Playing Hard to Masters

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Chapter 3: A Mad Night


Just what I had been waiting to hear.

Julian had moved to an almirah by the bed. He opened a drawer, going over beautiful folds of satin cloth.

I felt anticipation run down me like stepping into a cold waterfall on a full-moon night.

I sauntered up, using my voluptuous hips to my advantage. I saw Julian’s eyes rake over my naked body, shining under the soft golden glow of the ambient lights. He was holding a black satin blindfold in his hands.

He drew me into his arms.

Julian ran his tongue over my neck and into the little dips above my collarbones. I let out a soft moan.

He whispered into the hollows, ever so close to my ears. “Did you know that the best part of sex lies in the sensation of touch?”

I had no idea, but hell, I’d have believed him even if he told me that he’d gone to the moon at the moment.

Atticus had walked up behind me. Julian handed the blindfold to him. Atticus raised it to my face and covered my eyes.

The world was suddenly a velvet black kingdom. And I was the fucking queen.

Julian led me back to the bed. Along the way, Atticus grazed his mouth over my shoulders and back, letting his tongue show me how sexy the mere concept of touch could be.

This was not the mundane sex I’d experienced. This was nothing I’d ever known- and if this was sex- this glorious unfurling of wet mouths and luxurious moans and soft skin- then what I’d done before didn’t come within six yards of it.

“There’s a wedge on the bed. Can you reach out and find it?”

I extended my hand, but someone, presumably Julian, shifted my hand away.

“Not like that. Go down on all fours and find the wedge.”

This was getting ultra-kinky. I was living for it.

I got down on all fours on the bed and began moving forward. Soon enough, my hand touched a raised surface.

Julian’s voice was on my throat once again, smiling and commanding me at the same time.

“Good girl. Now climb up onto that wedge so that your ass is facing me.”

I had a pretty good idea of what Julian wanted me to do. I felt the texture and shape of the wedge. It was like a raised and tilted board- covered with a silky-soft material.

I lifted my torso, positioned my hands on the other end of the wedge, and placed my ass right at the raised end to face upwards. I relaxed my legs.

I’d never felt so exposed- and so alive before.

Julian ran his tongue all over my back, pausing to run his fingers over the two little spots at the very end.

“Dimples of Venus. Did you know that it’s said those who have these dimples have a natural craving for sex?”

“They’re not wrong.”

I felt a surprising slap on my ass and cried out.

“We don’t speak out of turn.”

Fuck, that made me so wet. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good girl.”

Julian’s face had found its way down to the luscious folds of my pussy, and he went to town on it. Atticus was good, no doubt.

But Julian was something else. It felt like he was born to do this- like he knew the exact movements, rhythm, and structure of my inner clock.

He didn’t just use his mouth to lick me- he kissed and nipped my vulva, moving to my clitoris before gently biting the inside.

I moaned and moaned, all sense of the world and conventional decency forgotten. I felt him trace my name with his tongue- on my pussy. Dear God, where had this man been all my life?

Atticus wasn’t waiting around either. He joined in, and as Julian’s mouth continued to explore me, Atticus’s mouth moved to my breasts, biting and sucking on them.

He positioned himself so that his head was under my torso. He ran something along my chest with surgical precision- a light feather-like instrument that tickled my senses and made me want to come in Julian’s mouth.

“Oh fuck, what is that?”

“That, my lady, is a feather tickler. Sincerely for your pleasure.”

Atticus ran his hand over my mouth.

“It’s such a pity.”

“What is?”

“That such a beautiful mouth has never known what a real kiss feels like before tonight.”

I wondered if I should protest but didn’t get time to reflect. Atticus’s mouth was on mine, and God, the kiss that followed outdid all others- even the one I had had in the evening.

He swirled his tongue inside my mouth, moving the gloriously tortuous feather ticklers over my breasts the whole time. My nipples were peaks, and my mouth was raw.

My pussy was a monsoon morning caught in a storm.

Atticus went for my mouth and tongue as if his life depended on it. I pushed back, as hard and hungry as him. We met somewhere in-between, a tide of desire and lust kindling fires in all of us.

Then, it happened.

It was in a matter of seconds.

Until then, every sensation had either been on my skin or barely inside.

Suddenly, it was as if a gush of the most intense, the most painful delectation was inside me, moving back and forth with all the rough force and intensity of its being.

Julian had entered me and was fucking me like I was his lifeboat. He pushed me down on the wedge as he drove in and out of me, calling out my name, commanding me to tell him what I wanted.

And I did. I moaned and called out for him, begging him to fuck me. Atticus bit my mouth as I moaned into it, begging them both, needing them to consume me.

They were my light, and I was the proverbial moth.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Atticus took my blindfold off. I don’t know at what point he had gone off the bed, but he was back, and he had two bottles of edible paint and brushes with him.

The touch of the brush was feather-soft on my skin. Julian positioned me so that I was half-sitting on the bed, sandwiched between him and Atticus.

“Should we try feather handcuffs?” Atticus grinned.

I felt a sudden trickle of unease run through me- I had no inkling how handcuffs would feel.

I was facing Julian, and I saw a shadow pass over his eyes as they bored into mine.

“No,” he said. “We don’t know enough about that.”

“Oh, you’re no fun,” Atticus grumbled. But he acquiesced to Julian’s words immediately and with no further contention.

There was something between these two- a bond I couldn’t lay my finger on, but I didn’t have the chance to meditate on it.

Atticus’s and Julian’s mouths came down on my skin together, as their hands smeared paint and their tongues licked it off- Atticus from my back and Julian from the front.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head upwards, feeling the cool sheen of the paint glide off my skin with the movement of hot tongues running all over it. I had goosebumps all over.

I picked a brush off from the side and ran it across Julian’s pronounced shoulders before grazing them with my mouth. He smiled and took both my hands in his. “Tonight, we give you pleasure.”

As Julian’s mouth came down on me again and Atticus entered me from behind, I moaned, my spirit soaring into the air, as light as the feathers on my skin.

“Men giving women pleasure.” It was a new concept to me.

One I sure could get used to.

We must have fallen asleep around two or three in the morning. The two boys were still sleeping when I woke up, spread across the bed.

Their heads were lightly tousled, and the rays of the early morning sun filtered through Julian’s hair.

He looked golden.

I shook my head. That was the best night of my life- no question.

But I had work to get done, an inspiration that needed to be put to practice.

I reached for my clothes and my purse, and a hundred-dollar bill fell out. I looked at it for a second, a naughty smile playing across my face.

Oh, what the heck? An extravagant adventure deserved a grand ending.

I took the bill and tucked it under Atticus’s chin. He simply sighed and continued sleeping.

I reached for a piece of paper from the drawer.

I took a pen from my bag and scribbled a quick note of thanks before getting ready to leave.

At the door, I looked back at the sleeping boys once more. I felt strangely content- and the idea brewing inside my head was a good one.

Last night had taught me how adventurous sex could be. It was just what I needed for my shop. Intima would get a makeover. All thanks to my midnight adventure in Soho.

I giggled and left.

The note was safely tucked in Julian’s hand.

“Thank you for all you did, my darling manwhores.”

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