamps wrapped around his wrists and ankles. He looked at her shocked. “What’s this?” He asked. “What are you doing?”

She walked over to the chair and knelt with her face close to his. “You are going to see the sun.” She said with a smile. He began to panic and tried to rip the steel clamps. She put her hand over his and in a calm steady voice she said, “Calm down I’m not going to hurt you. The clamps are because I knew that you would panic.”

He stopped struggling and tried for a calm thought to rationalize with her. “Look,” He started “I know what I did last night was terrible but does that really warrant killing me?”

She looked puzzled and then she asked. “What are you talking about?”

“I attacked you.” Kenneth responded. “I don’t remember doing it but I must have.”

She looked at him for a minute and then realization reflected in her eyes. “You didn’t attack me Kenneth.” She replied. “I attacked you.”

“What do you mean?” He asked confused. She didn’t attack him. At least, he didn’t remember her attacking him. He thought, remembering the other thing he’d seen inside her.

“Well.” She started “When you woke me, I was having a terrible dream and I attacked you. I don’t remember doing it.” She told him hanging her head. He remembered her staking that vamp without even flinching. Could there be something that has control of Ailis whether she wants it to or not? He nodded for her to continue. “Some how I made you fly across the room and you landed on the coat rack. It went straight through you.”

He looked confused. He didn’t remember that. All he remembered was a build up of energy right before he blacked out. “But I took your blood. I almost killed you.”

“No.” She said “I gave you my blood to save you.”

“What!” He yelled. “Why would you do that?”

“You almost died I had to give you my blood or you would have.” She looked bewildered at first but then she just shrugged. “You would have died. I had no choice.”

She didn’t want him dead? Kenneth thought quickly to himself. She’d panicked and given him her blood because she didn’t want him to die. Kenneth’s heart rate secretly kicked up a little and a feeling suspiciously close to caring reared it’s long absent head. “Then listen to me if you don’t want me dead, let me go so that I can get to a safe place before the sun comes up.” He tried reasoning with her.

“This is a safe place.” She answered.

“Safe.” Kenneth snorted. “I am tied to a chair sitting in front of a window with the sun moments from breaking the horizon. How is that safe?”

“It is. Trust me. You have to trust me.” She said.

He stopped arguing. Not because he believed her but because he knew he couldn’t change her mind and he knew he was going to die. What hurt the most was that even though she denied it, he thought that she knew as well. She wanted him dead. Just then he felt that familiar sensation cross the surface of his skin. The sun was rising and he was going to die. He saw the first rays of light and closed his eyes tightly to prepare for the pain.

“No.” Ailis stated. “Keep them open.”

He opened his eyes knowing he was defeated and looked out the window. At least, if he was about to die he would see the sun one last time. It started to rise slowly and he prepared himself. It seemed like it took forever. Then he saw it; the top of the sun coming up over the top of the water.

The water was blue not the gray that it looked at night. The orange yellow hues from the sun where cascading across all that he could see below bathing the world in color that he had not been able to see in person for over one hundred years. His eyes burned a little but not the way they normally do, more like, just sensitive.

Ailis watched the amazement cross his features. The sun was nearly all the way up. She reached over and pressed the button to release the clamps and Kenneth bolted from the chair to the window. She got there before he reached for the clasp that held it closed.

“No!” She snapped. “Don’t open it.”

“How is this happening?” He barely whispered.

“It’s the glass.” She responded.” It has a special film that blocks out the rays of the sun and it’s the rays that will kill you not the light.”

He could feel the warmth from the sun already and it felt wonderful. He was amazed. He was standing here in broad daylight watching the sunrise as if he were once again human, once again able to love and be loved back. He turned to look at her. There were tears in his eyes. She reached up and took his face between her hands. This beautiful, amazing woman standing in front of him was truly a miracle. He was looking at the sun. He was seeing a sight and feeling a sensation he’d thought to never see or feel again. At that moment, he knew why he’d been filled with the compulsion to come here. It was her. He needed to protect her and keep her safe from outside forces as well as whatever was inside her that she couldn’t seem to control. She is the other part of him. She is the light to his darkness as he is to hers. His soul was screaming at it’s master to surrender to what he knew was the absolute truth just as his brain was screaming Never!

