But She's Black

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Chapter 23


The next day was Sunday . I woke up with red eyes and made breakfast .

I avoided everybody and just turned my phone off .

Mama - Liyah everything’s gonna alright . Everything in God’s hand she said rubbing my shoulders , smiling .

On the couch is where I stayed all day

The next day on Monday was the same .
I couldn’t bring myself to go to school but mama made sure Layla go to her’s .

She walked back in the house from dropping her off and tapped my thighs before sitting next to me .

I spent the whole day with her

Tuesday I still avoided people , even in school .
My mother’s dying , I don’t wanna be bothered with anyone .

On Wednesday I was grateful we didn’t have school Thursday and Friday .

During last period Travis passed me in the hallway .

He called my name but I just kept walking .

When the bell ranged I got in moms car and went home and climbed into bed with her and Layla .

Around 6 pm mama tapped me

Mama - Liyah baby don’t worry about me . I’m fine she said

I nodded and just closed my eyes .

Mama - go spend a night with Deja , your friend or somebody she said

Me - I will

Mama - no Forreal Deja worried about you . She been calling me .
I nodded

At 10 pm I slipped outta bed and got dressed in all black .

Money gotta be made

I walked back into mama room and kissed her and Liyah .

Mama - where ever your going and finna do please be safe she said lowly .

I nodded
Me - fa sho mama . I love you

Mama - love you more baby she said before I walked out of the house and got into the car

I dailed Boss man number , telling him I needa come through and he told me the address to where he wanted me to slid through because he wasn’t at the trap house .

I pulled up in front of this white house .

I got out and walked up to the door , passing up trash and dirty diapers .

He told me the back door was open and for me to just walk in .

I walked into nothing but dirt and trash which disgusted me

What the fuck boss man on ?
Why the fuck is he here ?

His trap houses nicer than this .

I seen a couple niggas around 19 years old walk up the stairs , coming from the basement .

They instantly tried to holler at me
?- lul baby Whatchu doing here ?

I rolled my eyes and ignored him
Me - where boss man ? I asked and they pointed to a room , that was past the kitchen .

I nodded
?- let me get a number ?

Me - nah lul baby you good I said and walked off . Along the way I pasted up a baby in nothing but a shitty diaper .

Where is his mama ?

I walked in the living room that was just trifling and seen a room that was open .

Bossman - hey mama he said

Me - hey I said , not knowing if I should go into the room .

It wasn’t dirty like the rest of the house but it wasn’t completely clean either .

I looked up to him waving me over and I sat down next to him .

Bossman - what did you need ?

Me - more stuff to sell

Bossman - these streets hot and I don’t want you in them right now

Me - but I need money

Bossman - I gotchu ma he said before he dug into his pockets and sat about 5 racks into my hands .

Me - I caint take this

He nodded

Bossman - yes you can . You worked for it

Me - how ?

Bossman - all my workers get paid .
I nodded and he handed me the money again , that I took .

Me - thank you I said hugging him

Bossman - no problem , I now how it is . Now get outta here .

I nodded
Me - uhm who house is this ? I asked lowly

Boss man - my sisters he said shaking his head and I got up before making my way out the house .

I got in the car and drove off just as Travis called .

It’s almost 12 am why he up ?
Travis - Liyah im worried about you . I read the message he sent me and just decided to stop over his house

I used my key and walked in his house shutting the door behind me .

He instantly came down the stairs in basketball shorts .

Travis - why you been avoiding me ? Is everything alright ?

I nodded and just walked into his arms , hugging him as I buried my face into his chest

Travis - is everything alright ? He mumbled into my head

I didn’t answer him I just stood there holding him tightly


When Liyal released her grip from around me I seen her eyes were bloodshot red .

Me - Aaliyah baby you sure your ok ?

Liyah - I don’t wanna talk about it she said and sat down

I caught a whiff of weed
Me - you smell like nothing but weed

Liyah - I do ? Oh she said nonchalantly and laid her head back

Liyah - can I roll up ?
I nodded , not caring and watched as she pulled out a bag and a wrapper .

I watched her focused face as she bit her lip , rubbing her fingers together , breaking the weed into small pieces in the blunt wrapper .

I watched as she sealed the blunt with her tongue before taking a puff .

Liyah - you smoke ? She asked blowing out smoke

I nodded mesmerized by how sexy she looked , and she passed it before I put it to my lips .

I rubbed her thighs as she sat next to me with low watery eyes .

I just stared at her
Liyah - why you staring at me ? She asked

Me - can I just look at you ? I asked

We both was high as fuck but Liyah was gone .

She shook her head no and licked her pink lips that I wanted to kiss

I leaned over and pressed my lips onto her’s and we started kissing .

The kiss became intense and I pulled away .

I watched as she just looked at the ground before I seen tears run down her cheeks

Me - what’s wrong ?

