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But She's Black

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Chapter 2


Deja - Girl who was that ? She asked referring to white boy making me shrug as we walked off .

Deja - Girl he was fine ! I shook my head

Deja - What ? Bitch you didn’t see him ? Probably the finest white boy I ever seen ! And them eyes ! Girl , them eyes would make my inner hoe come out . I’ll drop my thongs so mf qui-

Me - girl chill I said busting into laughter
She too much .
Deja - You ain’t see him for real ? she asked
Me - I wasn’t paying attention I told her honestly and I caint with racist mfs I said annoyed .
Her face dropped
Deja - What you mean ?
Me - Nothing , it don’t matter . I’m not finna let some irrelevant mfs get to me . Simple . I said dismissing the conversation looking down at Layla as she was fighting to keep her eyes open so I picked her up .
Me - Hungry mama ?
She nodded resting her head against my shoulder
I kissed her cheek as we walked out the mall .

Deja pulled up to this well known , expensive restaurant and we got out taking a seat .

I wiped Lay hands down and we ordered .
We sat back laughing and I seen a ‘help wanted’ sign making me get up .

I walked into the house seeing my mom knocked out sleep on the couch .

I pulled some cover onto her body and quietly went into my room with Lay , I know she’s tired .

I layed besides her and closed my eyes , in hopes to go to sleep

I heard hard loud knocks on the door making me groan as I walked to it before it could wake my mama up .

I stood on my tippy toes looking through the peep hole , seeing the landlord .

Me - hey Mr . Smith I told him as I opened the door

Smith - Hello Aaliyah . Where’s your mother ? I need to talk to her .

Me - She’s sleeping right now .
Look of sorrow clouded his vision as he handed me a letter

I opened it
Me - wait . Where getting evicted ?

Smith - I’m sorry

Me - Wait how much she owe you ?

Smith - 1,000 2 months rent . I’m sorry I caint keep giving he-

Me - it’s ok I understand I’ll have it by - Friday I said seeing today was Wednesday.

He shot me a look
Smith - that’s all I’m giving you .

I sighed in relief
Me -That’s all I need ! Thank you .

He nodded and walked out .
I shut the door and tears rolled down my cheeks seeing I only had one option , unless I wanted to be homeless with my mother and sister .

I walked to the room and put on some black jeans , black shirt and hoodie with my black worn out converses before dressing Lay and putting her sleepy body on my hip .

I wrote my mom a note and kissed her cheek before stepping out of the house , out the apartment door and onto the cold dark streets .

It’s almost 11 PM .
I dropped Lay off at Deja’s mama house before I proceeded to walking to the trap house

44 minutes later
I walked onto the doorstep seeing two of the guards .

The pulled out their guns and pointed it to me

Me - I just want to see boss man I stated with no expression in my voice .

A gun don’t scare me .

? - for what ? You a little ass girl , go home he spat with venom looking at me then the other guard who chuckled .

I shook my head at the two ugly fat black mfs .

Me - and you a old black mf ? Your point is ?

He looked taken back as he raised his gun
Me - I just wanna see boss man
He kissed his teeth and opened the door for me .

I walked down the house seeing naked woman and shit before I reached boss man office

Boss man - come in his deep voice demanded
I shut the door behind me looking at him as he sat behind his desk .

He probably was about 42 years old . He was darkskinned with a bald head and pretty teeth . He wasn’t ugly , just not my type .

His eye brows furrowed
Boss man - why are you here ?
I sat down dropping my head

Me - I need money .

Boss man - no , go home .

Me - please I need money .

Boss man - for what ?

Me - bills I simply stated .

I’m not with all the questioning . Either he gone help me or not ? Otherwise I’ll keep this shit moving .

He handed me a book bag filled with some bags of weed , meth and crack .

Boss man - bring me my money or that’s your ass .

Me - gotcha I said sliding it onto my back before walking to the door .

I knew what he was capable of .

Me even thinking about playing with his money or drugs was invalid .

I hate I gotta do this but , this my last resort and me and my family gotta eat .

Shit . Guess I am a broke black girl .

Time to get on the block and sell these drugs .

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