But She's Black

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Chapter 29


I woke up to my phone ringing .

I ignored the call , looking at the time before I looked at Aaliyah who was asleep on my chest with her arms around me.

I tapped her
Me - Aaliyah

She opened her eyes and I motioned towards the time where she sighed and climbed off of me .

I bit my lip looking at Aaliyah . She’s just so pretty to me , morning face - flaws and all .

I got up and we put on our clothes .
She stripped the sheets and I helped her put new ones on and she cleaned up .

Liyah - my mama gone be home soon she trailed off , still tired .

I nodded and pulled her body to mines

Me - Imma pick you up I said kissing her cheek

She nodded and I grabbed my phone before leaving .


Travis left and I got into the shower , letting the hot water ease some soreness in between my legs .

The bathroom door opened and I heard somebody peeing

Layla - hey sissy

Me - hey sissy ! I said cutting the shower off . I grabbed the towel and I heard her leave before I stepped out .

I got dressed in something simple , sweats and pulled my braids into a ponytail before going into the kitchen .

Me - good morning

Mama - good morning I said to her and smiled when I seen how happy she looked

Mama - hungry ? I shook my head no

Me - I’m good I told her as Layla ate
I pinched her cheek

Me - I didn’t forgot about the mall I told her as my phone beeped , it was Travis letting me know he was here

Me - I’m Finna dip I said

Mama - who giving you a ride ? Deja ? I shook my head no

Me - Travis

Mama - tell that chile to come up after school I nodded and said I’ll see them later before rushing out the door .

When I got into Travis red Audi I smiled at him .

He look fine than a bitch today

Travis - what ?

Me - you look fine I said and he let out a chuckle

He had on a white shirt , with a jean jacket and black hat . He had on some regular black jeans with a gold chain around his neck and these tiny gold earrings in his ear .

Travis - you think so ?
I bit my lip looking at what he was wearing before I nodded .

Me - I like your car I said

Travis - thank you baby he said looking at his phone

Me - come on , let’s get to school . Orrrrr are you gonna stay on your phone ?

Travis - holdup
I smacked my lips

Travis - well then … You drive
I looked at him

Me - huh ?

Travis - drive

Me - you gone let me drive your Audi ?
He nodded and got out the car .

I got out too and the whole hood eyes were on me as I got in the driver seat .

I buckled up and drove off after he was in .

The ride was silent as I felt him watching me , which made me blush .

I looked to the side at him as he rubbed my legs

Travis - you look beautiful today

Me - boy I just got on sweatpants
He nodded

Travis - I know but still

When I pulled up to the school we sat in the car talking

Me - ma say come up when you drop me off , she wanna see you .

He nod
Travis - alright

There was a tap on my window and I lowered it to see a shocked Devan and James .

They musta thought I was Travis .

Devan - what is she doing in your car ? He asked with a nasty ass attitude

Me - boy-

Travis - chill out he said interrupting me and gripping my thighs

I sighed and closed my eyes

Today is not the day .
I will curse somebody child out .
I will smack somebody child .

James - why she in your car any-

Me - boy shut ya ass up I said hitting the steering wheel

Me - know what ? Fuck y’all I said turning off the car before getting out

Travis - Baby he said grabbing me , making me look back please don’t go

Me - nah I’m tired of them always having something to say to me when I’m with you

Travis - Liyah imma talk to t- I yanked away

Me - get your hand off of me I said and he sighed doing as told .

I looked over at him and pecked his lips before walking off


Liyah pecked my lips and walked off
Devan - you just gone let her take your car keys ? He asked

Me - look y’all need to stop that shit

James - stop what ?

Me - acting so rude to her I said pissed off
They acting like fucking dick heads

Devan - Travis bro -

Me - bro nothing . That’s my girl and if y’all
gone keep acting funny towards her then don’t talk to me I simply stated and as far as my keys go don’t worry about all of that . She good - we good I said getting out of the passenger seat of my car .

This my car , who I let drive it is who I let drive it .

I hit the locks before walking off .
I don’t even think she realized she took my keys .

I found her next to Deja and hugged her

Me - chill out baby I got you
She smiled and slid my keys into my pocket before walking off .

When lunch came around her and Deja’s tried walking past me .

Me - come sit down

They looked at each other and raised their eyebrows looking at everybody at the table

Deja - bitch keep walking

Liyah nodded and they went to walk and I stood up

Me - sit down forreal they nodded and sat down

I looked at Devan and James who kept their mouths closed as they looked at their girlfriends .

Didn’t nobody talk to them but deja and Liyah was talking to each other

Melena - hook I’m Melena ! Devan girlfriend said to them

Devan looked at her like she was crazy and she ignored his look

Liyah - I’m Liyah

Melena - you and Travis date ?

Liyah blushed and shook her head no

Deja - yassss they date girl

Melena - awh she said I date Devan

Liyah rolled her eyes
Deja - you date that bitch ?! She yelled making me chock

Melena - that’s not nice she said before they all just started talking .


Out of all of these white girls at the table Melena was only one that talked to us .

I don’t give a fuck about these snobby girls .

