But She's Black

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Chapter 3


Me - Hey mom I said kissing her cheek as she sat on the phone talking about some client she’s defending

Mom - of course they were black she scoffed making me think about that girl .

I shook my head as the door opened and my sister came in .

Oh that’s right I said I only had 2 brothers .

That’s cause I don’t like her .

Melissa - hey baby brother she said pinching my cheeks

I pushed her
Me - don’t touch me

Melissa - mommy !

Mom - Travis she warned
I grabbed my keys to my all white Camaro walking to the door

Mom - can you do mommy a favor ?

Me - yes

Mom - please pick up the things on the grocery list for me ?

I nodded taking it from her hands before walking out .

I scanned around the store grabbing the stuff she wanted

?- Sissy I want mwommyy
I looked to side seeing a little girl holding on a girl legs .

She had on some black sweats with a black zip up sweater with a hat

?- Laylah imma need fa you ta stop whining , my head hurts .

(( If yall haven’t picked up on it Liyah got an accent so that’s why when she’s talking it typed differently then when it’s in her pov. To her she speak normally))

?- but when is mwommyy -

?- Laylah stop . Please . She yelled before the little girl started sniffling
She sighed and bent down rubbing her face

?- I’m sorry Laylah I luh you but my head hurt so I need you to be quiet fa me ight ? She nodded and turned around

My eyes locked with hers that’s was completely red hidden by her hat .

It was the girl from the mall .

?- excuse me she said and I moved to the side . Her hip brushed past my leg as she tried reaching for cereal on the top shelf

I grabbed it for her
?- Thanks

I looked at her waiting for her to look back at me .
When she did her face frowned up as she walked off

Me - what’s wrong ? I asked looking at her

?- I gotta go she mumbled

Me - Whats wrong ? I asked again re evaluating my actions to see if I did anything wrong .

Me - beautiful talk to me .
She turned around

?- she’s black she said as I rubbed my neck

Me - ok and ? I asked not seeing the problem
She shook her head

?- she broke and talk ghetto why would-

Me - aye hold up I said she must have heard Devan and James

Me - I apologize for what they said I told her truthfully


?- I apologize for what they said
I looked into his eyes that were absolutely stunning seeing he was telling the truth .

I nodded as I couldn’t stop looking at them .

They were like a lignt blue , gray ion fucking know .

Me - it’s alright .

He smiled showing me all his teeth that was pretty and straight .

I snapped out of my gaze hearing my phone beep

Boss man - You sliding through soon right ?
I sent him a yes getting in the check out line .

?- what’s your name ?

Me - Aaliyah but call me Liyah

?- I’m Travis , and yours cutie ?
Lay hid behind me

Me - Layla I told him he nodded
The cashier told me the price of my food but before I could hand her money , Travis hand slid her a black card .

Me - nah , I got it

Travis - its okay .

Me - Uhm nah I handed the lady the 258$ and she looked at me raising her eyebrows .

?- he got money , your crazy she mumbled but I only caught it .

Fuck his money gotta do with me ?

He slid the card and I grabbed the bags as he payed for his stuff before we walked out

Me - thank you

Travis - don’t mention it beautiful .
My cheeks started heating up as I turned away

Travis - Awh you got dimples he cooed helping me put the bags in my moms trunk .

I shut the door and looked back at Lay who was eatting some chips in the back seat .

Travis - Can I get your number ? He asked pulling out an all gold iPhone 6s that made my iPhone 4 look like shit .

Me - sure
I handed him mines

Travis - 1947

Me - huh ?

Travis - My code
I put it in and it work as I saved my number into his phone locking it and handing it back

I made sure my name would be hard to find for later when he go to use it .

He took it
Travis - what’s its under ?

Me - find out I said grabbing mines getting in the car
He shot me a wink shutting my door before I watched him walk to a Camaro and get into it .

I drove home putting the groceries up before grabbing the book bag full of money and drugs , leaving Lay with my mom I left out .

Boss man looked at the money and drugs in approval

Boss man - how ?

Me - how what ?

Boss man - how did you make 3k in 2 nights and not even use half the products .

I shrugged passing him the bag

Boss man - keep it .

Me - keep what ?

Boss man - the money and drugs .

Me - you sure ?
He nodded I thanked him before leaving
Since today’s Friday I went to Bill office and paid the bill up to 2 more months before putting money down on the light bill and water bill .

Then went home .
Passing up my mama

Mama - what’s in the bag ?

Me - school work I lied taking it to my closet hiding it securely from my sister and mom .

She don’t kno I sell when I really need to and she won’t kno

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