But She's Black

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Chapter 31

2 weeks later


I slept in my mama bed next to her , in fear of something happening to her and I wasn’t there .

It’s been a month and my mama is very weak and frail .

I hate seeing her like this .

She say she not going to the hospital and she just wanna leave this world on her own .

She’s still walking around happy tho and I try to smile seeing her happy . I just don’t want her to leave me .

She tells me don’t worry about the bad right now .

Today my family is coming up here to have a reunion for her .

I caint stand some of my family .

I opened my eyes to my mama walking into the room , dressed .

Me - what time is it ? I groaned waking up

Mama - it’s 8 am , go back to sleep baby she instructed but I shook my head no . Im going to the family reunion with her .

Mama - no Aaliyah your tired , nothing’s gonna happen to me she chuckled

Me - I’m not tired

Mama - Aaliyah

Me - no I said as tears filled my eyes

Mama - Aaliyah she said sitting next to me and rubbing my hand I’m here , mama I’m not leaving you baby . I don’t want you to be all at this park when you can barely stand up .

Lately I been getting really sick but I don’t want her to worry about me .

Me - Imma be okay mama I said smiling I’m not tired she shook her head no

Mama - Just please get some sleep and come later . I know you don’t wanna be around some of them anyways she confessed and I laughed cause it was the truth

I nodded and she pulled the covers back onto my body .

I heard the doorbell ring and her face lit up

Mama - Tulia here ! She boasted aunty Tulia her sister

Me - have fun mama . Imma come later

Mama - love you she said kissing my cheek and walking to the door

Me - love you more !
Layla little self popped in looking pretty and told me she loved me before they both left .

I laid in the bed but couldn’t go to sleep .

My body is exhausted its just hard for me to fall asleep when my mama not around .

I felt a little nauseous before my stomach and head started to hurt .

I laid curled in the covers as tears filled my eyes from the pain .

This been going on for a couple days .


Momma called me about Liyah and told me how she been sick and tired these last couple days so I told her I’m going to stop by .

This whole week I been busy with important stuff with my family .

I pulled up to the apartment complex and ignored the stares as I made my way to the building after locking my door .

This became a routine . Everytime I pull up in this hood all eyes be on me .

I hugged momma who was just coming out the door with Layla and someone that looked like her .

Me - where are y’all going ? I asked as Layla ran into my arms

Momma - family reunion . Travis meet my sister Tulia , Tulia meet Liyahs future husband Travis .

Tulia - hey , your the famous Travis ? She asked smiling and I nodded side hugging her because Layla was still in my arms .

I talked to them for a minute as I kissed Layla cheeks and all on her face , all she did was giggle .

Momma - she’s determined to come to this family reunion later , please just make sure she get some rest she said handing me a key

Me - of course I assured her letting Layla down . They all hugged me once more before driving off .

I made my way up to their apartment and put the key in momma just gave me in .

I locked the door and quietly made my way towards momma’s room .

When I opened the door my heart dropped .

My baby was curled in a ball crying .

Me - baby
She looked up and her eyes were red

I sat next to her and rubbed her leg
Me - how you feeling ?

Liyah - my stomach hurt and I’m tired she said climbing into my lap . She wrapped her hands around me and laid her head on my chest .

Me - Imma go make you some sou -

Liyah - I don’t want any soup

Me - you need some soup Bae I said and she shook her head no

Me - at least please take some medicine ?
She shook her head no

Liyah - can you please just lay with me ? or are you gonna be busy today she asked rolling her neck

I scratched my face , I am gonna be busy today .

I sighed

Me - Liyah I have to-

Liyah - it’s alright Travis . Bye she said getting off of me .

Me - there’s just some people I need to talk to that’s gone meet me at my house . I’ll make it short and come back here .

She shook her head no getting under the covers .

Liyah - it’s okay , your busy she said closing her eyes .

Me - come to my house with me then . Lay in my bed and I’ll come up when I’m finished okay ?

She shook her head no
Liyah - I don’t wanna move

Me - please Love ?

She puffed before getting up .

She had on some shorts and a tank top . She put on some sweats and some shirt , washed her face , brushed her teeth and we left .

When we got to my house I helped her inside . She instantly went to my room .

Me - Maria I called out and she came

Me - can you please make her your special soup while I go get some medicine ?
She nodded

Maria - don’t be late for that meeting your having with your family in 40 minutes she scolded and I nodded .

I came back and went upstairs to change my clothes into dress pants and a dress up shirt . When I walked out Liyah was laying balled in my covers .

I made her take some medicine and she laid with her head on my chest and her arms around me .

I heard my doorbell ring and sighed knowing that’s my family and I need to get up

Me - I’m going to be back baby I promise
She nodded and I bent down

Liyah - whatttt ? She groaned

Me - gimme kiss
She shook her head

Liyah - no baby , I’m sick .

Me - I don’t care I said leaning down to her lips

Liyah - I don’t want you sic- I took her lips into mines and kissed her

I pulled alway and pecked her cheek before leaving out and shutting the door .

I walked downstairs and forced a smile on my face .

My parents knows the principles at Harvard university and we all got to meet together .

I sat next to my mother in my all white living room . She designed this .

Everytime they’ll ask me a question and I’ll go to talk she’ll cut me off . I got tired of trying to compete with her , so I’m letting her do all of the talking .

I just kept thinking about Liyah . I caint wait for this meeting to end so I can go care for my little baby .

About an hr in a half later they started to wrap things up .


” it’s going to be a pleasure to have you at our school Travis ” he said shaking my hand I smiled before my mom took over
Mom - we caint wait .

She walked them to the door and I rolled my eyes .

Dad - that went well

I looked at him and shrugged I guess

Brian sat next to me on his phone , Lucas looked at me funny . We haven’t talked since that incident about Liyah and Melissa just was on her phone too

Maria - the soups done mr . Travis she said formally and I nodded

When my family around she got to talk formally and address me as mr or my mom would have a fit since it ‘ unprofessional ’ .

Mom - soup ? For what ? She asked are you sick ?
I shook my head no

Me - my friend is .

Mom - girl or boy ?

Me - girl I said she she smiled

Mom - Kaitlin ?

I rolled my eyes to that name before I shook my head no

Me - Liyah she smiled and Lucas glared at me

Mom - when am I going to meet this Aaliyah you always talking about ? She asked smiling bigger at me

Me - uhm soon I said standing up . I got things to do is said and they nodded before walking to the door

I hugged them all besides Lucas .

Mom - what’s wrong with you and Lucas ?

Me - nothing I said and shut the door when they left .

Instantly I made a bowl of soup and walked up stairs to my room with it .

I opened my door to see Aaliyah asleep

Me - Aaliyah I said and her eyes instantly opened

Me - you wasn’t sleep ?
She shook her head no

Me - you was waiting on me ? She nodded and I took off my clothes and put on some shorts and a shirt .

Me - here eat this

Liyah - I don’t want it she mumbled

Me - eat it I said sternly holding the spoon to her mouth .

She opened and let me feed it to her .
Instantly a smile grew on her face
Liyah - that’s good

Me - I know baby . You gone eat it for me ? She nodded and let me feed it to her . After I laid back ashe climbed onto my chest and laid down .

One by one I felt her tears soaking my shirt and I wrapped my arms around her tighter .

Me - you ok love ? I whispered in her ear and she just shook her head yes.

Eventually she cried herself to sleep .

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