But She's Black

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Chapter 30


8 pm

I called Travis again , no answer .

What the fuck man ? I got off at 7:30 he was sposed to been here .

Me - where tf you at ? I sent him

when I didn’t get a respond I said fuck it .

Fuck him .

Boss - you okay sweety ?

Me - yea , I’m fine I said I’ll see you later
He nodded and I walked out of the restaurant .
I called Deja and had her pick me up .

She came in no time and I got into her car

Deja - girl wassup with that face ? She asked referring to my mug

Me - Travis didn’t come pick me up I said as I watched her take a sandwich out her glove compartment .

Yes bitch out her glove compartment .

Me - Deja

Deja - what ? She asked taking a bite off of the ham sandwich

Me - what the fuck ?

Deja - this my sandwich that I put in here and I’m finna eat it

I shrugged and thought about Travis not picking me up . Shit making me mad .

Deja - chill he probably just forgot Liyah
I just said okay and asked her to take me to Travis house .

I had to direct her to it because she never been to his house before .

When we pulled up there was a gate and it was locked

I’ve always noticed the gate it just always been opened .

Deja - Aaliyah what the fuck ?! He live here . Alone ?! She yelled shocked

I nodded

Deja - this like 8 bedrooms girl
I nodded

Me - yea .

Deja - he got MONEY !! She screamed and I grabbed my phone as he called me

Travis - ma I’m sorry he said , sounding like he just woke up . I’m on my way

Me - no need fam . I’m outside I-

Travis - I’m Finna open the gate he said and I hung up .

I opened the door
Me - thanks girl

Deja - you good ?
I nodded and watched as she drove off . She needed to get to her boyfriends house so I’ll have my mama pick me up .

The gate opened and I walked up to the door .
It was locked so I used my key and walked in .

The house was spot less .

I went walking to the stairs but stopped when I seen a woman come into view and look at me .

She looked kinda old but young at the same time .

I pushed my braids outta my face
Travis got bitches around my sister ?

Hell some of these bitches be looking like grown women anyways .

I waked upstairs
Me - where my sister ? I asked with an attitude as I walked into his room

I stopped when I seen him and Layla were asleep . She had his head on his chest and her leg was thrown over him

She’s a wild sleeper .

Travis - Aaliyah baby I’m so sorry he groaned and I seen he was waking up out of his sleep

Me - who is that downstairs ? I asked you got bitches around my sister B ? Fuck you bitch I said and pulled the cover back , grabbing my sister .

Travis - what ? Liyah no
I ignored him

Travis - I don’t got nobody around with your sister and don’t call me a bitch he said quickly getting up , now fully awake .

Me - get the fuck out my face Travis I said serious as fuck . I’m not playing with you .

I bent down and grabbed Layla shoes

Travis - be careful with her he said as Layla woke up

I ignored him and walked out the room .


I followed after Liyah calling her name only to be ignored . She lucky she got Layla in her arms other wise I woulda grabbed her .

Liyah - bitch she mumbled about me to herself walking downstairs

Maria was at the end of the stairs with a confused expression

Me - chill out ! I said annoyed this my nanny

Liyah - nanny ? She asked stopping in her tracks and looking at Maria who had on a maid dress

Liyah - I’m so .. Sorry she said and I rolled my eyes walking off

Liyah - Travis

Liyah - baby she said and I looked back seeing her put Layla on my couch before chasing after me .

She pinned me to the wall in my hallway and attacked my lips

Liyah - I’m sorry
I smiled taking her lips into mines

Me - it’s okay.

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