But She's Black

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Chapter 10


When study hall came around I made my way into the library seeing it was empty . I looked around for the person I was sposed to tutor and only seen Devan , Travis lil disrespectful ass friend .

He looked at me as I took a seat .

Devan - uhg what are you doing here ? You caint sit with me he said rudely

I took a took deep breathe , I need these credits .

Me - I’m your tutor I informed him only for him to start laughing loudly

Devan - funny he said you don’t know shit

I felt my heart start beating fast as I just got mad

Me - Nah mf YOU don’t know shit . YOU the one that need a tutor witcha dumb ass I said laughing before standing up

Me - fuck you and fuck them credits . Hope ya dumb ass fail I said going to walk out the door but bumped into the principal .

Principal - where you going Aaliyah ?

Me - Study hall

Principal - why ? Deva-

Me - fuck Devan , fuck them credits

Principal - what ? why ?

Me - he rude as hell .

Principal - What about Travis ?

Me - what about him ? I asked annoyed

Principal - He should be here too

Me - Both of them ?! Oh hell nah I’m really not doing that I said walking off but he grabbed my hand

Principal - Aaliyah … Please he said in a begging voice . I seen Travis appear on the side of him confused .

I avoided eye contact with him as I shook my head

Me - I’m sorry . I caint - I just caint do this I said and walked off putting my backpack on my shoulders .

This too much .

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