But She's Black

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Chapter 14

That whole day , all I thought about was me and Travis kiss .

While I worked at the restaurant till now when I’m going home .

To say I don’t miss Travis would be a lie .
I miss him touching me .

I don’t let him touch me at all . At first that was kinda hard because he couldn’t keep his hands off me but eventually he stopped .

I miss his kisses .

His sweet kisses .

Even though we haven’t kissed a lot of times I still miss them .

But I refuse to let anybody dog me out .

I walked into the apartment with a sleep Liyah on my hip .

Mama was gone , like usual .

I laid her down carefully in the bed and took off her clothes and shoes before tucking her in .

I walked into the kitchen seeing a pile of mail .

Nothing but bills .

I looked in the cabinets that was almost empty .

I ran my fingers through my hair as I sat down and opened up some of the letters .

I noticed our lights were finna get cut out .

But momma told me she just paid the light bill . I sighed as I scratched my scalp

I just climbed in bed next to Aaliyah and fell asleep .

I woke up and got Layla ready for school .
I’m not going to school today .

I haven’t been at the trap house lately but I see my little waitress checks aren’t working out .

I gave her a kiss and watched as she walked into class before I walked back home to get that bag of drugs I had .

When I walked into the house I seen my mama asleep on the couch .

That’s unusually .

Usually she’ll be at work . I looked at her face that looked drain . I wanted to wake her up but decided against it and just let her sleep .

I low key don’t think she been going to work lately .

I grabbed the book bag of drugs from out my hiding place and put it on my shoulders

Mom - Liyah ?

Me - Huh ?

Mom - where are you going ? Why aren’t you in school ?

Me - that’s where I’m going I lied . Why are you home ?

Mom - uhm my heads hurting she said coughing

I nodded looking at her weak body .

Lately I been noticing her body been getting weaker and weaker by the day .

She haven’t been eatting , all she been doing is sleeping and she frequently complains about her head hurting plus she always coughs .

Me - mama are you okay ?
She looked at me with red eyes and nodded

Mom - I’m fine baby . Gone head , go to school . I love you her voice came out a little weak

Me - I love you too I said kissing her cheek as I took in the way her voice sounded

Guess I’m just now noticing this because this the longest she been home and talked to me in a long time .

I looked back at her once more before walking out the door .

Somethings not right with my mama .


The whole school day I didn’t see Aaliyah .
I tried texting her but didn’t get a reply .

I wonder if I ran her off and she was just avoiding me

She didn’t even come to my house to tutor me

It was like that the next day .
Wednesday , it was the same way .

Same for Thursday .

I looked at my phone as I thought about apologizing .

I mean I don’t regret kissing her but I don’t like how she’s ignoring me .

Even if that means it goes back to how it was when she was strictly my tutor I rather have it like that then her ignoring me

Me - baby girl I’m sorry .

I didn’t get a reply .

I wanted her to come to my Football game tho .
This was my last one for the season and it was a really big deal .

Everybody was gone be there but

I wanted her to be there .

Friday made a whole week she wasn’t in school and I started to get kind of worried so after school I debated on if I wanted to go to her house .

I did and knocked on the door .
An older version of Deja came to the door

Me - Is Aaliyah here ? I haven’t heard from her since Monday and I wanted to make sure she’s ok

?- No I haven’t seen her since she went home on Monday

Me - went home ? Don’t she live here ? I asked confused

She shook her head no

?- no Aaliyah’s just always here with Deja I nodded and thanked her before getting back into my car

I shot Aaliyah a quick message

Me - is everything alright ?

Why would she lie to me about living at Deja house ?

Me - Mama I really want you to come to my last football game . It’s Friday and it’s a home game , if you don’t come I’ll understand . I’m sorry for pushing against you and kissing you .

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