But She's Black

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Chapter 20

The time started to run out and I went for a touchdown .

I dodged everybody and the buzzer went off just as I ran over the line

Everyone instantly hopped up screaming my name as we won the game .

I smiled as Jay came to me .
We’re the 2 top players and due to us we won by 5 touch downs .

I looked at Liyah who was sitting down with a blank face

She looked sad but she good as fuck with not showing her feelings and keeping a straight ‘ I don’t give a fuck ’ face .

She was just cheering me on , what happened ?
I looked at Jessica who was now with Mary and Kacey .

I cannot stand them .
Neither of them .

Jessica came running towards me as Mary and Kacey had this annoying ass smile on their face .

Me - Jessica chill I said
She almost knocked me over
I don’t know why she running to me .

I tried pushing her to the side and catching up to Liyah who was walking off but she pulled me back to her

Me - Jessica chill I said again

Jessica - good job Travis

Me - thank you I said and pushed her .

Jessica - let’s take a photo ? she asked

Me - no move I said and pushed her off me tryna follow after Liyah but she was already gone .

Me - Deja I called out to her as she was with Jay

Me - Deja I said again as she ignored me .

Me - Deja ! I said again

Deja - Bitch don’t say my name

Me - bitch ? What I do to you and where Liyah ?

Deja - gone , go back to your girlfriend

Me - what girlfriend ? My future one left me

Deja - Jessica . How you gone ask my Bestfriend to wear your jersey then have Jessica wear it ?

Me - Jessica’s nobody

Deja rolled her eyes
Deja - not what she told us
I looked at her

Me - what you mean ‘ not what she told us ? ’ Jessica my step sister

Even tho she my step sister she has the biggest crush on me .

Deja - step sister ? She asked and I nodded she just grabbed my jersey , I didn’t even know she was wearing it till I seen her in the bleachers I stated before grabbing Jessica

Me - Jessica what did you tell Liyah ?

Jessica - nothing she said

Deja - bitch lie if you want to she said but I gotta go Travis .

Me - you leaving with Jay ? I asked cause he went back to the field
She nodded

Me - holdup . Jessica give me my shit

Jessica - no Travis

Me - take off my jersey right now

Jessica - I have nothing under it

Me - I don’t care I said truthfully and she took it off . She had on a tanktop underneath

I snatched it and Deja bussed into laughter before I walked with her to the parking lot where she waited on Jay

Me - I’m finna go I said when I seen him approaching

She nodded and hugged me
Deja - Liyah’s mad but imma talk to her for you

Me - ok thanks I said before going to the car

On Monday when I walked into school I seen Liyah standing in her locker to reach her books .

When she got down I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist , my Minnie me now at full attention .

I dream about doing things with Aaliyah I haven’t dreamed about with anyone other girl before marriage .

Me - Hey ma I said and she ignored me , making me sigh

Me - your mad at me ? I asked cause she haven’t answered none of my calls or texts all week

She pushed me from her only for me to grab onto her waist tighter

Me - Let me make it up to you ? I mumbled kissing her neck

She let out a laugh
Liyah - nah I’m not mad at you but , let your step bitch sister try me again and imma fuck ha nasty ass up .

Me - you was jealous ? I asked laughing
She smacked her lips

Liyah - Boy no I could tell she was lying as she walked away


No I’m not mad at Travis . Deja told me what happened when I left from the game .

The only reason I didn’t answer his calls or texts is because over the week I was busy .

It was after school and time for me to go over Travis house and help him study .

He opened the door and I walked in and sat down on the couch .

He shut the door and sat next to me .
Me - come on , let’s get to studying

Travis - don’t have to , we get a break before the next section

Me - why you didn’t tell me ?

Travis - cause maybe I wanted my Bestfriend to come spend some time with me ?he said rubbing on my thighs

Me - I caint , I gotta go Travis I said standing up

Travis - Liyah Forreal . You still mad ?

Me - no

Travis - if your not mad then spend some time with me ?

Me - I got stuff to do Travis I said

Travis - whatever Aaliyah he said as I walked to the door

Me - see you later

Travis - whatever he said with an attitude and I walked back to him and wrapped my arms around him

Me - I promise later , I just got sum to do today

Travis - whatever . Get off me he said and removed my hands from him

Me - don’t be mad at me I said looking at him .

He looked sad

Travis - I’m not mad . Bye he said licking his lips .

I looked at his lips before hesitantly pecking them

Me - don’t be mad Travis I just gotta go I said before walking out of his house .

What did I just do ?

Something I been wanting to do since the last he kissed me .

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