Playing Hard to Masters

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Escaping from an arranged marriage, Everly lives on her own as a lingerie designer. As her Lingerie shop is just not taking off well lately, she goes to a sex festival in search of inspiration. On the sex fest, she has a wonderful threesome night with two handsome hotties... However, what she doesn't know is that one of the two guys is her arranged husband, and the other is his cousin.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: The Three Tasks


The ambient lights of the club fell gently on my face. I was a little tipsy.

I looked down at the Magic Wand, part of the three tasks each of us had been asked to do. I was at a weekend sex party in Soho.

The organizers aptly named this task “Find Him.” A few minutes before the mission began, I saw them hand out shiny remotes to a bunch of gorgeous men. One man with ocean-blue eyes and golden hair caught my attention. He smiled in my direction, and I blushed.

Once we had the vibrators inside us, the men would press the remotes. But wait, that’s not all.

We won’t know who’d have whose remote.

Yeah, we wouldn’t be in control of the action. The next few minutes of my life were entirely under the supervision of a stranger.

For a second, I wondered if I was in the right place. I shrugged the doubt off. What could be sexier than a party where everyone was their most uninhibited selves, free, sexy, and abundant?

I needed inspiration. Self-design wasn’t easy, especially when you were running out of ideas.

I worked as a lingerie designer in Soho. While I had absolute faith in my powers of creation, I needed something else.

Well, here I was- looking for wild inspiration. I wanted to find a muse- someone who would ignite that spark of creation in me.

I genuinely hadn’t come here expecting to sit with a vibrator in my vajayjay. That too, when the control was in someone else’s hands.

I wasn’t complaining, though.

There’s something so sexy about it. Being controlled by someone else. Totally depending on a stranger for my pleasure.

I grew wet at the mere thought of what was coming and shivered with restless excitement. I was in a bathroom stall, the vibrator a big, throbbing reminder of what was coming.

I had donned an entirely romantic but submissive piece. It was pretty much in tune with the kind of image I wanted to portray.

Tonight, I was a sweet girl with black hair and green eyes on the hunt for the man who’d change her life. They didn’t need to know that all I wanted was a muse.

I fiddled with the lace lining of the mesh corset I was wearing. The soft coral hues of my corset and panties stood in sharp contrast to the deep browns and blacks that I saw all around me.

Well, I wasn’t born to conform. Not even at a fucking sex party.

I positioned myself and licked the tip of the vibrator.

I used it to caress the folds of my growing wetness, and then, ever so gently, I began sliding it in.

It was perfect. I moaned as it slid inside me, hot and heavy.

I couldn’t help playing with myself. I moved it in and out, holding on to the door-knob for support as I fucked myself.

Suddenly, I felt something inside me. Someone had pressed the damn remote.

Tremors ran through me as I stifled a loud moan.

It felt so good!

The instrument buzzed inside me, hitting all the right spots. I couldn’t even stand up. I trembled as I realized what was going to happen.

God, I was coming in a bathroom stall at a sex party in Soho.

Bring it on.

I stood at the bar, happily sore from my bathroom adventure, and on my second cosmo.

A hotty was standing right behind me and smirking. I wondered if he had the remote.

“Hey, good looking.”

“Aren’t you the sexiest thing in the room tonight,” he drawled. “I’d just like to take you to a room and do things the vibrator can’t dream of.”

Ooh, cocky. “Well, in my experience, there’s very little men can do that vibrators can’t.”

“Ouch, a girl after my own dick. What’s your name?”

“Call me E.”

“E, you’re fucking sexy.”

“Thanks, stranger, you’re not too bad yourself.”

He grinned and pressed on his remote. Anticipating something, I felt wetness seep out of me again. I wanted to fuck someone.

But not just yet.

His remote wasn’t doing anything for me. I shrugged at the look of comic disappointment on his face.

“Go find another vagina to trouble now,” I laughed, giving him a gentle push.

To his credit, he didn’t take offense and grinned as he respectfully retreated into the crowd.

A bartender came up to me, a list in his hand. I was already on a happy high, so I waved at him. He laid the list in front of me anyway. That’s when I noticed this list had nothing to do with drinks.

It had a range of items that were up for grabs at the fest- underwater sex, bondage, cybersex, threesome, and some that I had never heard of before.

It stumped me- I was rather sexual myself. I didn’t think there was so much out there that I’d never even heard of.

Rory, the bartender, asked me to choose two other items besides “Find Him.”

After going back and forth, I chose the “Threesome” and the “Dionysus Kiss.” Rory explained the kiss. It would be randomly assigned with a wine tasting.

Once I’d finished my drink, I could find someone who’d also been drinking and choose to kiss them.

The fun part was that the wines would be of different flavors. If the guy I kissed tasted of the same flavor I’d consumed, the task would be complete.

If not, I’d need to kiss another guy until I found the flavor that matched mine. I’d read somewhere that intense kissing could help burn calories. Bring it on.

Rory handed me a glass of red.

I took a whiff of the delicious scent before taking a sip. I tasted oak and chocolate, and a deep coffee flavor. Damn good wine, I mumbled to myself.

