A Deal with the Mafia Lord

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A deal with the devil is dangerous enough, but what happens when you fall for the devil himself? Serena Cooke is at her wit's end when a chance meeting with her brother's best friend after years apart throws her life into chaos. All she wants is enough money to pay for her brother's lawyer, but she stumbles into the dark world of the mafia. In desperation, she makes a gamble that involves herself, but as she grows closer to the dangerous mafia lord, she can't help but fall for him. Alec Trivett is the feared mafia lord who wants to keep Serena untainted by the sins of his world. But he can't resist her bright innocence and finds that if she is to be tainted by the underworld, he wants to be the one to corrupt her. He will go to great lengths to keep her safe, but the one person he can't protect her from is himself...

Romance / Drama
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“Who do you belong to?” A low, husky voice asked. “Tell me, Serena. Who?”

“Please,” Serena breathed from the four-poster bed, her voice quivering with the pure emotion behind it. “Please, Alec. I need you. Please.”

The words felt like a prayer coming from her lips. The want that was coursing through her body was indescribable. It felt like she had been in this bed for hours, pleading and waiting for him to give her what she needed. No matter what she said, though, Alec wouldn’t come any closer.

As she continued to beg, one of her legs folded over the other, squeezing together until she could feel the throbbing in her sex. She was soaking wet and she hadn’t even been touched. Alec always had that effect on her. She took her hand that wasn’t tied to the headboard and slid it down her body to try and touch herself.

“Don’t you dare.”

The authority in his voice made Serena gasp. A surge of heat flooded through her stomach and she whimpered. “Alec, please. I need you. Touch me.”

“Answer me,” Alec commanded, unyielding to her needs no matter how good it felt to hear her plead. When she still did not respond, he took a step towards the bed. The outline of his tall, muscular form came into view in the dim light. “Or do you need to be reminded?”

Alec was closer, but not close enough. It was driving Serena mad. He was driving her mad. Serena inhaled deeply, trying to tame the desire that raged through every inch of her naked body.

“Come on, Alec,” she whined, not caring how desperate she sounded. “I don’t want to wait anymore.”

The room was heavy with silence for a couple of seconds before Alec took another step forward. He slowly lowered himself to his knees and tugged on the silk cord that tied Serena to the bed.

“I will make you wait here all night if I don’t get an answer,” he murmured, the words both a threat and a promise. “Why is it so hard for you to admit what we both already know?”

“Why do I have to say it if we both already know it?” she shot back in frustration. She reached out and ran her free hand through his black hair. He growled when she pulled lightly on the roots. “Please, I need you.”

“I want to hear you say it,” he crooned, his voice draping over her like silk. “Say it, Serena. Say that you’re mine.”

Alec’s breath fanned across her neck, causing goosebumps to immediately form across her flushed skin. He hummed in approval and began slowly tracing the tip of his finger down between her exposed breasts. The touch was feather-light, teasing.

Serena opened her mouth to speak. But as Alec circled his finger around one of her nipples, she moaned. The bud immediately hardened in response. Alec savored her moans of pleasure for a moment before he took one between his fingers and pinched hard.

Her moan immediately jumped into a high-pitched yelp as pleasure shot down her spine. Before she could recover, Alec leaned forward and took her breast into the heat of his mouth, his tongue and teeth ravishing her skin for mere moments before he released her and leaned back from the bed.

“No!” Serena gasped, flinging her hand out into the darkness beyond the bed to reach for him. “Alec, please. No. I’m sorry. Come back.”

His chuckle filled her with equal parts arousal and annoyance. “I don’t want an apology, Ren. I want an answer.”

Serena felt like her entire body was on fire. She began to squirm in desperation, trying to bring her hand down between her legs again to give herself the release that she was so desperately wanting. Alec snatched up her wrist and slammed it back into the pillows beside her head. Before she knew it, he was on top of her, his lips inches away from hers.

“I’m going to ask you one more time,” Alec growled into the space between their mouths. “Who do you belong to?”

There was nothing she could do. She was trapped beneath the weight of Alec’s hard, strong body. Trapped by the voice that made her pulse leap. Even if she wanted to, there was no escape. To get what she wanted, she had to give herself over to him completely.

“You,” Serena finally admitted shyly. “I-I’m yours, Alec.”

“What was that?” he asked, the satisfaction clear in his tone. He shifted his weight to the side and reached down, his hand stroking sensually along her inner thigh. “Not sure I caught that.”

Serena gasped. Her legs quivered as she spread them open for him. “Yours,” she said again, this time more firmly. As hard as it was to say, she knew that it was true. Truer than anything she had ever known.

Alec hummed approvingly. “Mine.” As he closed the distance between their mouths, his hand finally traced around her opening, making Serena cry out. “You’re mine.”

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