But She's Black

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Chapter 24


When I woke up Liyah wasn’t on my chest .
I looked around the room confused before getting up and putting on some boxers .

I seen her clothes and shoes were gone .
Did she leave ?

I ran my finger through my hair in frustration .

I took a deep breathe and made my way into the bathroom .

I opened the door and seen Liyah sitting on the toilet with her head in her hands .

Me - baby girl ? I called out to her and she looked up at me with a worried face

Me - what’s wrong ?

Liyah - There’s blood

Me - where ? I asked and she pointed to her panties

Me - lemme see I said and she shook her head no

Me - just lemme see I said and she nodded I looked over and smiled

Liyah - what’s funny ?

Me - I poped your cherry I said smirking everything’s fine I assured her and she nodded before wiping and getting up .

She walked to the sink and I flipped the seat up to use the bathroom


I woke up naked on Travis’s bare chest and tried getting up but I couldn’t .

My whole body was in pain .

I can just cry and beat his ass from the way my body and thighs feels .

I pushed myself up and found my clothes .

Man what did I do ?

I went into the bathroom , washed my face and put on some clean clothes I already had over his house .

He probably think I’m ugly and nasty cause the way my body looks .

I got a little pudgy stomach and I have stretch marks all on my butt .

What was I thinking even letting him see me naked ?

I sat on the toilet to pee .
When I went to wipe I seen blood on the tissue making me start to trip

I put my head in my hands and just sat there .

Travis - baby girl ? I heard and looked up seeing Travis standing in the doorway
Travis - what’s wrong ?

Me - there’s blood

Travis - where ? He asked and I pointed to my panties

Travis - lemme see ? I shook my head no

Travis - just lemme see he said and I gave in and showed him

I looked up and seen he was smirking ,
His whole face was lit up .

What the fuck wrong with this bitch ?

Me - what’s funny ? I asked really wanting to fucking know

After he told me he popped my cherry I got up and walked to the sink to wash my hands .

When I looked back I seen him pulling down his boxers to pee .

I looked at his member and instantly thought about lastnight .

The way he touched my body and took his time .

The way he looked at me .

I enjoyed every last minute of it .

I don’t regret anything .

Like I told him , I knew what I was doing last night .

I washed my hands before walking out the bathroom .

I grabbed my things and walked down the stairs

Travis - Aaliyah he said behind me

Me - what ? I asked suddenly mad , not at him tho .

Travis - what’s wrong ?

Me - nothing . What do you want ?

Travis - you mad about lastnight or sum ?
I shook my head no

Travis - did you not want that to happen ? He asked and I watched as his facial expression dropped

Me - nah I did Travis I assured him

Me - I just needa go check up on my mama I said becoming sad .

He nodded and I walked into his arms and buried my head into his chest as he hugged me

Travis - everything’s gonna alright . I’ll see you later

I nodded and he kissed my lips before I walked off with a little limp

I heard Travis laugh as he smacked my butt

Me - ouch I said ready to hit his ass with my right hook .

My body already in nothing but pain and he wanna be smacking my butt ?

All he did was laugh
Travis - Dicked that ass down , got you walking with that limp .

I rolled my eyes and stuck up my middle finger

Travis - anytime he said as I walked out of the house and got into the car .


I bit my lip smiling before I walked back upstairs to take a shower and get dressed .

I used my key and walked into my parents house .

Brian - why you so happy ? He instantly asked as soon as I walked in

I shrugged
Me - I’m just happy

Lucas came out
Lucas - hey lil bro he greeted

Me - hey

Lucas - why you so happy ?

Brian - I just asked him that

Me - damn I’m just happy I said laughing and sitting down on the couch

My mother walked into the living room with Melissa behind her

Mom - hey honey she said and I kissed her cheek

Me - hey mom

Melissa - why you so happy ?

Me - why you so ugly ? Mind your business I said pulling out my phone

Mom - I have to go . See you all later . I love you guys

We told her we loved her too before she left and Melissa walked off

Lucas - Forreal tho .

Brian - you had sex he stated shocked as his mouth hit the ground .

Lucas - no way he said laughing Travis would never go against mom like that .

I ignored his question as I watched Sophia run into Brain’s lap .

Sophia - hi !

Me - hi I said pulling her to me and kissing her cheek .

Brian and Lucas both burned holes in my face as I interacted with my niece .

my mother made us all promise not to have sex before marriage .

That was something she installed into our heads young .

She didn’t have sex until marriage .

Brian got married when he was 25 , he’s almost 28 that’s how he got Sophia .

Lucas isn’t married , therefore he is still a virgin .

That was one of my mothers most stressed things .

To not have sex before marriage .

I’m kinda sad I went against her wishes but then I’m not , I love Liyah and I mean the shit happened .

Brian - did you ?

Once again I ignored him as I stood up

Lucas - I hope you didn’t do no dick head shit . You know how mom is he said raising his voice

Lucas - did you ?

Me - yes I did I said being completely honest . And lower your voice .

He shook his head in disappointment and went to walk off

Lucas - to who ? He asked we don’t even know her .

Me - Aaliyah

Lucas - the girl you been telling us about ? How come mom haven’t met her ?

Me - mom will meet her soon

Brian - how come we haven’t met this Aaliyah ?

Me - you have . The one that Sophia kissed at that restaurant

Brian - the black girl ?

Lucas - the black girl ? He asked in disbelief stopping dead in his tracks

Lucas - nasty . Nasty . First you disobeyed our mothers wishes then your dating a nigger he said making me scrunch my eyebrows up

Me - chill out I warned nobody gonna disrespect my girl like that . Brother or not that was unacceptable .

Lucas - consider me not your brother since your dating black girls and having sex with them . I refuse to have any part of any niggers

I looked at him in disbelief

Me - what ?

Lucas - from now on your not my brother he said disowning me

Me - because she’s colored ? I asked looking into his eyes so what ? And if that’s how you feel then considered I said before walking off

Lucas - your fuck ass not even my full brother anyways .

I laughed

Me - you right I said . Every time we get into an argument he always throw that different dad shit up .

I have a different father then Lucas , Brain and Melissa .

They’re father is fully white , mines is white and native .

Their father , Luke and my mother is married .

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