I knew the signs. I was bordering on the dangerous side of tipsy- the side where I made many impulsive decisions. I regretted some of them later, but boy did they make for some fantastic stories.

I looked around the room, and my eyes fell on a gorgeous young boy. He was the one who’d caught my attention when the organizers explained the “Find Him” rules.

He must have come out of a Mills and Boon novel- they didn’t make boys this sexy anymore, did they? He was fucking glorious- a sinful treat.

He had to be at least six feet tall, maybe more. He was attracting a lot of attention. I saw some girls clamor up to get a kiss from him, but he rejected all of them.

His eyes were exclusively on me.

I felt a tingle run through my spine and shivered as he walked up to me. He was younger than I’d first assumed.

His eyes were blue as the Pacific after a storm. His hair fell in soft golden waves. Good god, he made me want to become a poet. Fuck.

This boy was trouble. But he’d make a damn fine muse.

With his eyes never moving an inch from mine, he came up. I saw him reject the girls in his way by kissing their cheeks—what a playboy. I couldn’t help breaking into a grin.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he drawled. His tone was surprisingly deep and gravely. It made me weak in my knees.

“Hi.” It was all I could manage. I suddenly felt like a fifteen-year-old facing her crush. Shit.

“What do I call you?”

“Ah, I’m Everly.”

“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

Okay, I was letting him get away with being too smug.

“And who are you, except the only guy to have rejected ten girls in one minute?”

He threw his head back in a peal of easy laughter.

“I’m Atticus.”

Before I could respond, he’d pulled me into his arms. God, he was strong. The next second, his mouth was on mine.

Atticus knew how to kiss a girl. He began with just a taste, letting his tongue find its way in and gently explore mine. Just when I found myself getting more turned on, he amped it up a notch, pulling me closer and biting my lower lip.

His tongue rolled in my mouth. He tasted of a delicious mix of tobacco and dark chocolate. His left arm grabbed my ass as he continued kissing me. It felt soft and hard at the same time- and warm like cinnamon in cocoa.

Atticus bent my head downwards, and I obeyed him like a marionette. He was my master, and I was at his complete disposal. His kiss grew softer.

I felt disappointed. Was it ending already?

In an instant, he dialed up the intensity. Overwhelmed, I clung to him. He was my tether- the only solid foundation. The world was dark, and I was falling, slipping deeper and deeper into the luscious crevices of his mouth.

I felt dizzy. I was completely at his mercy. His mouth was insistent now, ravaging me; I welcomed it.

He grabbed my dark hair with one hand and pushed me against the wall. His insistent mouth bit my trembling lips. He drove chills and hot flashes down my nerves- I could not make sense of how I felt. There was an ocean between my legs.

I never knew I could feel so… animalistic. I kissed him back, harder and equally urgent. My hands raked his hair as I pushed my tongue in to match his.

His mouth was warm and welcoming. I felt the thickness of his groin push against me.

I just knew he was huge. The anticipation made me want him. I needed him to control me and show me how to be his, only his.

I wanted him to rip my lingerie off, to bite me everywhere, and fuck me breathless.

Oh fuck, I had never felt more in need of being needed.

After an age, or maybe just a minute, we broke apart. We were both breathless, our eyes boring into each other.

Suddenly, he began laughing. I joined in.

“That was… intense,” I breathed out.

I wondered if he knew that the wine flavors weren’t the same. I’m sure he did. It didn’t stop either of us.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around. A taller man was facing me, conventionally handsome, with all tanned skin and eagle-gray eyes. He had the same wavy hair as Atticus, but unlike Atticus’s gold, his was a mature brown.

He had a broad smile on his face as he wagged a finger at Atticus.

“I see you have met my cousin. Should I be apologizing for him already?”

I grinned. “Not yet, but let’s see how it goes. He’s not quite shown me everything he’s capable of.”

“Is that so,” Atticus’s voice came out in a stealthy whisper.

I heard the click of a remote, and a shock wave of pleasure convulsed through me.

Unwittingly, I moaned out loud enough for a few heads to turn my way.

I thought, “Oh, fuck them,” I reached out and held Atticus’s shoulder as he dialed my vibrator up a notch.

I screamed with pleasure, and just when I thought I could take no more, he’d dialed it down.

Only till I could take one breath, then it was up again. I literally felt like I was in heaven and hell at the same time. My insides were liquid. I was sweating profusely.

“Kiss me,” was all I managed. Atticus’s cousin took me into his arms as Atticus controlled the remote. His tongue, warm and delicious, found its way into my mouth.

I found that the flavors were the same. “Mission complete,” I mumbled, losing myself into the heat of his kiss.

“So,” I murmured, as his mouth grazed my collarbones. “What do I call you?”

He laughed, a low, hot rumbling sound that felt like music being written on my skin.

“Julian. And what do I call you, except utterly fucking stunning?”

I smiled back. “Everly, but you can call me Ev.”

I’d found the guy with my remote and had my Dinoysous Kiss. The only task left was the threesome.

Atticus grinned knowingly.

I asked them what their tasks were. Both of them had threesomes on their lists.

Julian ran his hands through my hair and gave my lower lip a playful bite. His eyes were all fire.

“Seems like we’re meant to do it together.”

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