But She's Black

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Chapter 25


I walked into the house and instantly called for my mama when I didn’t see her or Layla

Me - mama ! I yelled worried Layla !

Layla ran out to me and gave me a hug
Layla - Liyah ! She cheered as I hugged her back

Me - where’s mom ?
She pointed to in the room and I nodded before going to where she pointed .

I walked into mama room and seen her putting on her clothes

Mom - hey Aaliyah

Me - hey mom , you alright ?
She nodded

Mom - yes , I’m alright she said laughing don’t worry about me baby .

I sighed in relief before walking to the bathroom to take a shower

The now hot water beated against my skin , easing my pain .

I bit my lip .
I was going to go pay the water bill today , guess my mama did it .

After an half of hour I stepped out and got dressed .

I looked at myself in the mirror and a huge smile plastered on my face .

I feel good as fuck
I laughed to myself as I moisturized my face .

I walked out of my room and sat down in the kitchen .

My mama was cooking and for the first time since she told me she had cancer I was hungry .

She sat a plate down and I instantly dug in after saying grace and telling her thank you

Mama - I’m glad you feeling better baby she said as my phone beeped

I instantly blushed seeing a message from Travis

Mama - I know that’s Travis she stated when you gone let me meet that boy ? She stressed

Me - soon I told her

Mama - Aaliyah I wanna meet him she repeated this the first boy I ever heard you talk about she said as I stood up

Me - I do not talk about him

Mama - yes you do she said as I collected all of our plates and took them to the sink

Mama - I got it she said getting up and taking my place

Mama - Layla told me he’s white too she said into my ear

Mama - you then caught you a white boy she said and we both busted into laughter

Mama - Liyah like white boys

Me - leave me alone mama I said putting on my shoes

Mama - where you going ?

Me - Deja’s

Mama - forreal tho . Imma cook on Sunday , have him come I froze dead in my tracks as I shook my head no

Me - no

Mama - why ?

Me - just no
Travis never seen the way I lived and I never planned on showing him .

Mama - please she begged and I gave in

Me - I’ll ask him
She smiled and kissed my cheek
Me - love y’all I won’t be gone long

Mama - love you more

I walked out of our apartment and shut the door behind me . The smell of pinesol filled the air as I made my way down the stairs , then out into the parking lot .

Me - hey mom I said to Dana , Deja’s mom

Dana - hey Aaliyah she said pulling me into a hug that she held onto for awhile

Dana - Your momma told me she told you Liyah . I’m glad your feeling better she said as I sucked in my tears

Miss Dana and my mama real close .

Me - where Deja ? I asked after talking to her she rolled her eyes and shook her head

Dana - that chile in her room
I laughed and went upstairs

When I walked in this bitch was eating some Chicken and fries .

Me - hey !

Deja - hey bitch . Why you happy ? She asked stuffing her mouth

Me - just am I said

Deja - you know , I’m sorry to hear about -

Me - don’t bring it up I said stopping her

Deja - nah forreal she said burping before pulling me into a hug .

Me - getcha ass off me . You smell like hot sauce and ketchup

She smiled

Deja - mixed them hoes she said sticking her tongue out and I laughed before walking to her bed

Deja - bitch . Stop she instructed

Me - whatttt I said standing there

Deja - yo walk fucked up .. And I’m not the one that fucked it up she said grabbing my ass

I quickly swatted her hand away .

She turned me around with her hands

Deja - your glowing .. You then got some dick ? She whispered

I nodded as I smiled

Deja - wait .. YOU THEN GOT SOME DICK ! She screamed and I put my hand over her mouth

Me - shut up

Deja - bitch you then got some dick !! She yelled and I muffled it with my hands

Me - shut up
She nodded and I took my hands from her mouth

Deja - you let Travis dick you down ? How was it ?

I couldn’t even say anything , I just pressed my lips together smiling .

Deja - he packing ?
I looked at her , giving her the bitch you know it look

Deja - he packing ! She said and I laughed nodding

Deja - 1-10 how big was it ?

Me - 1 - 10 . 11 I said

Deja - damnnnnn she said I knew his fine ass had sum

Deja - how it happen ? Bitch tell me ! I did just that telling her what happened from the day my mama talked to me inna kitchen till now

Deja - oh damn . That weed started talking

Me - but deja I said as she grabbed her food

Deja - what ?

Me - whatchu mean you not the one that fucked my walk up ? I asked

Instantly I regretted it when I seen her gay ass smirk as she bit her chicken

Me - know what ? Don’t answer that I said quickly

Deja - girl .

Me - don’t answer that Dej-

Deja - I will put this tongue in your life and tongue fuck the fuc-

Me - goodbye I said and got up and walked out of her door .

I said goodbye to mom and left .
Deja play too much .

My phone ranged and I picked it up
Me - Hello ?

Travis - Hey baby , what are you doing ?

Me - Leaving Deja’s house what about you ? I said sensing something was wrong

Me - you alright Bae ?

Travis - yea he said my brother just acting like a fucker he said and I laughed at the word ‘ fucker , ’ making him chuckle

Me - Travis I said

Travis - yes Liyah ?

Me - my mama cooking dinner on Sunday and she wanna meet you if that’s alright ? I asked

Me - you don’t have to come I said hoping he don’t want to

Travis - I’ll be there

Me - ok … Great I replied Travis I gotta go I said before ending the call

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