But She's Black

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The first time Travis ever laid eyes on Aaliyah he fell in love with her smooth chocolate skin and her gorgeous smile .

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


I woke up to my sister rolling onto my chest . I rubbed my eyes looking at the time that read 3:21 before I got out of bed and walked out my room . I seen the light on where I spotted my mama at the table with her head in her hands as bills surrounded her .

I rubbed her back , I know were struggling no matter how hard she tries to hid it .

I know she couldn’t pay the rent and asked for an extension .

She don’t know I know tho .
Her head shot up as she quickly picked up the bills .

Mama - whatchu doing up baby ? You know you got school .

Me - Imma get a job and h-

Mama - no she said cutting me off

Me - mama -

Mama - No Aaliyah were fine . All I want you to do is go to school she said

Me - but mama - she cut me off again giving me the look , which told me drop the conversation . I did just that .

Mama - Now go back to sleep she instructed I nodded and kissed her cheek before walking off .
I walked into my small room , that I shared with my sister . There was a queen size bed and a dresser with a small tv on it . That’s all that could fit .
I had some shoes lines up on the floor .
I climbed back in bed besides her and closed my eyes in hope to fall back asleep but I couldn’t thinking about all the bills .

I am gonna get a job and help out whether she likes it or not .

My alarm ranged so I got up and took a shower doing my hygiene .
I stepped out with a towel wrapped around my body and let my sister get in as I did my hair and put on my clothes .

((Out fit in mm))
Even tho were broke my mama make she were not bummy and my Bestfriend Deja gives me her old clothes .

I flat ironed my sew in and slayed my edges before walking downstairs .
My mom was gone for work already , she leaves around 4 .

Me and Lay ((Layla)) ate before I locked up the house and walked down the hallway that smelled like faint piss .

I walked Layla to school and hugged her before proceeding to the bus stop to go to mines .

I hopped out the bus just as Deja was pulling up in her car . She got out and hugged me

Deja - You look nice
I smiled thanking her as we walked into school . I got a lot of stares that I ignored .

I don’t got time for these ratchet hoes and wanna be thugs .

I put the code into my locker and stood on my tippy toes to reach the top shelf
I heard laughter

Deja - you just so short she said grabbing the math book for me .

Me - yaya whatever
She seen her boyfriend and walked off .
I stuffed the book into my bag before my locker was slammed shut and my books all hit the floor .

I looked up seeing Mary and Kacey , the school baddest girls . They been bullying me for the longest .

Kacey - Broke lil bitch she scoffed I was silent as I picked up my stuff and walked off .

The bell ranged dismissing class and I met up with Deja getting in her car

Deja - lets to the mall ?
I shook my head no

I don’t have mall money

Deja - I’ll pay
I rejected her offer , I don’t like people buying things for me .

Deja - why ?

Me - I gotta get my sister I said as she bagged out the parking lot .

Lay hopped in and buckled up .
I was confused when we pulled up to be mall

Me - Deja I told you-

Deja - man just get out
I obediently got out and held Lay hand , following her .

*1 hr later*
We walked out of forever 21 and started walking towards Pacsun .
I sat down my feet hurt .

Deja - come on

Me - my fucking feet hurt girl I’ll be right here
She nodded and walked off with Lay as I sat there pulling out my phone .


I walked out of Pacsun with my boys Devan and James

Me - shut up James I said shaking my head . He joke around too much .
We walked past some chairs and I spotted a girl sitting down , focused on her phone .

I stopped and took in her features , she was stunning .

Devan - what are you looking at ?
He followed my eyes before shaking his head

James - a black girl really ?
I shrugged watching as a little girl ran to her .

She looked at the girl and flashed her a smile that I instantly fell in love with as she stood up .

Devan - come on James he said as they proceeded to walking off .

What’s so bad with black girls ?
She’s beautiful .

I felt James tug my arms and we walked off proceeding to shop but all I thought about was her .

I wonder what’s her name ?

I swiped my black card and grabbed the bag walking out .

I bumped into somebody and caught them before they fell

Me - I’m sorry

?- it’s ight a soft voice said
I looked at the girl and a grin appeared on my face seeing it was the same beauty from before .

Me - what’s your name , beautiful ?

? - my name I-

? - Sissy come on ! The little girl yelled to her

? - Alrigh’ girl I’m comin’ she replied
She had some thick accent that I instantly admired

She grabbed a bag and went to walk away but I grabbed her arm , making her look back .

Me - what’s your name ? Can I get your number ? I asked nervously .
I never talked to a black girl before .
She raised her eyebrow at me before scanning my outfit .

My face instantly frowned up as she shook her head no , pulling away from my grip .

? - uhm bye she said and proceeded to walk off .

Her hips swayed back and fourth .
She wasn’t skinny like most of the girls where I’m from , she had meat .

She had a funny , sexy walk that I liked .
I could tell she didn’t walk like that on purpose tho .

Devan - Travis come on . Why would you want her ? Look at her . She’s black .

James - right she’s broke , ugly and talk ghetto . Come on man , she could never be with you they said shaking their head at her .


Lay - Sissy come on ! Lay yelled to me

Me - alright girl I’m coming I replied back grabbing my bag to walk away but an arm grabbed me back , making me look back at the white boy who caught me before I fell .

?- what’s your name ? Can I get your number ? He asked nervously .

I can tell his ass never talked to a black girl before .

I raised my eyebrows scanning his outfit .

He had on some khaki joggers with a red polo shirt and some red converse

This preppy lil white boy want my number ?

Nah he joking .

Don’t nobody ever want my number
Me - uhm bye I said walking off

?- why would you want her ? Look at her she’s black I heard from behind me

? - right she’s broke , ugly and talk ghetto . Come on man , she could never be with you I heard another voice say making me shake my head .

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