“Are you okay?” She asked. “Did I do something wrong. I just thought that…” The worry in her voice shut his brain down completely and his soul now had full control.

He stopped her by putting his hands over hers. “No.” he said “You didn’t do anything wrong. No one has ever done anything like this for me. Look” he said looking out the window again before turning back to look into her eyes, “The sun. Ailis…You have given me back the sun.”

Ailis grabbed his hand and noticed that he had a cuff link with the letters AKN on it. “What’s this?” She asked. “Your initials?”

“Yeah.” Kenneth answered.

“But I thought that your name was Kenneth.” Ailis asked confused.

“My middle name is Kenneth.” He replied, hoping she would leave it at that.

“What’s your first name?” Ailis asked.

Shit. Kenneth had to think fast. “Oh, even I can barely pronounce it.” Kenneth answered. “So you just call me Kenneth.” He chuckled convincingly. He looked down at her for a moment before he asked the question he was afraid to ask. He knew she’d told Collin she didn’t think the same guy killed the last victim but he didn’t know if she was just covering for him until she could figure out what to do or if she believed he hadn’t killed that woman. He had to know if she thought him capable of that amount of brutality. “Do you think I did it?” He asked.

She was confused. “Did what?”

“Do you think that I killed that woman?” He asked, praying that even though he’d never given her reason to, she had more faith in his basic goodness than that.

“No.” She answered. “I knew as soon as I saw her that you had not done it.”

He was so relieved that he took her in his arms and kissed her slowly and tenderly. Kenneth felt as if his feet would lift off the floor and they’d float away. Every time he was with her, he felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders. He reveled in the feel of her fit so perfectly against him; it was as if she were a puzzle piece made exclusively to be connected to him. Some deep secret place inside his chest knew she was and God be damned, he would find out what was going on here. What that thing was inside of her and why his maker was suddenly in town wreaking havoc. Kenneth intended on taking care of those two things fast because he didn’t ever intend on being disconnected from this woman.

She moaned against his mouth and shredded every last ounce of control he had.

Kenneth picked her up and in a blink they were in her room. He laid her on the bed and smiled down at her. “Thanks to those blackout curtains of yours no rays get in here either.” He told her as he kissed her. He lay down next to her and just looked at her. “Are you sure about this?” He asked. Kenneth knew once he’d tasted her, she belonged with him. He had no idea what was happening or how he knew but he knew, by some weird twist of fate that they were two halves of the same whole. He knew he would convince her of this. There were so many things he’d yet to tell her. So many ways they were connected. The connections their pasts held that she didn’t yet know about. He knew he should tell her everything at once but he was terrified she would never forgive him for omitting the truth about his identity. He’d have to tell her the truth later and make her see that he’d had no choice. He’d make her see that some strange compulsion had brought him here the same as her. She’d see he had every right not to trust her just as she hadn’t trusted him. She’d see and everything would be Okay. He tried to convince himself. But here, in this moment, he could not take her unless he knew it was what she wanted as well.

“Of course.” She replied. “Why would you ask?”

“You know why.” He responded brushing a few stray hairs from her eyes. He was a murderer and it was her job to catch him. Not to mention a liar as well. Even though, she didn’t know about that last part. He shoved that last thought away. He wanted her now. He could wait no longer. He’d fix the rest later, Right?

She framed his face with her hands and said. “Kenneth I don’t care what you are or who you are.” And then she kissed him long and hard. With that, all reasoning or conscience Kenneth had went out the window. All he thought about was the feel and taste of Ailis; the other half of his soul. He wanted to feel her skin so with a thought their clothes vanished. She giggled. “You’ll have to teach me that one.”

“Maybe later.” He said “Right now I’m more interested in making you mine.” He nuzzled her neck and kissed the outer edge of her breast. Her breath caught when he took her soft, pink nipple into his hot sizzling mouth.

