But She's Black

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Chapter 16


I laid in my bed in nothing but some boxers on when I heard a knock on my door .

I got up and opened it seeing Liyah in her work pants and shirt .

I smiled but her face held no emotion .
None at all .

Me- Hey Aaliyah

Liyah - sorry , I jus came ova ta help you study for ya test

I nodded and opened the door , telling her to come in .

She looked around before taking a seat and pulling out the math books .

I put on some clothes and sat down next to her as we went over the math stuff .

Me - You alright ? I asked noticing she was barely talking and shit .

She nodded

Me - You sure baby ?

She nodded

Aaliyah - Don’t call me baby but , I’m fine . Come on work this out . Then you good .

I worked it out and looked at her facial expression as she did it .

Normally she would smile if I got it right or pout if I got it wrong , but this time she didn’t so I didn’t know .

Me - is it right ?
She nodded and her phone beeped . She looked at on the table before she sighed .

She put her head in her hands and I scooted closer to her rubbing her back

Me - You alright ? She was silent

Me - why you been avoiding me ?

Liyah - Travis . Ion wanna talk about it and don’t touch me she said moving my hands

Me - Liyah

She got up , walking to the door as I followed

Me - Aaliyah . I’m sorry

She didn’t reply she just opened my door and walked out of it , gently closing it behind her .

I let out a deep breathe as I pushed my hand in the waist band of my boxers .


I stood on the corner exchanging drugs for money , but watching out for the police .

A women who didn’t look or smell good walked up to me . She handed me money and I gave her what she needed .

A bag of crack .

I felt inside my pocket for my phone but didn’t feel it .

Damn I left it over Travis’s house .

I needa go get that ASAP .


I looked at Liyah’s phone that beeped on my table . She forgot it and she been getting interesting ass messages .

Boss man - You sell that ?

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