But She's Black

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Chapter 26

2 days later


Sunday dead ass came quicker than I expected .

Mama was excited to meet Travis , she’s preparing a big dinner for him .

She haven’t cooked a meal in kinda a long time .

Me - alr ma , I’m gone I said to her

Mama - can you pick up some corn bread on your way home ? I nodded love you

Me - love you too I said and kissed her cheek before leaving out

I used my key and walked into Travis house

Me - honey , I’m home ! I yelled , playfully as always but he didn’t come downstairs so I walked upstairs .

He was snuggled up in his Nautica covers .
I pulled them back and as usual he had on boxers .

I got on top of him and kissed his lips
He moaned as I kissed on his neck

Me - get up I mumbled laying on him with my arms around him .

He didn’t move , he just snuggled up to me

Me - get up . Now I instructed before climbing off of him and going downstairs to make him some breakfast .

Travis - good morning he said and kissed my cheek .

His face was now washed and his teeth were brushed .

I handed him his plate of food and sat down in front of him

Travis - thanks baby

I nodded and watched him eat deep in thought .

Me - I hope what you see after today don’t change us I told him

He looked up from his plate and made eye contact with me

He living lavish , I live inna hood .

Travis - what do you mean ?

I shook my head

Me - nothing . You still coming ? He nodded

Me - I’m Finna go

Travis - ok , give me a kiss
He pulled me in between his legs and kissed me before I left .

Selena - Liyah

Me - what ? I said annoyed . This bitch annoy my soul

Selena - you still date Travis ?

Me - we never was dating I informed her , emptying plates of food .

Selena - Good . He was just over my house she said and I raised my eyebrows at her

Me - forreal ?
She smiled and nodded

Me - what y’all do ? I asked

Selena - you guys aren’t dating . Don’t worry about she said

Me - you right , good for y’all I told her as she walked past me

I just shrugged as I gabbed my stuff and clocked out of work .

I know the bitch lying and she can get her hoe ass out my face .

It’s 7 at night and I’m just ready to get home and take a shower .

I got into mamas car and checked my phone

Mama - don’t forget the cornbread she reminded and I texted her ok before going to the store and getting the cornbread .

When I walked into the house , the smell of my mothers cooking hit me hard and my stomach started to growl

Layla - Liyah ! She said running to me .
I bent down and embraced my little sister into a hug

Imma take her to the mall tomorrow , we haven’t spent time with each other in a while .

Me - where mama ?

Layla - the kitchen .. Aaliyah she trailed off as worry filled her voice

Me - yes ?

Layla - mommy feel really really sick she said and my heart dropped

She’s to young to understand what’s going on

Layla - is she alright ?

I kept my composure as I nodded
Me - yes , she’s fine I said clearing my throat before walking into the kitchen

Me - here you go I said

Mama - thank you . The food almost ready , you told him 8 right ?
I nodded

Me - yes , he should be texting me for the address soon

Mama - ok , good she said wiping the counter go get washed up

I nodded and went to do just that

My phone beeped as I waited for the shower to get warm

Travis - address ?

I sent it to him and got into the shower


I sprayed Gucci cologne on me before I texted Liyah .

After she sent me her address I grabbed the keys to my red Bentley and made my way to the door .

I was wearing some khaki joggers , a black red and green Gucci shirt , Gucci belt with some black ones .

I put on a silver dog tag necklace with my watch and diamond earrings .

I grabbed my hat before I set the alarm to my house and got in my car .

I grabbed my phone and looked at the address .
I know for a fact this isn’t the house she told me was hers .

I still remember Deja’s mother telling me she didn’t live there .

I looked at the address again and squinted my eyes .

I know this isn’t where I think it is . I put it in my GPS and sure enough it led me to the hood .

The bad part of town that I never come to .
The part my mama made sure we stayed away from .

I turned my volume down as all eyes were on my car .

I felt kinda uncomfortable as gangsters just watched me pull into some run down apartments .

I sent Liyah a text but she didn’t respond .

I got out of my car and pressed lock on my keys , twice to make sure my car was locked .

I’m not worried about anybody even laying a finger on my car but this the hood . They’ll take my shit or rob me .

I walked up to the door just as an lady was coming out

Her eyes never left mines as she held the door for me .

Me - thank you ma’am I told her quickly entering .

I didn’t wanna be outside any longer .

?- no problem . What are you doing around these ways ?

Me - here for my friend

?- oh okay . Be careful now
I nodded

Me - have a good night I told her politely and she smiled at me before I kept walking .

I took a deep breathe and the smell of pee and some house hold product filled my nose .

What the fuck ?
I know Aaliyah isn’t living here , no way .

Yea she talk like she from the hood but she don’t look like it .

Liyah not walking around with her tracks showing , popping gum and acting all ratchet with a baby daddy .

The carpet was filthy as I walked down the hallway and up the stairs .

I heard somebody yelling as I passed a door .
When I got to number 3 I knocked on the door gently .

” who is it ?”

Me - Travis I said and the door opened revealing Layla

Layla - Travis ! She yelled

Me - hey I told her as she let me in .
I watched as she shut the door and her hand went on the lock , locking the door securely .

Me - can I have a hug ?
She nodded and I pulled her into my embrace when she released I looked around the house .

It was plain .
Simple and clean .