Liyah - she has cancer and she’s dying she mumbled so low , I barely caught it ,

Me - who ?

Liyah - my mama she got one month to live Travis she said and my heart shattered when she told me that .

Seeing her crying and sad crushed my heart .

Mostly because I’ve never seen her like this before .

She normally don’t give a fuck about anything .

Me - everything’s gonna be fine I said as she cried into my chest

Liyah - she’s leaving me Travis

Me - everything gonna be fine I assured her , rubbing her shoulders as she cried on me

An hr later she calmed down and looked at me .

She just stared at me as I stared back looking into her eyes .

I felt all of her pain

Right then and there I knew

I love Aaliyah .
Since day one , I fell in love with her at first sight in the mall .

She pressed he lips onto mines and climbed into my lap , straddling me .

The kiss became intense and my dick was now at full attention as I gripped onto her ass .

She started feeling on my chest and I pulled away not wanting to go far with her

Me - no Aaliyah I said and moved her off of me

She nodded ok and I got up cleaning up the mess .

I cleaned off the table and threw what was garbage away .

I walked back to the living room seeing Liyah laying on the couch with her shirt off , in nothing but a bra .

I tapped her

Me - come on ma , get up . Let’s go to sleep in my room

She opened her eyes and nodded

Liyah - imma be up inna min she said and I nodded before going upstairs to my room .

I took off my basketball shorts and climbed into my bed , getting comfortable under the covers .

About 10 minutes later she walked in and sat on the edge of my bed , taking off her shoes .

She stood to her feet and unbuttoned her jeans before sliding them off of her .

She stood there in nothing but some lace panties and a bra just staring at me .

Me - Liyah man I said letting out a loud breath as I turned away from her beautiful chocolate body .

I’ve never seen her in nothing but some bra and panties and I’m not sure if she want me looking at her .

I peeped how she’s a little insecure about her body .

Next thing I knew I felt her climb on top of me , straddling me once again .

She was making me weak , I don’t think she understand what she does to me .

Liyah - Travis .. I wan you she said in her soft , innocent voice .

Me - n-no Liyah baby girl your high , were high .

Liyah - I know what I’m doing Travis she said slowly , looking into my eyes as she started to grind on my hard member .

I groaned as she placed her lips onto my neck , kissing me .

She ran her fingers down my body as she trailed kisses onto my bare chest .

I licked my lips and she crashed her lips onto mines as she unclipped her bra , now exposing her perky titties that I love .

I flipped her over and kissed from her lips , I kissed her jaw , down the her neck then down her chest , leaving my love marks everywhere .

I massaged one nipple as I took the other in my mouth as she moaned .

I switched and showed her other boob the same attention .

Her hands trails down from my 8- pack to the hem of my boxers before she slid her hand in , putting her hand on my Minnie me .

Which isn’t mine at all , I got a monster .

She stroked me and I looked her in her eyes as she slid down my boxers down .

Me - you sure ?

She nodded and I pulled off her panties .

Both our bare bodies now exposed .

I bit my lip looking at her beautiful chocolate body before I eased a finger into her treasure . I tried adding another but it wouldn’t go .

After playing with her and hearing her beautiful moans I positioned my head at her entrance .

Me - it’s gonna hurt I warned

Me - if you want me to stop , just let me know I said and she nodded ok for me to proceed .

I felt her heart rate sped up and her body became tense as I pushed my way in her .

Who woulda thought I would have been doing this before marriage .

Right then and there I broke my mother’s number one rule .

Having sex before marriage .

The one she made me tell her I wouldn’t break .

Right now I honestly don’t care .

I’m glad Liyah’s my first and Im the one taking her virginity .

I wouldn’t want it any other way .

She hissed at the pain and put a hand on my stomach , which made me stop .

Me - you alright mama ?
She nodded and let out a shaky breathe before she began breathing hard

She bit her lip and tears slid down her face as I slid in just a little more , not even halfway .

I stroked her slowly with that so she’ll get used to my size before I made her take all of me .

I could tell the pain instantly turned into pleasure as she begged me for me to go faster .

I groaned in pleasure fulfilling her request .

In no time I had her moaning daddy .

I felt myself swell up inside her and I released with a loud grunt before I kept stroking .

I made her get on all fours and entered her from the back as I gripped her ass , leaving marks on them .

couple hrs later

Liyah laid on my chest naked with her arms wrapped around me .

We both were out of breath as we just laid there in the dark , now both no longer virgins .

I slid from under her and walked into my bathroom where I grabbed a towel and ran it under warm water .

I walked back and cleaned in between her legs before returning back to the position we were in before .

Me - Aaliyah …. I love you I told her when I knew she was sleep

I know I love Aaliyah .
It’s not the sex talking
But I’m not sure if she love me back .

Aaliyah - I luh you to Travis

I pecked her forehead before we both fell into deep sleep .

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