But She's Black

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Chapter 12


I sat in study hall bored asl as I just sat back on my phone .

I heard a knock on the door and talking that I paid no mind to .

I looked at the pink pass that was placed on my desk .

It read for me to go to the library so I got up and walked out the class room .

I hope they don’t think I’m finna tutor them mfs cause if so , they got the wrong mf thought .

I walked up all them mf stairs and stopped collecting my thoughts before I kept going .

Lord these too many stairs .
Makes no gohdamn sense .

I walked into the library to see the principal . He smiled as he noticed me

Mr . Chad Lowkey fine as hell . I’m not even finna lie with his tall ass .

He was a tall and white with some pretty ocean blue eyes .

Principal - Hey Aaliyah ! He cheered
The mf always cheery

Me - Hey I said back wassup ?

Principal - Can we try this again ? He asked

Me - try what again ?

Principal - Come on Aaliyah

Me - No we cannot . Devan disrespectful as fuck and I’ll mess around and chock his ass

His eyes widened as he was shocked
Probably wondering where my filter was .

I don’t have one and I don’t give a fuck .

Principal - Just Travis he said looking back where I seen Travis sitting at the table

Me - Noooo

Principal - Aaliyah please . He needs the help and I want you to graduate on time . All you needa do is help him pass a couple quizs , tests and his final I closed my eyes and let out a deep ass breathe

Me - okayyyy I groaned and he smiled pinching my cheeks

Principal - Thanks he said and looked at his watch as Travis walked up

Principal - The bell is going to ring in like 8 minutes , so how about y’all exchange numbers and meet up after school ?

Me - n -

Principal - Great ! Thanks Aaliyah he said cutting me off and walking off and walking away before I could say no

He lucky I needa graduate and he’s fine . Shit .

Travis just stood there looking at me .

Travis- where do you wanna meet up ? He asked breaking the silence after about 4 minutes since we clearly already had eachother numbers

I was silent as I thought about where I wanted to meet him .

I obviously don’t want him coming to my apartment but I don’t wanna go to his

I sighed
Fuck it

Me - Yours .
He nodded

Travis - want me to pick you up after school ?
I just nodded

Me - I’ll text you the time , I needa get my sister first

He nodded and the bell ranged
I looked at him as he stared into my eyes .
I broke eye contact and walked off .


I walked Liyah hips that swayed to the side as she walked off

I’mma get her back and make her mines .
Best believe that .


After school Deja took me to get Layla before we went back to her house .

I sat on the couch as I shot Travis a text

Me - I’m ready

He responded back he was on his way and I put my phone back in my pocket

Deja - eww don’t make that face , you look ugly she said walking out of the kitchen with some food in her hands

Me - shut up Deja I said annoyed

Deja - Girl . Everything’s gon be fine . Tutor him so you can graduate on time . Lowkey try and hop on his dick , you know he fine .

My eyes widened as I looked at her

Me - no

Deja - Girl . He fine . Shit . Getchu some dick

Me - you getchu some dick . Witcha gay ass I said as she stirred whatever was in the bowl up

I looked in her bowl and scrunched my face up

Me - Deja what the fuck are you eatting ?

Deja - Ion know . Momma cooked lastnight and I just put everything into a bowl and mixed the shit up . It’s good asf , wanna taste ?

I shook my head no

Me - no that looks nasty

Deja - Good . I’m glad it looks nasty , that means I don’t have to share .

My phone beeped and I pulled it out my pocket seeing Travis informing me he was outside

I felt breathing down my back and looked back seeing Deja nosey ass ALL in my phone

Me - damn Deja ! I said nosey ass
She laughed

Deja - whatever , get out my house .

Me - You got Layla right ? I won’t be gone long

Deja - Yea I got her she said biting into whatever the fuck that shit was

Me - Layla ! I said calling her down so I can tell her I’ll see her later

She came down

Me - see you later , love you .

Layla - love you too she said hugging my legs and I bent down kissing her cheek

Me - see you later Deja

Deja - see you later . Getchu some D

Me - Deja . Stop . I said and walked out the door .

I went to the passenger seat of his car and tried getting in but he locked the door .

He got out the car and opened the door for me

Travis - what did I tell you ? When your around me , you don’t open doors he said opening the door for me

Me - ya ya ya whatever I said getting in and buckling up .

He shut the door and did the same .
Instead of pulling off he just turned his head and looked to the side at me

Me - stop looking at me . Come on , let’s go so we can get this over with . I got shit to do

Travis - You look pretty today . And don’t curse , it’s not cute

Me - ion give a fuck

Travis - dont curse , it’s not cute cute he repeated sternly before pulling out of the drive way .

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