But She's Black

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Chapter 18


I woke up and looked down at Liyah .

She looked so peaceful sleeping .
Her head was on my chest and her arms and legs was around me .

I just noticed she was in her tank top and my shorts .

I shook her and she started whining

Me - get up

Liyah - why ?

Me - school baby I said ready for her to tell me not to call her that

Liyah - I’m tired she said wrapping her arms around me tighter

Me - who told your ass to stay out all night ? Nobody . Get up I said sternly even tho I liked the feeling of her holding onto me .

She ignored me
Me - Aaliyah get your ass up

Liyah - 3 more minutes please she pouted and I gave in .

She snuggled into me and fell back asleep

10 minutes later I tapped her . She wouldn’t get up so I pinched her butt which made her jump up .

Liyah - fuck you

Me - when ? How hard ? I asked as she leaned on the wall

Liyah - nasty she said grabbing her phone . Her eyes instantly shot open as she rushed downstairs .

Me- Liya-

Liyah - I gotta go

Me - I’ll see you at school ? I asked as she slid on her shoes

Liyah - yes she said calling a number before walking to the door and leaving .

I went back to my room and straight to the bathroom , to take a shower .

I stepped out of my boxers and into the warm water thinking about Aaliyah .

There’s things I want to find out about her .
Like why is she so mean ?
Why did she tell me she live over Deja’s house ?
Why is she always so quiet ?
Literally when I see her in school she’s walking alone just looking at her phone .

Why was she out at 1 sum in the morning ?
What was them messages about ?
Is she selling drugs ?

That don’t seem like her at all
I just wanna know her period .

It’s something that just attaches me to that beautiful brownskinned beauty .


Me - I’m so sorry mama . I was with Deja and I had forgot my phone at Travis’s house from when I was tutoring him

All she knows is I tutor a boy named Travis .
She nodded

Mama - it’s okay baybeh , just don’t do that shit again . I was worried .

I nodded

Mama - now go getcho ass ready for school . I don’t want you missing any more days .

I nodded

Mama - I want you ta graduate at the top of the class Aaliyah , I want you ta get a scholarship , so you can go ta college and get a good job . I don’t want you struggling like me . Ok ? Understand ?

I nodded
Me - yes mama I understand
I was always aware of how she wanted me to be somebody .

Mama - Imma try my best ta see you graduate

Me - Whatchu mean mama ? I graduate in 3 months .

Mama - I know baybeh but tomorrow is not promised she said and kissed my cheek

Mama - go get dressed , I got Layla .

I nodded and quickly took a shower and got dressed in some clothes .

Mama - I love you she said and kissed my cheek

Me - love you more I said and got out the car . She had already dropped Layla off

Her telling me she’s gonna try her best to see me graduate replayed over and over in my head

What do she mean ?
I instantly got a headache thinking about it .

I know she’s gonna see me walk across the stage .

I got my book bag from my locker and shut the door

Deja - Hey bitch ! I missed you I turned around and Deja pulled me into a big hug

Me - I missed you too

Deja - everything ok ?
I nodded

Me - yea I lied and she nodded . She placed a kiss on my cheek before I felt her squeeze my ass

Me - Deja you gone stop touching me I said and she laughed like I was playing

Me - I’m dead ass serious witcha gay ass I said pushing her

Deja - whatever she said and pulled out a white container .

Deja - where my fork go ? She mumbled to herself before pulling a clean plastic fork out of her bra .

I watched as this bitch opened up the container and started eatting Chinese food .

The bell ranged
Deja - come on , before were late she said stuffing shrimp in her mouth

Me - how aren’t you fat ? I asked
No matter how much she eat her ass stay skinny .

She shrugged

Deja - but my ass fat she said before we started walking to class

When 4th period came I got up and proceeded to walking to my class alone .

Ion fuck with too many .

I heard loud annoying laughing and I looked up seeing Mary and Kacey .

They started laughing louder but I just ignored them .

It was hard to do , but I did it .

Mary - Look at her

Me - look get the fuck out my face for I smack you I said loosing all cool

Kacey - you won’t do shit she tested you like 4 feet

Me - ok . Bitch just step up to my 4 feet ass I said , inviting her to step to me .

When I seen she wasn’t about any action I just walked off .

When I walked into the lunch room I instantly spotted Travis .

He was sitting with his friends at a table with some pretty white girls .

He was on his phone tho .
He looked at at me , we made eye contact and he smiled

Deja - Zaddyyyyyy ! She said and I looked at her

Me - Deja ! I said
Her loud ass

Deja - Look at Zaddyyyy fine ass ! Girl she said and I guess Travis heard because he let out a chuckle before going back to his phone .

Deja pulled me to a table full of her friends .
I just pulled out my phone that beeped as her loud mouth ass started talking .

Me - I’m finna go I told her and she nodded before I walked off .

I walked into the libary and just sat down .

Not soon after someone sat down next to me .
I looked up seeing Travis

Travis - Hey he greeted but I simply ignored him on my phone

He sighed
Travis - you still mad at me ?

Me - was never mad at you I confessed

Travis - then why did you avoid me for a whole week ?

Me - I didn’t . I was just going through something .

He nodded

Travis - let’s be friends ?
I nodded and a bright smile formed on his face making me smile .

He poked my cheeks and laughed before pulling out his phone

Travis - take a picture with me ?
I nodded and smiled .

The flash went off and I looked at at the picture .
Lord this boy so fine !

My phone beeped and I looked seeing he tagged me in the picture on Instagram with the caption

Bestfriend ❤️

Me - so I’m Bestfriend ?
He nodded and placed a hand in my lap as we started talking .

Here he go with this touching shit ….
But to say I don’t want him touching me would be a lie .

Me - So how you think you gone do on your test ?

Travis - I don’t know he said shrugging and I nodded

Travis - You gone come to my game on Friday ?

I shrugged
Me - only if you pass
He nodded

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