I can tell Aaliyah family isn’t so wealthy .

There was a little flat screen on a table and a couch with pictures on the wall but that was it .

Layla - Travis hea mama

I watched as a lady walked out of the kitchen .

She looked weak and tired , which made my heart drop but still she sported a bright smile on her face .

?- hey ! I’m Aaliyah’s mama I’ve heard so much about you she said making me smile as she walked to me

Me - hi , I’m Travis I said smiling at how friendly she was

Liyah looked exactly like her .

She was beautiful and had a pretty smile .

She was a little darker than Aaliyah and probably an inch or 2 shorter .

I see where Liyah get her height from . Her and her mama both short .

Her hair was in a wavy ponytail and she had a nose piercing

?- you can call me momma she said

I smiled as I opened my arms

Her smiled widened as I pulled her weak body into a hug before she led me to the kitchen and started talking to me .

Momma - awh your so cute . I like chu she said laughing and I noticed they all had accents .

Me - thank you I replied your beautiful , I see where Liyah get her looks from .

Momma - thank ya beybeh

Momma - the foods ready , just waitin’ on the cornbread . Hungry ?

I nodded
Me - yes momma

Momma - where is this lul girl at ? she said standing up she took a shower

Momma - bring ya ass outchea Aaliyah she said and in no time Liyah appeared in front of us with some pajamas on .

Me - hey Liyah I said looking at her

Liyah - hey Travis she said lowly avoiding eye contact with me as I stood up

Me - you alright ? I asked pulling her into a hug and placing a kiss onto her cheek

She nodded and cleared her throat
Liyah - Travis meet my ma -

Me - I met momma already I said and she raised her eyebrows

Mama - while ya was taking ya time , we was talkin’

She looked at me and I smiled

Momma made us wash our hands and sit down while she made our plates .

I thanked her and felt Layla tiny hand grab onto mines .

She was sitting on the left side of me and momma and Liyah was sitting across the table

Momma - grab hands , let’s say grace she said and we bowed our hands as she began speaking .

I licked my lips and said amen before looking down at my plate in silence

Momma - everything alr ?

I nodded as I snapped out of my thoughts

Me - everything’s fine I assured her

We don’t never say grace in my house .
I say it to myself a lot but never have my mama made our family say it together .

I took a bite of what momma told me was greens .

She had made some cornbread , greens , fried chicken , sweet potatoes , potato salad , and Mac n cheese . For desert she made chocolate cake .

I’ve never had a meal like this but I loved it .

As we ate , momma bombarded me with questions about where I work , my parents , all of that .

Liyah said she was asking me to many questions but I had no problem answering them .

I told her I didn’t work , my parents are a lawyer and a doctor and more .

Momma - whatchu plan on doom’ afta high school ?

Me - go to college for football . If that don’t work out , I may become a doctor like my dad but honestly right now I don’t know what I wanna do but I know for sure college.

When we all finished eating she got up and her hand shook as she grabbed our plates

Liyah - I got it mama she said and momma nodded her head

She looked tired .

Liyah - come on mama , let’s get you in bed she said standing up and going by her side

Momma nodded and I stood up too , to help .

She held onto my arm and Liyahs hand tightly as we helped her to her room .

Liyah let go and pulled the covers back on her bed before I helped her lay down in it .

I put the covers over her and she smiled at me as her eyes was closed

Me - good night momma , it was nice meeting you I told her and kissed her cheek

Momma - it was nice meeting you too baby she repeated and placed a soft kiss on my cheek .

We walked out of her room and Liyah shut the door .

I can tell by the way Liyah interacted with her mother tonight , tryna help her with everything that she really care about her .

Liyah looked at me
Me - your mother is precious she nodded

Me - she remind me of a wayyyy nicer you I chuckled and she laughed

Liyah - boy be quiet she said and Layla walked into her legs , wrapping her arms around her waist .

Liyah - come on , let’s get you to sleep she said and led her to another room that was small .

She climbed into bed
Layla - lay with me

Liyah - gimme a minute please Travis and I nodded and walked out of the room .

I stood in the tiny hallway and pulled out my phone seeing it was 10 something .

It don’t even seem like I been here for 2 hrs

5 minutes later Liyah came out and shut the door , I followed her to the kitchen where she started cleaning up .

I grabbed a cup from the table and proceeded to helping her

Liyah - I got it T -

Me - imma help you I said and she shook her head no

I ignored her and still helped .
She come to my house and help me all the time so why wouldn’t I do the same .

When we was finished I looked at the time seeing I needed to go

Me - I should get going I said

Liyah - lemme walk you out she said and put on her shoes .

We walked out the house and downstairs to the door

Me - I’ll see you tomorrow ? She nodded and gave me a hug and a kiss before I got into my car

I watched her walk back into her apartment before driving off

Never in a million years would I have thought Aaliyah was living like that but , it’s alright .

I know everybody don’t got it like me and caint live in big houses .

It don’t matter to me that’s still my baby .

I honestly hope she wasn’t ashamed because there’s honestly nothing to be ashamed of .

I just hate how she was afraid to show me where she lived , that’s the only thing not sitting right with me .

She should know I’m not gonna judge her .
I see the way she work and how she tryna make a living for her , her sister and her mother .

And I applaud her for that .

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