But She's Black

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Chapter 17


By the time I was done slanging dope it was 1:30 AM .

Damn where the time go ?

I really needa get home .
Don’t need my mama worrying .
I need my phone but I wouldn’t dare go to Travis house this late at night .

I can only imagine the messages I’m getting . That’s the only problem . His ass can find out too much just by taking a glance at them .

I walked down the street and to where my mama car was parked before getting in it .

My eyes were low as I drove but I took deep breathes , which woke me up .

I cannot chance that boy having my phone any longer . Around this time is when shit really start booming .

This when my messages about drugs really start coming in .

I got out my car and walked up to his door .
I wiped the sleep from my eyes as I knocked .

After a while the door opened up and in front of me stood Travis in nothing but some tight Calvin Klein boxers .

Looking like a mf Calvin Klein model .

He ran his fingers through his messy hair and my heart rate sped up as I let my eyes roam his body down to his package .

His print was more than visible through them boxers .


DaddyTravis packing .

Travis - Liyah he said sleepily making my body hot .

Lord this isn’t the time

Me - I just need my phone I groaned fanning myself .

My body was becoming hot as he stepped to the side letting me in .

Travis - You alright ?

Ms - yes ….. I’m just hot I groaned pulling at my shirt

Me - where my phone ?

Travis - upstairs he said I’ll go get it .
I sat down on the couch as he disappeared up the stairs


When I came back down the stairs Liyah eyes was closed as she rested her head on the arm of the couch .

Me - Liyah ? I called out and she jumped up

Liyah - thanks . Uhm I’m finna go she said yawning as she reached for her phone

Me - I wanna ask you a question

Liyah - and ? .. Ion like questions plus I gotta go she said reaching for her phone again but I raised it in the air

Me - answer my question first

Liyah - Travis boy . I got ta go she said pouting as she stood on her tippy toes

Me - what was these messages about ?

Liyah - nothing she grabbed the phone and proceeded to walking to the door but I stopped her

Liyah - wha ?

Me - you half a fucking sleep . I’m not finna let you drive home

Liyah - boy . Getcha ass out my face

Me - Liyah I’m not playing with you

Liyah - you is somebody daddy . I’m fine she said trying to reach for the door

Me - Aaliyah I’m not playing with you I said sternly just go lay down . You’ll be fine . You can leave in the morning

Liyah - no she whined I needa get home to my mama and make sure she alright .

Me - Aaliyah -

Liyah - no Travis

Me - just tonight you can leave in the morning I said taking her keys and she smacked her lips

Me - smack them again and imma make sure you don’t have them anymore . I wont do anything , I’ll leave you alone I assured her

She walked to the couch and laid down on it after kicking her shoes off

Me - you can lay in one of my guest rooms or my bed ? I offered

Liyah - I’m fine she said

Me - want a blanket ?

Liyah - I’m fine she repeated

I just shrugged , locked my door and walked off .

I walked to my room and climbed back into bed


I shot my mama a text before trying to go to sleep but I just couldn’t .

I had my hands inbetween my thighs trying to warm up but it wasn’t working .

After an half of hr of just laying there I decided to get up .

I got up and made my way up his stairs .

I opened his room door seeing him asleep under the covers .

He looked so peaceful as his light snores filled the room .

I took off my shirt and grabbed some shorts out of his dresser before quickly dropping my jeans and putting them on .

I pulled back the cover and climbed into bed with him .

I felt him move a little closer to me and put an arm around me but he quickly moved it .

I closed up the space between us , wanting to be near him and he wrapped his arms around me securely .

It’s like all my worries just went away when I was in his arms .

I heard him let out a low throaty groan as a hand gripped my ass .

He needa chill

I became confused but instantly realized what happened as I felt something hard poking me on my booty , which made me move .

Travis - stop moving ma he groaned pulling me closer to him .

I turned around and threw one of my legs and arms over him before burying my face in his neck .

I took in his scent that I love so much .

His hand caressed my thighs and I fell asleep feeling him still poking me but it was ok .

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