But She's Black

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Chapter 13


I opened my door and Liyah walked in .
I shut it behind her and she walked to the couch pulling books out her book bag .

Liyah - Come on Travis , lets get to work she said so I slid next to her on the couch

She moved over

Liyah - A lil to close fa me she said but I moved closer , only for her to move again

Me - come on Aaliyah I said irritated as I touched her thighs

Liyah - I’m not finna be playing wit you . I’m your tutor . Nothin’ mo , nothin’ less Ight ?

Liyah - Move your hands right now for I break em she said through clenched teeth

Me - Liyah why are you mad ?
Her head turned so fast I thought she caught whiplash

She let out a laugh
Liyah - Boy imma act like you didn’t say that . You know what the fuck you did at that restaurant in front of your ugly ass friends - lemme see your last tests she said changing the subject

Me - why ?

Liyah - don’t ask me why . Just give them to me she demanded

I got up and grabbed my bookbag before handing her my 3 tests that I failed .

I got below 68% on all three and that’s like a D

She grabbed them out my hand and examined them as she bit her lip

Liyah - You make simple mistakes she pointed out . Helping you get pass your final gone be easy she said before she proceeded to explain the mistakes I made .

Liyah - are you listenin’ ? She asked annoyed and I bit my lip as I looked at her titties

Liyah - my face up here boy .

Liyah - Travis pay attention damn ! she yelled snapping me out of my thought

Me - yea I get it I said before she helped me work out some problems

2 hrs later

I sighed as I closed up the books

Me - I’m done . We did enough today

She nodded and grabbed her phone that beeped and stood up

Liyah - I’m finna leave she said standing up

Me - Hold up I said standing up and grabbing her arm

Liyah - what ?

Me - stay for a lil bit l-

Liyah - Travis I told you , I’m not playin’ withcha ass she said before packing up her book bag

Me - let me at least give you a ride ?

Liyah - Deja outside she said yanking away from my grip .

She put her book bag over her shoulder and walked to the door where I realized I may really have blown my chances with her

Me - same time tomorrow ?

She shrugged as she typed on her phone

Liyah - I’ll have to see .

Over this month and a half Liyah have been over my house every Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday tutoring me for 2 hrs .

I be tryna flirt with her and shit but she ignores me and keep tutoring me .

She don’t even let me touch he anymore and I love touching her .

Even if it is just grabbing her hand .

Yea , my math have been improving because she makes me listen but I really want her back .

She sat next to me explaining my homework .

Me - I get it I said getting annoyed with the fact she keeps explaining it

Liyah - then do it she instructed with no emotion since you ” get it ” mf .

I got a football game next week and all because of her I’m able to play .

I did it and I watched as she checked over it before a smile came onto her face , which let me know I did it correctly .

I closed up the math books and looked at her .

She is so beautiful , I love her smile and her golden brown skin .

Me - Aaliyah

Aaliyah - what ? She asked as she was on her phone

She always on her stupid ass phone .
She never be tryna listen to what I be trying to say

Me - Can you look at me for a minute ? I asked calmly

Aaliyah - what do you want ? She said pressing send on a message

Me - Aaliyah look at me I instructed and she looked up

Aaliyah - what ?

Me - don’t fucking what me . I miss you I said scooting closer to her

Aaliyah - how many times I gotta tell you I’m not playing with you ?

Me - Aaliyah I miss you I repeated foreal , foreal .

She stood up and grabbed her bag

Aaliyah - I’m leaving

Me - Aaliyah I said standing up

Aaliyah - what Travis ? I’m not doing this !

Me - Gimme another chance , I’m sorry

Aaliyah - no
I moved closer to her and pulled her thick , curvy body to mines .

I like the feeling of her body on mines .

I know she felt my now hard erection that I was pressing against her stomach .

Me - mama I miss you .
She was just silent

Aaliyah - so what I’m sposed go do about that ? she trailed off lowly

Me - gimme another chance

Aaliyah - so you can ditch me in front of your friends

Me - that’ll never happen again I promise

She shook her head no

Aaliyah - No , Travis no .

I looked at her lips that I so badly wanted on mines .

I couldn’t take it anymore and I bent down pressing mines onto her pretty , pink plump ones .

I kissed her and after awhile she gave in and kissed me back .

The kiss became intense as I licked her bottom lip for access .

She didn’t give me access , so I bit her bottom lip and when she gasped I stuck my tongue in .

I roamed my hands down her back , to her ass and cupped it before pushing her into the wall as she moaned

The kiss deepened as I started feeling on her chest .

She put her hands on my chest and pushed me away from her with a lot of force .

Without any words being exchanged she grabbed her book bag and walked out of my house , shutting the door behind her .

I sighed as I ran my fingers through my hair before I licked my lips .

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