Kenneth could not believe all of the emotions that were running through him. She felt so good he could hardly contain himself. He knew that he had to hold off because he’d wanted to taste her womanhood since the first time she opened her smart little mouth. Let’s see if she’s as cocky when she is writhing and screaming underneath me. He thought with a mental snicker. No one had ever made him feel this way and as much as it elated him, it also scared the hell out of him.

He hated to move his attention away from her firm round breasts but he was eager to find out how this angel tasted. Kenneth heard her stifle a moan and smiled to himself. Just as he thought. Angels do taste like heaven. He couldn’t help himself. He ate at her as if he were a starving man, lost and thirsty for weeks. He quickly caught hold of himself. He couldn’t believe how quickly he was losing control of this situation. He needed to get a hold of himself, before he was lost completely. He would not let her rule him.

Ailis felt bereft as Kenneth moved away from her still tingling breast but as he moved down and took the first taste of her core, she thought she would die of sheer pleasure. He ate at her as if her were a dying man at first and Ailis knew she was on the verge of death or a rebirth or something. Hell, she had no idea. He slowed down a bit seeming to gain more control but still driving her mad with pleasure. After a few moments it was more than Ailis could take and there was no being quiet. Just as suddenly as his ministrations started they abruptly stopped. Ailis could have screamed. Damn this man and his control issues, she screamed to herself. Could he not let go and enjoy anything? Then she had a thought and grinned deviously. Two could play that game. She sat up and pushed at his chest until she had succeeded in turning him over with her on top. She smiled wickedly at him as she made a trail with her tongue from his neck to his waistline. She stopped briefly and felt his sharp intake of breath. He was getting impatient. Ailis smiled inwardly. She liked having power over him. She needed to teach this beast that sometimes, it was rather enjoyable to be submissive. Not a bitch or anything mind you, but at least relax enough to get as good as you give. She thought wickedly. She was going to show this “Old Man” that in this century, women could give just as good as they got.

As Ailis finally slipped his over engorged member into her mouth, Kenneth had to hold back a shout. He had been with plenty of women over the years but none had driven him to the brink of insanity the way this tiny slip of a woman was doing right now. She took in nearly the entire length of him over and over again, keeping her tiny mouth tight with suction. Good God, what a surprise. Kenneth thought grinning down at her lovely ass, thrust in the air as she knelt over his core bringing him closer and closer to the point of insanity. This woman could do so much more with that mouth than smart off. He felt like he was losing control and that was not a good thing. It took every bit of his self-control to keep his fangs from springing out in full force. He had finally had enough of watching that ass bounce up and down while she completely ravished his partner in crime like no woman before had ever come close to and wanted all of her now before he burst into flames.

Ailis was surprised when Kenneth pulled her up and flipped her over at the same time. Before she knew what was happening she was flat on her back with Kenneth positioned over her. The excitement was too much for her and she felt her fangs aching to come out and play. She had no idea where that thought came from and it baffled her. She looked up into his eyes as he plunged himself deeply within her. His eyes fired red and she could see the imprint of his fangs through his lips. It should have scared the hell out of her but instead it excited her more and she felt her own fangs slowly sliding past her gums to reveal them selves.

Kenneth felt his breath catch in his lungs as he first saw her eyes flash as red as the flames of hell and then he saw her tiny fangs lengthening themselves. He had no idea what species or mixed species this woman was but there was definitely some Vampire in there somewhere. He started thrusting slowly at first but as she started thrusting her hips up to meet his, he began thrusting wildly, like a caged animal. He’d never felt anything so intoxicating in all of his time on earth. Only one thing could make this moment any more perfect than it already is. He thought looking down longingly at her neck. He was forcing the little bit of control that he had in order not to take her blood. Oh, but how he wanted it, remembered the taste of it, craved it, needed it. Kenneth saw a moment of realization in her eyes just before she turned her head to the side to give him full access to her tiny beautiful neck. He would not do this. “No.” He said as he shook his head to clear the temptation.

“Let me give you what you want.” Ailis said meaning it. She felt the urgency to give her blood, as she was sure that he felt the urgency to take it. She looked up into his eyes and saw there was a pleading there as if he were asking her if she was sure.

“I don’t know if I can control myself.” He said quietly.

