But She's Black

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Chapter 27


When I pulled up to my drive way . I parked my car in my garage before making my way in my house where I put in the code to my alarm .

I made sure it was set and my house was locked before proceeding to taking a shower .

I laid in bed , trying to sleep but the only thing that kept crossing my mind was

Why did she lie ?

Why did she tell me she lived over Deja’s house ?

I’m not liking that and how she lied .

I grabbed my phone off my nightstand and sent her a message .


DaddyTravis - Why did you lie Aaliyah ? I read the message already knowing what he’s talking about .

I clicked on the message and started to type but I deleted everything .

I just ignored it . It’s almost 1 am , I needa go to sleep for school .


I watched the typing symbol pop up , meaning she was typing .

I waited for a reply but she stopped typing and I didn’t get one .

After waiting a couple minutes I sent her another message

Me - we need to talk tomorrow .

I heard my doorbell go off and I pulled up my computer , looking at my cameras .

I seen Maria
I clicked the button that unlocks my house and watched as she came in with a bag

I got out of bed and made my way down the stairs .

Maria - sorry ! Sorry sorry she said quickly I left my key here

Me - it’s ok Maria

She nodded
Maria’s my maid and personal cook .

She’s a sweet Mexican lady .

I let her have a vacation , that’s why she haven’t been here .

Plus I don’t like having someone around my house 24/7

I can cook and clean myself .

My mother would flip if she knew I let Maria have a vacation tho .

Me - how was your vacation ?

Maria - wonderful . Thank you so much Travis she said

Me - no problem I knew you were having family issues and needed to get home .

See my mother wouldn’t have cared about her family issues and would have told her she couldn’t have a vacation , unless she wanted to get fired .

Maria - it’s not that dirty she observed
I nodded

Me - I kept it clean the best I could incase my mother came over and plus my Bestfriend helped .

Maria - Bestfriend ? I know Devan and James didn’t touch a dish she said walking into my kitchen to find them all clean

Me - my Bestfriend Aaliyah I said

Maria - a girl ? I nodded as she smiled wide

Maria - when were you going to tell me ?! She almost screamed making me smile

I love Maria .
She’s 40 but looks really young .
She been my nana forever now she’s my maid and cook .

Maria - when can I meet her ?!

Me - you’ll see her soon I assured her , she’s always over .

She nodded

Maria - you have school . You need to get to sleep she urged we can talk later sweety

I nodded and went to walk off

Maria - Travis why wasn’t your gate locked ? She asked making me look back

Me - huh ?

Maria - why was your gate open ?

I shrugged
Me - I opened I said knowing she’s Finna freak out .

My driveway is gated off .
You have to put in a code and the gate will open .

I get tired of doing that all the time so I just leave the gate open

Maria - don’t leave it open anymore she said that’s dangerous and I nodded , knowing I shouldn’t have been leaving it open anyways .

I was awaken by Maria shaking me
Maria - it’s time to get up for school , breakfasts ready .

I nodded and got up where she handed me some clothes , that she already picked out .

I took them and she walked out where I got dressed . I walked into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth .

I made sure my hair was good before sliding on my shoes and walking downstairs .

I sat at the table and she handed me a plate of food that she prepared .

Nana - breakfast is served

Me - you don’t have to do this I told her this the shit that annoys me .

I don’t want a maid / cook . Dont get me wrong I love my nana , but I want privacy and to be able to do things myself .

All my life I grew up with maids and butlers , she was like my mom since my mother and father were really never around .

Now that I live in my own house my mother think it’s mandatory for her to be around as my cook / maid because she feel all rich people should have one .

My brothers and sister have more than one maid and butler at their house .

Yea , I won’t never have to work a day in my life but a maid and butler is not needed .

I feel I’m still living with my mother and that defeats the purpose of me getting my own house .

Nana - it’s my job she said cleaning up the kitchen , that was already spotless from her cleaning it last night .

I know she cleaned non-stop last night .
I finished my food and she grabbed my plate from me as I stood up .

Maria - here go you a lunch she said and handed me a brown paper bag

I said goodbye to her before grabbing a set of keys and walking out my house .

I got into my car and bagged out of my driveway to my gate .

I put in the code and the gate opened before I drove out of it . It automatically closes back .

When I seen Liyah I didn’t say a word to her or look her way .

I know she seen my messages last night and the fact she acted like she couldn’t respond to them made me angry .


In school Travis didn’t say a word to me or look my way .

Deja - what did you do to him ? She asked as we sat in the lunchroom

I just shrugged

He acted like that the whole day and I didn’t like it so I sent him a message

Me - what’s wrong ?
He just read it

Me - Travis I texted again and he read that .
I shrugged

Deja - what’s wrong ?

Me - nothing I said as I watched him get up and walk off with Devan , James and some white girls . He was all smiling and talking to one which annoyed me , so I got my ass up too .

Deja - you good bitch ?

Me - yea man I said as I walked up to him and the girl he was next to .

Devan , James and them white girls looked at me like I was stupid .

Ask me do I give a fuck ?
Me - Travis

Travis - what ? He said not even looking at me

Me - can we talk ? I asked as one of the girls scoffed at me

? - Travis she said grabbing onto his hand

I grabbed it from her and held onto it tightly , even tho he didn’t grab back onto mines .

Me - can we talk ? I repeated and he sighed before he shook his head yea

Travis - I’ll catch up with y’all later he said

Devan - really ? Travis nodded and walked off as I followed .

He walked through the dark hallways and out the door of the school .

He reached into his pockets and pulled out a silver sensor to his car .

He had a push start . He walked up to a newer red car and got into the driver seat .

I got in the passenger seat and shut the door .

I toyed with a piece of my hair , curling it around my finger nervously as he just sat there

I know he’s mad at me

After what seemed like forever he just pulled out his phone . I looked over and seen he was messaging somebody , just ignoring my presence .

Me - Travis I said

Me - Travis I repeated and he just ignored me

Me - can we talk man ? I said ask as my voice kinda cracked

Travis - talk he said like he just didn’t give a fuck .

Me - talk ? I repeated not liking how he said that , who are you talking to ?

Travis - get out he just said calmly

Me - get out ? I asked is he serious ? I looked at him and he nodded

Travis - get out my car he said

Me - why Tr-

Travis - just get out my car I felt myself getting emotional and I sniffled and did as told , shutting his door gently .

He started up his car and drove off just leaving me there as tears rolled down my face .

I caint believe he just did me like that .
I wiped my tears when I heard the bell ringing and went back to class.

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