But She's Black

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Chapter 21

1 month later


Over this past month me and Travis have became extremely close .

We’re always with eachother and hanging out if I’m not at home , with my mama or at work .

He have gotten a lot better at math but when I’m sposed to tutoring him it’s mostly us playing and joking .

I got out of my mama car and made my way to his door .

I used his spare key from under the mat and walked into his house .

I told him about this damn spare key .
Mfs always have spare keys under their matts .

Is he tryna get his ass robbed ?
All it takes is for a mf to look under this damn matt , grab the key and they in the house .

The fuck his alarm gone do then ?

I shook my head and shut the door

Me - honey , I’m home ! I yelled playfully and he walked downstairs in nothing but some boxers , rubbing his eyes .

I ignored the big bulge I seen .

Travis - Goodmorning mama

Me - morning baby I said and he kissed my cheek

Me - Travis what I tell you bout this damn key under that mat ? I said holding it up

Travis - just keep it then he said

Me - go get dressed , imma make you breakfast

Travis - But you needa go to work

Me - don’t worry bout allat I said and he nodded walking off before I proceeded to making his breakfast .

I sometimes come over before work and make him breakfast .

I felt hands make their way around my waist as he lightly trailed kisses on my neck

Travis - I missed you , why haven’t you been over in 2 days ?

Me - been busy I said before setting his plate of pancakes , sausages and eggs down on the table .

He sat down and watched me as I got him a cup of juice

Travis - thanks

Me - no problem I assured him looking at the time but I gotta go

Travis - alright , gimme kiss he said and I pecked his lips before leaving .

Yea we flirt and I guess act like a couple but we’re just Bestfriends .

Nothing more .

It was around 6 pm when I got off of work and made my way home .

I walked inside the house and it’s like the whole atmosphere changed .

There was my mother .
She looked weak
There was bags under her eyes
And she was coughing as she sat on the couch with Layla who held a rag up to her mouth for her .

I quickly made my way towards her and replaced Layla place as I pat her back .

It seems like everyday my momma just been getting weaker and weaker .

It hurts my heart seeing her like this , with the flu .

She barely leaves the house .
Mama - hey Aaliyah she said as her coughing died down

I looked down at the rag that was white , now it’s red from blood .

Me - hey mama I said kissing her cheek . How you feeling ?

Mama - good she said forcing a smile

Me - mama come on , let’s go lay down . I’mma make you sum to eat

Mama - I’m fine baby

Me - please mama

Mama - I’m fine she said smiling as she grabbed the remote .

She pulled Layla into her lap and stroked her hair

Mama - how was your day ? she said patting the seat next to her

Me - fine

Mama - Whatchu do ?

Me - just went and seen Travis , that’s all

Mama - when you gone let me meet that boy ? I know you like him

Me - no I don’t I said as my cheeks started to burn

She laughed
Mama - yes you do , he’s all you talk about , but forreal tho .

Me - soon
She nodded and I sat there talking with her before I helped her to her room .

I tucked her and Layla in and kissed their cheeks

Me - I love you mama

Mama - I love you more baby she whispered before letting go of my face .

I walked out of her room and to the kitchen .

I sighed looking at all the bills
It seems like I can never get them down .

Mama tries her best but that check isn’t doing anything .

I scratched my head before walking into the bathroom and peeling off my clothes .

I turned on the shower and stepped into the cold water .

The water bill was due a couple ago so by now I got used to the freezing water .

But man I caint keep on with this shit .
I stepped out of the water and changed into all black .

I checked out my mama and sister again before grabbing the keys and making my way out the door at exactly 10:34 pm

I got in the car and Travis called me .

I called him as I made my way to the trap house .

Me - Alr . I gotta go I said as I walked up to the guards

Travis - where you at ?

Me - home I lied nodding to the guards before making my way in after they stepped to the side

Travis - alright goodnight baby girl

Me - night
I hung up the phone time to make this money .

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