But She's Black

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Chapter 15


I sat next to my mama on the couch

Me - It’s been a whole week why haven’t you been to work ? I asked but all she did was look at me

Me - are you ok ?
Somethings not right with my mama and that’s why I haven’t left her side this whole week , other then to get on the block and sell .

She looked like she wanted to say something but she didn’t , instead she just told me she’s fine .

She started coughing uncontrollably and I patted her back .

She held some tissue up to her mouth as she coughed and blood quickly appeared

Me - mama your coughing up blood !

Mom - Liyah I’m fine . Go get ready fa bed she instructed and I nodded walking off .

Along the way I looked at the mail that I brought in earlier . I seen one was from a hospital and I grabbed it , taking it into the room with me .

It was already opened so I looked at the letter .

Tears rolled down my face as I started silently crying reading what it said

My mama has cancer .

She been in and out of the hospital for years , but it’s getting worser and there’s nothing they can do about it .

Treatment won’t even help .
I read some more where I found out she’s not working , she’s on disability .

She gets checks month to month .

When she be gone she be at the hospital .

That night I just held Layla as I cried myself to sleep .

I woke up to calls and messages from Deja

Deja - Bitch I’m fucking you up . You haven’t called me or anything . Me and Travis both worried . You Ight ?

Me - Yea , I’m fine I lied and Travis ?

Deja - Yes his fineeeeeeee asssssss and why haven’t you came to school in a whole week ???

Me - been busy . I’ll ttyl

This whole week I been staying home taking care of my mama , going to work and the trap house .

Deja text back but I didn’t respond I went to Travis contact that I had muted .

I seen that he had messaged and called me a couple times .

DaddyTravis - Mama I really want you to come to my last football game . It Friday and it’s a home game , if you don’t come I’ll understand . I’m sorry for pushing against you and kissing you . It won’t never happen again .

I never changed his name from DaddyTravis .
Guess I wanted to keep it that way .

I looked through the messages to see he think that , that kiss is why I haven’t been coming to school cause I wanted to avoid him .

That’s not the reason …
I Lowkey actually liked the kiss .

But right now I just don’t know .

I woke up and climbed from the side of Layla .
I just looked at her .

What if my mama don’t make it , then who’s gonna take care of us ?

I found that as soon as I thought about the later tears started to slide down my face .

I’ll go crazy if I lost my mamma .
I took a deep breathe .

It’s time for me to put on my big girl panties and take care of my sister and my mama .

I took a shower and got dressed in (( PICTURE IN COMMENTS ))

I had to be at work at 1:45 but we needed food so with the money I made trapping lastnight that was what I was gonna go get .

It was currently almost 8 so I went down the stairs .

My mama was in the kitchen trying to make breakfast with the little stuff we bad

Mama - morning baybeh

Me - Goodmorning mommy I said as a knot formed in my throat

Mama - wha wrong ?

Me - nothing I said clearing my throat

Mama - want some breakfast she said motioning towards some oatmeal .

When things get bad that’s what we eat

I shook my head no
Me - I’m straight but I’m finna go grocery shopping , can I get use your car ?

She nodded and handed them to me

Mama - with wha money ?

Me - I have been working I told her and she nodded

I kissed her cheek before leaving out our home .

I brought in all the bags and sat them down before proceeding to putting them all up

Mama - I got it , you needa get to work she said and I shook my head no

Mama - Baybeh , your gonna be late .

Me - it’s okay momma I assured her

Mama - Aaliyah , I’m fine . You don’t have to be here babysittin’ me she laughed . I’m fine I promise . And on Monday I wantcha ass back in school

I nodded but still helped her

I got dressed for work but before walking out the building I used my key and checked the mail .

I sighed looking at the bills due before walking back into the house

Mama - Oh , thanks fa gettin’ the mail she said wanting me to hand it over but I didn’t .

I opened it

Mama - Aaliyah wha are you doing ?

I quickly added all the bills up in my head and realized I didn’t have the amount needed

Mama - Imma pay the bills soon , don’t worry .

Me - I got it mama I said ,just gimme till after work , I’ll go put something down I assured her before saying goodbye to her and Liyah before leaving to work .

I was in the back emptying food when my phone beeped ,

It was Travis
DaddyTravis - Liyah can we please talk ?

I looked at the message and sighed as I put my phone back into my pocket .

I haven’t even been to tutor him in a whole week and he got a test Monday .

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