Melena - I love your hair she said grabbing a braid

Me - thanks

Melena - you are so beautiful she cheered

I smiled at her she looked like Selena Gomez to me

She honestly was stunning

She ran her finger down my face and poked in my dimples

Travis - ok Melena . Stop touching her he said getting jealous

I laughed looking at him eat .
Melena - hush Travis

He sat his sandwich down and mugged her
Travis - this my Bestfriend he said pulling me to him

She shook her head no
Melena - I don’t think so anymore she’s mine she said and hugged me , pressing against my face with hers

Devan rolled his eyes

Deja - Devan only bitches roll their eyes I smiled before I got up and threw my trash away

Melena - your soooo short and pretty she said and I laughed

Me - thanks girl

Melena - take a picture with me ?
I nodded and she grabbed her phone

We stood up and she handed it to Travis .
She posed and I wrapped my arms around her waist

The flash went off and we sat back down .
Melena - ready to graduate ? She asked since graduation right around the corner

Graduation may 23 rd and today April 2nd .

Devan - can you graduate ?

Me - boy don’t act funny like I wasn’t just Finna be your tutor I said laughing

She nodded and I looked at Travis who was smiling on his phone

I looked at how happy he looked and smiled kissing his cheek


After school me and Liyah got in my car and I drove her home .

I cut the car off and we got out the car .

Liyah - hey miss Johnson she said waving to a lady who waved back after saying hey baby

She used her key and walked into the apartment before I followed her upstairs .

She opened the door and shut it

Liyah - hey ma she said to momma who was coming out the kitchen

Me - hey momma

Momma - hey boy , come gimme a hug
I leaned down and hugged her before kissing her cheek

Me - you been alright ?
She nodded

Momma - perfect she said as layla hugged my legs

I hugged back and sat down as Liyah went down the hallway before returning and sat down next to us

Momma - Trina told me how you was over here last night she said making Liyah face heat up

I nodded
Me - yes

Momma - she said you spent anight too

Liyah - he came to check on me and we both just fell asleep .

She nodded looking at us

Momma - it’s alright … But I hope y’all using protection if y’all having sex .

Liyah - mama -

Momma - I’m dead ass Aaliyah .
We nodded

Momma - because y’all too young for kids she scolded and once again we nodded and I watched as Liyah phone beeped .

She quickly hopped up and slipped off of her shirt , exposing a tank top and rushing into her room .

She came out in her work uniform , tying up her apron .

Liyah - I’m sorry mama but I just got called into work

Momma sighed
Momma - I needed you to watch Liyah while I ran errands

Liyah nodded
Liyah - it’s alright mama , I won’t go .

Momma - nah , it’s okay .

Me - I’ll watch her I offered

Momma - you’ll do that ?

I nodded and she smiled telling her to put on her shoes

Liyah - you’ll give me a ride ? I nodded

We hugged momma before walking to the door

Momma - come back anytime Travis , dont be shy boy .

Me - alright I laughed and shut the door before we walked downstairs and got into my car .

I dropped Liyah off at work and she gave me and Layla a kiss .

She got out and I sat my phone down before looking back st Layla

Layla - I’m going with you ? She asked

I nodded and she smiled before I drove home

I put in the code to my gate and drove up .

I opened the door and she grabbed my hand .

Layla - your house is sooooo big and pretty Travis she said looking around when I opened the door

Me - thank you I said as she took off her shoes without me even asking

Marian- Travis ! Who’s this ? she asked coming to the door with a duster in her hand

Me - Layla , my Bestfriend sister
She smiled

Marian - I’m Maria . Want some cookies ? She shook her head no and grabbed back onto my hand making me laugh

Me - it’s alright she smiled snd walked off

Me - you wanna stay down here and watch tv ? Or come upstairs with me ? I asked when I seen she was scared and shy

Layla - with you
I nodded and she grabbed my hand as I walked upstairs to my room

Me - you can sit down on my bed and watch tv I offered

I sat down at my desk , taking out homework and she sat down on my bed turning on the tv .

I looked from my homework and at her . She wasn’t on my bed anymore . She was sitting on the floor looking at me .

Me - bored ?
She nodded and I got up

Me - I got a game room

Layla - forreal ?

I nodded

Me - yea , come on

I put my homework up and walked out of my room . She followed behind me as I walked down my long stairs and to my game room .

I opened the door and flicked on the lights

Layla - you have a bowling alley in your house ?

I nodded

Me - yea , lets play ?
She nodded and I started showing her how to bowl .

After that we played all the games in my arcade and ate snacks

Layla - is she your mom ? She asked as Maria took our snack wrappers , placing more down along with drinks

Maria - I’m the nanny

Layla - nanny ?
She nodded and pinched her cheek before walking off

After playing some more with Layla , I found myself getting sleepy .

I looked back and seen her sitting down . She looked tired and worn out .

Me - come on baby girl I said and she climbed out of the chair and walked into my lap .

I picked her up and she laid her head down on my shoulder

Me - tired ? She nodded and I walked out of my arcade and up the stairs , to my room .

Layla - where’s the bathroom ? She mumbled and I pointed to a door in my room as I got into bed .

She walked off and shut the door .

I got under my covers and closed my eyes.

Not long after that she climbed into bed with me and we both fell asleep .

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