But She's Black

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Chapter 28


I looked from my phone and seen Liyah was nervously curling her hair on her fingers .

I just looked back to my phone , ignoring her presence .

If she is going to lie to me then I don’t want her around me .

Liyah - Travis she said

Liyah - Travis she repeated and I ignored her

Liyah - can we talk man ? She said as her voice cracked

Me - talk I said not caring .

Liyah - talk ? She repeated who are you talking to ?

Me - get out I just said calmly
I don’t give a fuck anymore .

Liyah - get out ? I nodded

Me - get out my car I said

Liyah - why Tr-

Me - just get out my car she sniffled and did as told shutting my door gently .

I don’t care anymore .
All my life I grew up with my mother lieing about when she was gonna be home to spend time with me which broke my heart because she never did , instead my nanny did .

I was always the only one home cause I was the youngest and my brothers and sister were always gone .

I don’t need another person lieing to me .
And if she feel she caint trust me then we caint be together .

I sat my phone down before I started up my car and drove off .

I walked into my house seeing the floors were clean and shiny .

I took off my shoes and walked to the kitchen

Maria - what are you doing home ?

Me - wanted to come home

Maria - you ok ?
I nodded as I grabbed some cookies and walked upstairs to take a shower .

I looked at my phone as it beeped . It was an incoming call from Liyah .

I swiped decline as I watched football .

I started to think about today and my whole mood instantly changed when I replayed the tears I seen running down Liyah face in my head .

I caint believe I did her like that .

How dare I do something like that to her ?

The more I thought about it the guiltier I felt so I got up and put on some clothes .

I grabbed a random set of keys before making my way to the door

I caint do my baby girl like that .


Deja - you alright girl ? she asked as we sat in the parking lot of my apartment complex .

She picked me up from school this morning and dropped me off .

I nodded
Me - I’m fine

Deja - you sure ? Did Travis do it ? Want me to beat his ass ?

Me - positive I said as she hugged me love you
I nodded before getting out of her car and making my way to the door .

I walked into a silent apartment .

My mama had her car and she told me after school she was gone pick Layla up and go handle some business .

Most likely pay some bills and probably go do something with Layla .

I walked into my room and just laid onna bed .
I started sniffling before I found myself crying .

I don’t know why I’m crying .
Maybe it’s because Travis actually started to grow on me .

Every since I gave him my virginity I been wanting to be by him 24/7 but I don’t wanna seem clingy .

I woke up and grabbed my phone , calling Travis but got sent to voice mail . He didn’t answer any of my texts .

I looked at the time seeing it was almost 10 at night . Mama had called and told me she and Liyah was spending anight with her friend .

She said I could come but I told her I didn’t want to .

I sat with my head in my hands , I don’t know what I’m going to do .


Once again , I found myself back in the hood .
I seen people sitting on their porch with no porch light on watching my car as I drove down the street .

I pulled up in the apartment complex and turned my car off . I looked out the window and felt uncomfortable as the thugs from the corner started at me .

I slid my phone in my pocket before getting out the car , hitting the lock numerous of times .

Their were people walking up to the door the same I was and the teenage boy looked at me

” you coming in here fam ? ” I nodded and he held the door

He was probably the same age as me .

Me - thanks

? - no problem cuz he said and walked into the first door as I made my way up the steps . I stopped at the door and knocked on it .

Moments later it opened and Liyah stood at the door looking at me with sad eyes .

She moved to the side and I walked in . She closed the door and locked it .

I stood there silently as she didn’t look at me

Me - I’m sorry I said

Liyah - why did you just leave me there ? She asked and I dropped my head , ashamed of my actions .

Me - I was mad , I’m sorry .
She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my torso , burying her head into my shirt

Liyah - I’m sorry for lying

Me - why did you do it ?

Liyah - cause … I didn’t wanna show you this side of me …. then you judge me

Me - why would I do that ? I asked

Liyah - because the way you live and the way I live is wayyy different

Me - that shit don’t matter to me Aaliyah , Ion give a fuck about shit like that . You should have just been honest from the start , wasn’t no need to lie ma

She nodded

Liyah - I’m sorry

Me - it’s okay . Just don’t lie to me anymore alright ?

She nodded and hugged me tighter .
After awhile I looked down and seen she was hugging me with her eyes closed , asleep .

Me - baby girl I said

Liyah - hmmm

Me - come on mama , let me get you to bed I said and she nodded before I led her to her room .

I laid her down and pecked her lips

Me - see you later I whispered

Liyah - no stay

Me - Aaliyah I needa get home and what about your mom ? I asked

Liyah - she’s not coming home tonight . She’s said she staying at her friends she trailed off and I don’t wanna be here alone she said pouting

I nodded and kicked off my shoes and jacket before climbing into bed besides her .

She climbed onto my chest and wrapped her arms around me , making me instantly harden .


I felt Travis harden under me as I tried to sleep and it made me want him

Me - Travis

Travis - huh ?

Me - why you hard ?

Travis - cause you on my dick and I want you he confessed

Me - well …. Whatchu gone do then ? I asked

Travis - what you tryna do Liyah ? he asked raising his eyebrows at me

Me - it’s up to you . If you want it , come get it I said

Travis - I don’t got a condom he said defeated

Me - look in my book bag

Travis - what the fuck ?! Why you got a condom ?!

Me - health class boy I know you got some too I said due to the fact it was mandatory we took some .

he nodded and I climbed off of him

I watched as he walked to my book bag and found a condom .

I watched as he rolled the condom onto his wood before pulling me onto the edge of the bed

Travis - you sure ? I nodded as he entered me slowly making me grip onto his arms .

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