But She's Black

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Chapter 19


I walked into school and went straight to my locker .

I put in my code and exchanged my coat for my book bag . When I went to turn around I felt hands snake their their way around my waist as Travis intoxicating smell filled my nose .

Travis - Hey baby girl he said against my neck and I could feel him grinning

Me - hey

Travis - guess what ?

Me - what ?

Travis - I want you to wear my jersey tonight he said handing me a bag

Me - Uhm no I said getting out of his grip

Travis - why ? He asked frowning
I just shut my locker

I don’t wanna wear his jersey
Travis - Your not going ? He asked Aaliyah you said you would if I passed and I did he said showing me the test .

I seen he got a B+
Wayyy better than that D he had

The bell ranged
Me - I’mma see I said

Travis - then please just wear my jersey . It’ll mean a lot to me
I shook my head no

Me - no Travis I said and his face went blank as he put the bag in his book bag

Travis - alright he said and just walked off .

I’m not his girlfriend , so why would I wear his jersey ?

The rest of the day I didn’t see or hear from Travis .

I think I hurt his feelings .
I sighed as I got into the car with Deja

Deja - You good girl ?
I nodded looking at my phone , in hopes of seeing a text from Travis .

When I didn’t see one I looked back up and this bitch was eatting something

Her fat ass

Deja - you going to the game ? She asked as she pulled up to my apartment complex

I shrugged ion kno
Deja - Whatchu mean you don’t know ? You promised zaddyyyy she said as her phone ranged

This bitch instantly grew happy as she looked at the name

Me - who is that ?

Deja - Jay

Me - Jay ?
She nodded as she started blushing

Me - fine ass Jay that play football too ?
She nodded

Deja - we been Lowkey fucking she said biting into some chocolate .

I almost chocked
Me - huh ?
She nodded

Deja - hell yea and he’s a fucking freak girl she hyped .

Deja - but imma freak too

Me - when this happen ?

Deja - Couple months ago , I told you .

Me - shit you did I said remembering my bied .
She nodded

Deja - girlllllll she said his dick so mf big

Me - nasty I said opening the as I laughed

Deja - You need some dick , I’m telling you

Me - girl bye

Deja - imma text you
I nodded and walked into the apartment building and up the stairs to number 3

When I opened the door I seen Layla and mama laughing .

She been picking her up from school

Mama - hey baby

Layla - hey

Me - hey y’all , What y’all doing ?

Mama - baking . Come on and help us she said laughing with Layla

I smiled and joined them .

4 hrs later around 7 pm my phone ranged
Mama - Your phone ringing she said and I grabbed it

Deja - wassup girl ? The game start at 8

Me - I’m not-

Deja - fuck you mean your not ? You promised that boy and I don’t wanna go see Jay alone so get your ass ready . I’m on my way she said and hung up

I sighed
I was having fun with my mama and little sister , I didn’t want to leave .

Mama - what was Deja talking about ?

Me - she want me to go to this game with her but I don’t want to , imma stay with y’all

Mama - no your not , gone and have fun she said and pushed me

I nodded and walked off to freshen up and change my clothes .


I huddled up with my team on the field .
It was raining a lil bit outside and opposing team was playing good defense tonight .

Jay - why you keep looking at the bleacher Travis ? Come on we got a game to play !

I nodded understanding . Guess she not coming .

I looked at Jennifer who smiled at me before I huddled back up .

Coach - Matthews ! He screamed get your head in the game !

It was 2nd quarter and we were down a couple touchdowns due to me fumbling the ball a couple times .

Me - my bied coach , I’m sorry I said rubbing my face

I averted my attention towards the bleachers wear all of the players girlfriend and stuff were their jerseys .

I looked at Jessica , who was with her friends . She wore mines with pride .
I watched as Liyah walked through the gates and sat down with Deja .

I wish that was her wearing my jersey . She Lowkey hurt my feelings today .

A small smile formed on my face seeing her , I didn’t think she was coming .

I got back into the game feeling 10x better .

Me - are you guys ready ?
They nodded and we ran a play .


Deja - look at Jay she said hitting me Go Jay ! She yelled standing up as he ran with the ball .

She looked so pretty in his jersey
He made a touch down and he looked back at her as she screamed for him .

He smiled and she blushed
I just sat down and watched as they played offense

I heard that annoying ass laughter and looked up seeing Mary and Kacey laughing as they looked at me , along with another girl .

See they want me beat their ass .

I instantly recognized the girl as Jessica , one of the prettiest white girls in school .

She was hella preppy and that shit annoys my soul but shit she never said or did anything to me , so we straight .

She looked at me and started laughing .
Everybody started standing up , screaming and I seen that #17 stole he ball and was running down for a touchdown

I heard some ” go Travis’s ” and stood to my feet too .

That’s him

I watched as some other player from the other teach tried tackling him but he dodged it and ran in a touchdown

A person voice boomed throughout the field as he made a touchdown

?- Touchdown by Matthews ! He said and everyone went crazy

Me - Travissss !!!! I yelled and he looked in my direction and smiled

Deja - awwww she cooed he smiled at you

Kacey - more like at Jessica I heard

Mary - she is the one wearing his jersey she said before I heard that annoying ass laughter again

Kacey - Jessica took your man Liyah

Jessica - he wouldn’t want her she said before they all laughed

Deja - Bitches shut the fuck up . She said annoyed

I know he did not let Jessica wear his jersey
When I looked back I seen she had on his #17 jersey

That’s crazy .

He asked me to wear it .

I just sat back down on my phone ,
I didn’t speak the rest of the game .

To say my feelings weren’t hurt woulda been a lie and that fact it was sprinkling outside pissed me off .

Deja - You alright ?
I nodded and just listened to her cheering .

Travis made a touchdown and won the game .
Everyone stood to their feet going crazy , even Deja .

Deja walked down the bleachers and into Jay arms but I just stood there .

I bit my lip as I looked and seen Jessica smiling with Travis .

I just got up and made my way to the parking lot .

I’m ready to go home now

I heard my mama coughing when I walked into the house

Me - you good ? I asked walking into her room
She nodded as I looked in her face . She had her arms wrapped around a sleep Layla .

Me - you sure mama ?
She nodded

Mama - Y-yes *cough* gimme kiss and go to sleep .

I bent down and kissed her cheek before walking out the door .

My phone ranged and I seen it was Travis so I ignored it .

I still caint believe he let that girl wear his jersey.

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