Ailis was a little scared but she felt she could trust him and she told him so. He continued thrusting in and out at a tantalizing speed as he lowered his mouth to her neck. She felt like she would explode at any moment. He teased the sensitive nerves at the base of her throat scraping slowly, nearly sending her into convulsions before he sank in his fangs. She let out a moan as the brief pinch of pain turned into something more sensual. Kenneth’s took only a small bit while holding onto his control. Ailis had never felt anything so wonderful in her life. Her blood was boiling as she rode the ripples of pleasure, feeling as if electrical shocks were running the entire length of her body until all at once she screamed out as the feeling overtook her.

Kenneth could still feel Ailis convulsing when his own body reached its release. Kenneth and Ailis stayed in that position for several minutes, he, still embedded in her, both breathing heavily. “Holy Shit.” They both said in unison before bursting out laughing.

Kenneth rolled off of Ailis and pulled her into his arms, so that she faced him. Kenneth couldn’t believe the enormity of the passion they’d just experienced. He was terrified. He had to tell her the truth of his identity. He could not live this big of a lie with this woman. He also knew that as soon as he told her, she’d never want to see or speak o him again. He should have told her before, maybe she would have forgiven him but now, after what they’d just shared, Kenneth knew there was no way in hell she’d ever forgive him. But how he wished that weren’t the case. He reached up and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. She looked thoroughly and completely at ease for the first time since he’d met her and he really didn’t want to ruin that right now. He leaned in and kissed her sweet lips softly.

Kenneth kissed Ailis for a long while until he could stay awake no longer. “I am sorry little one.” he said “But this day you have given me the sun as well as a taste of what an angel can do. I must go to ground.”

Ailis was mortified. “You really sleep in the ground?” She asked.

“In a manner of speaking.” He said. “My home is in Madrid and there I have my chamber, which has dark curtains like your bedroom but here I could find no such place so I must go to ground.”

Ailis didn’t know what to think. “Well it’s daylight, you can’t go anywhere now. Why don’t you just stay here? I will let you sleep.” She said.

Kenneth looked at her seriously. “Ailis.” He said quietly. “I sleep the sleep of the dead. That means that if you look at me it will seem as though I am dead. I don’t think that you are ready for that.”

Gross! was Ailis’ first thought. Way to remind me that I slept with a dead guy, she thought wryly.

“No.” She agreed. “I am not sure that I am ready for that at all. Don’t worry, you stay here and I am going to take a shower and then I will leave you to sleep for the rest of the day.”

Kenneth watched Ailis head to the bathroom that adjoined her bedroom. He could not believe this woman. She was almost too perfect to be real. He had not felt this alive since the day he awoke from his healing sleep after he was turned. The day he awoke to find that his e was murdered. And now he finds out that she was never dead in the first place.

That hurt more than thinking that she was dead. He didn’t know why she left but it hurt that she would leave and not tell him anything. After the attack she had to have known he would think her dead. He was even more hurt by the fact that after the trauma she must have suffered at the hands of those monsters she would not have even wanted comfort from him. They’d known they weren’t right for each other and they weren’t exactly in love but Carmelita and he had known each other their whole lives. He’d thought they were friends and he’d always taken care of her. Something he’d always felt in his soul was his purpose. And yet, she’d chosen to run away instead of seeking him out. After he found out what had happened, he hunted down as many of the monsters as he could find and killed all but one.

The last of the attackers he had yet to find. That was a difficult matter as Monolo Della Cruz was the very vampire that made him. He would essentially be killing his father. But that didn’t matter. All that had mattered to him for the last one-hundred years was avenging Carmelita’s murder. Although he now knew that they had not killed her, it mattered not. That night twenty women and eight children were killed or unaccounted for. Now, he knew that somehow after all of these years, it was Carmelita that had called him here.

He also knew she was not as dead as her granddaughter seemed to think that she was. Ah his Ailis, He liked the sound of that. He knew what they’d just done was extremely stupid but he couldn’t help himself. For the first time in his entire life, he knew what it was like to have true feelings for someone. Too bad he’d royally jacked up what small chance he might have had.

He heard the shower come on and smiled as he was finally dragged down with the dark sleep.

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