But She's Black

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Chapter 11


Liyah walked off and the principal looked at us

Principal - Why did she act like that ? Do y’all know her ?

Devan shook his head no but I nodded
Me - Yea , I know her .

Devan - well I don’t

Principal - she wouldn’t have just acted like that towards you

Devan - I don’t know her but I don’t like her .

Principal - well you better like her , she’s the only one who was willing to help you .

Devan - Well then I don’t want help he said looking at his phone

Principal - well then you won’t be playing football and you won’t be passing math class he said looking at him . Same for you Travis . His eyes shifted to mines before he walked out the library


Deja - girl you lying she said as I finished telling her the story

Me - if I’m lying , I’m dying I said putting a hand up and she busted into laughter

Deja - that’s some shit she said getting up off her couch . We were currently in her living room

Me - where you going ?

Deja - bitch the kitchen , I’m hungry .

Me - you just ate that pizza a minute ago yo

Deja - that was a minute ago , I’m hungry now .

Me - fat ass

Deja - yea whatever she said and disappeared into the kitchen

Me - I’m gone , I’m finna go to work

Deja - they got you working this late ?! She asked with wide eyes cause it was almost 9pm

Me - I got another job I said lying .
She nodded

Deja - gimme hug she opened her arms and I walked into them . She lowered her hands and squeezed my booty .

Me - come on with this gay shit now Deja

Deja always with this gay shit man

Deja - luh you she mimicked me

Me - love you too I said slapping her hands away before leaving . Mama was at home with Layla . Since I paid some bills I made her take some time off .

It may only be a couple days but that’s still time off .

I walked into the trap house and everyone heads turned to mines . Thirsty dealers tried talking to me but I ignored them , I simply just need some products to sell .

Derrick - lil mama if you come fuck with a real one , I’ll pay all your bills . Wouldn’t let you take the bus cause I’ll buy you your own car this dude , who occasionally flirt with me named Derrick , said .

Derrick was an older pretty boy . Probably no older than 25 but he know I’m 17 .

Me - boy move I said pushing past him .

Derrick - just think bout it mama he said flashing his killer smile , you know my number and your almost legal . He said before walking off .

I knocked on boss man door where I was told to enter .

I did just that , hearing slurping sounds and little grunts .

He sat in a chair behind his desk and I could see him pushing a head down .

Boss man - Liyah he greeted and I turned around

Me - Uhm I’ll leave

Boss - you good , Whatchu need jit ? He said like him getting head as he do business just normal .

Me - just a couple more bags .

Boss man - grab that he said pointing to this black bag .

I grabbed it and opened it

Me - ion need this much - I only need 3 20’s I still got that bookbag , it’s just put up and I caint get to it right now .

He nodded , I grabbed what I needed
and pulled out some money

Boss man - Whatchu doing ?

Me - paying you in advanced .

This a dangerous nigga , I’m not finna be out here owing him money .

Boss man - keep it
I shook my head no .

I refuse to just keep this weed and not pay him .

Boss man - keep it , that’s only 3 20’s he said sternly but once again I shook my head no and laid the money down before leaving .

Boss man never just give people products . He Lowkey a greedy ass nigga .

I let him giving me that book bag slide just because of he said I earned it but now he just giving me bags of weed ?

That’s suspicious as hell and one thing I heard about bossman is there’s always a catch to what he do .

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