But She's Black

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Chapter 32


I woke up feeling sooo much better . I smiled looking up at Travis . He was watching tv

Travis - feel better ? I nodded as I kissed his neck

Me - I gotta get to that reunion I said as I kept kissing him

He let out a low moan and I smirked

Me - you wanna come with me baby ? I asked as I started to suck on his neck

Travis - yea he groaned as I released
I looked at the red mark I created and smiled as I climbed off of him

Travis - you gave me a hickey ? He asked and I nodded

Travis - did I say you could give me a hickey ? He asked pinning me to the bed

Me - Travis let me go I giggled trying to squirm out of his grip

Me - travisssss I whined as he continued sucking all over my body .

He got up and licked his lips as he walked off

I got up and looked in his mirror . I had red purplish marks all over my body . From my neck to my arms and thighs .

Me - I’m fucking you up Travis . How I’m sposed to cover this ? I asked angry

Travis - you started it
He came back in and I seen his neck was worser than mines .

He pulled me to the mirror and I wrapped my arms around his waist .

He took a picture and all you seen were the marks we made on eachother .

I looked at the time that read 5:19 pm
Me - Bae we need to get ready he nodded and I walked into his bathroom . I stripped out of my clothes and climbed into the shower .

The door opened and he got in too . We didn’t do anything but wash up . That was hard due to the fact that some people , Travis don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves . Travis .

I changed into some clothes I already got here , some dark jeans with rips , white fitted shirt and some white Jordan’s . I laid my edges and put my braids in a ponytail .

Travis came out the bathroom with some black Balmain jeans on , a white t-shirt and some black shoes .

I followed him downstairs where I seen Maria
Me - mariaaaaaaaa I said and she smiled as she came to me

Maria - feeling better chica ? I smiled I love her Spanish accent

Me - yea thank you I said hugging her
She kissed my cheek before me and Travis left .

When we pulled up to the park all eyes were on Travis car .

Mfs so desperately wanted to know who was inside this foreign car . My family so nosey .

Travis opened my door and I got up . I wrapped my arms around his waist as I walked up to where I seen all my family .

They were bar b queuing at a park connected to an amusement park .

They spoke to me as I passed by and I waved .

I seen my mama sitting down and Layla was playing with our little cousins nearby .

Me - hey mama I said and her head shot back

Mama - you feeling better ? I nodded and she smiled as I hugged her

Travis pushed me to the side and took over my spot

Travis - hey momma

Mama - Travis she smiled squeezing him

When Layla spotted is she instantly ran over and jumped into Travis arms

Travis laughed kissing all over her face as she laughed .

Layla - hey sissy she giggled

Me - hey I said as a crowd of my family approached eyeing Travis

Janae - who this ?

Me - my boyfriend Travis I said introducing him to everybody .

I sat next to Travis on a bench with my arm wrapped around one of his and my head on his shoulder .

I was watching my mama smile and interact with the family .

I watched as all of my little cousin came from the amusement park and just wondered around bored .

Layla came and stood inbetween Travis legs

Me - why aren’t you on the rides ? I asked

Layla - don’t have any tickets .

Me - nobody brought any ?

Layla - we one had enough for 2 rides each she said


Layla - we only had enough for 2 rides each and mom gave me some earlier said as she stood inbetween my legs .

I pulled her onto my lap as I looked at all of the kids that were bored just looking at the rides .

I heard some of the kids talking bout how nobody would buy any tickets and didn’t want to waste their money .

?- mama will you buy some more tickets ?

?- I don’t have any money the little boy dropped his head and I checked my phone .

Me - lets go get some tickets Layla I said and she looked at me before hopping down

Liyah - where you going ?

Me - Finna go buy some tickets I’ll be back I said walking off .

Liyah - here she said grabbing some money buy Layla some tickets with this

Me - I got it , I’ll be back .

Layla tiny hand gripped onto mines and I picked her up .

I walked through many people and found a ticket booth

Me - how much is one ticket ?

?- 25 cents she told me and I seen that you needed like 2 to get on a ride

Me - can I get $50 worth I asked looking at all of the kids

She nodded
I swiped my card and she handed me a whole bunch of tickets .

I handed them to Layla

Layla - thank you !! She said

Me - no problem baby girl I said as we walked back .

Liyah - Travis how many did you buy ?

Me - $50 worth I said and her eyes went wide

Liyah - why ? Layla don’t need that much . You could have just brought her $3 worth of tickets

I shrugged

I’m aware about $5 was all the tickets she needed but that wouldn’t have been fair to the other kids .

Me - I got them for everybody and she’s gonna share . Right baby ? She nodded and I watched as she ran off .

Instantly you heard everybody wondering who brought so many tickets as Layla handed some to all of the other kids .

They pointed to me and all of the o adults kept thanking me .

I kept saying it was no problem .

$50 is nothing .

Liyah family may be lowkey ghetto as fuck but they chill

Me - lets go get on some rides ?

Liyah - no she said

Me - please

Liyah - no

Me - for me I said close to her lips

Liyah - nooo

Me - just a couple I said kissing her she blushed and nodded before getting up .

We got on 2 roller coasters before Liyah started telling me no

Me - you ok ? I asked looking at her

Liyah - baby I feel sick she said stopping

I held onto her before she rushed to the garbage can and threw up

Me - lets go take a seat ma I said and we sat down .

She must have gotten motion sickness from the rides .


It started to get dark but the reunion was no near over .

After I threw up I just sat back down with Travis and we ate some of the bar b que .

Around 10 pm Layla was fighting sleep in mamas arm .

Mama - Y’all gone on home she told me and Travis

Me - You coming ? She shook her head no

Mama - I’m staying with Tulia them she told me

Me - mama I whined not wanting her to not be by side

Mama - Aaliyah baby I’m not going anywhere . I’m right here , I’m not leaving you she said and wiped a tear that I didn’t know had slid down my cheek

Mama - I want y’all to go home , y’all have school tomorrow she said

Me - when are you gonna be back ? I asked
She shrugged and I took a deep breathe nodding

I know she wants to go have fun .

Mama - is that ok ?
I nodded and smiled

Me - that’s fine .

Mama - go over Travis’s , or have him stay with y’all but I don’t want to get a call on Monday saying you wasn’t in school she said sternly

I nodded
Travis picked up Layla and we said goodbye before making our way to the car

Cece - Ayeeee Liyah ! My cousin shouted and I looked back

Me - wassup ? I said as her and some more of my cousins followed me to Travis car

D - bro this you ? He asked Travis referring to his car

Travis nodded

D - this nice

Travis - thanks

Caden - where you going ? You not finna stay with us ?

Me - we finna go I said opening the door

Cece - we gone come over

Me - no y’all not I said they don’t have any sense or home training , therefore they will not be over my house .

Caden - why ?

Me - I’m not going home I said watching Travis buckle Liyah in

I hugged some of them before getting into the car

All of my cousins live out of town so no telling when I’ll see them again .

We ended up deciding to go to my house to stay anight .

When he turned onto my corner I seen a black car just sitting there .

I instantly recognized it was an undercover cop car . As Travis pulled into my apartment complex I just ignored it .

I got out the car and the whole hood was looking at me . Lowkey peaking out the windows , thinking I wouldn’t notice .

As many times as this boy been over you would think they woulda stopped that by now .

Most of them did , some of these mfs just nosey and watch everyone / everything .

Travis picked up Liyah and I shut his door .

Me - make sure you lock your door I warned him

I know he know this already but I’m just reminding him .

His ass will get robbed .

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