But She's Black

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Chapter 33



||Travis ||

Me - baby I said as she laid on my chest .

We were laying in Liyahs bed and Layla was sleep in momma’s room .

Liyah - yes ?

Me - why won’t you let me spoil you I asked ? That’s somethings that’s been on my mind lately .

Liyah - huh ?

Me - Liyah forreal

We made it official a couple weeks ago but Liyah don’t let me take her on dates , buy her things , pay for things for her . Nothing .

Liyah - I just don’t want you spending your money on me

Me - Aaliyah I have it , it’s nothing .

Liyah shook her head no

Liyah - it don’t matter Travis . I don’t like people doing stuff for me because they always throw that shit back up and make me feel bad

Me - I’m your man . What’s mines is yours so I would never I told her as I placed a kiss on her lips . We haven’t even been on a real date

Liyah - Travis I’m good she assured me I don’t even like going on dates

Me - alright I just said and wrapped my hands around her as she feel asleep .

|| Liyah ||

The next day - Saturday , I woke up to Layla jumping on the bed

Layla - Liyah , Travis ! Wake up ! She yelled

Travis - I’m woke he said

Liyah - we go to the mall today ! She beamed with excitement .

I forgot I told her that a while ago

Me - uhm yea I said rubbing my eyes

Liyah - come onnnn lets go then she said pulling my hand

Me - alright , alright I said standing up from the bed .

I ran her some bath water and she took a bath , I did the same and we both got ready as Travis got ready .

Me , Travis and Liyah walked around the mall .

I really don’t have mall money but I got something I can spend on my little sister .

She pulled me into footlocker and I told her pick out the shoes she wanted .

She pointed to some really pretty shell toe adidas .

I grabbed them and went to have them rung up .

When I went to pay , Travis beat me to it by sliding his card

I looked up at him
Me - Travis I said

Travis - baby I got it he said kissing my cheek don’t worry

We had a little argument but in the end he ended up paying for everything Layla wanted and even brought me stuff .

Anything I even just looked at he got .

I looked at all of the bags I had on my arms and he was carrying .

Me - Travis I said I’m done . Aren’t you tired of shopping ? He just shrugged

Travis - I’m alright ma . If you want it I got you I smiled and kissed his cheek at his kindness .

Layla - that’s pretty she said pointing to this toy

Travis - lets go get it he said going to walk into the store

Me - nope I said stopping him
He looked back at me

Me - you brought her enough toys and I’m tired . I’m ready to go .

Travis - Aaliyah it’s just one more toy he said

Me - no . She don’t need it I said grabbing her hand and walking off .

I buckled her into his car and got in .

Fuck taking him so long ?


I hopped into the car and looked to the side at Liyah . She looked irritated .

Me - what’s wrong with you ? I asked

Liyah - nothin’ Travis she said as I looked back at Layla .

She was pouting .
I passed her the bag as I felt Liyah gaze on me

Liyah - now I knowwww you didn’ get tha damn toy she mumbled

Me - first . Stop cursing I told you that’s not cute I said sternly

Liyah - ion give a fuck t- I cut her off by pinching her thigh

Liyah - fuck Travis I pinched her ass again

Me - this my money . Imma buy what I wanna buy . If I wanna spoil you and her with my money , Imma do that I said looking at her and ending the conversation .

Layla - mines ? She asked and I nodded . She opened the bag and screamed

Layla - thank you ! She yelled and I smiled

Me - your welcome baby girl I said and drove off .

The ride was silent , guess she got an attitude . I don’t fucking care .

I heard Liyah stomach growl and looked over at her

Me - you hungry ? She ignored me

Me - are you hungry ? I repeated loud and clear

Liyah - no she mumbled

Me - ok then I said shrugging and kept driving .

Liyah - Travis she said after like 15 minutes

Me - yes ?

Liyah - I’m hungry she said lowly making me shoot my head in her direction

Didn’t I just ask h-

Me - you hungry ? I asked again wanting her to clarify

She nodded

Me - well wait I said shrugging

Liyah - fuck you Travis she said and started to mumbled under her breathe , cursing me out .

Me - say it louder I said and continued to drive .

Me - what do you want to eat ? I asked as calmly as possible

Liyah - some McDonald’s please she mumbled and I just nodded .

I got her and Layla some McDonald’s . She tried to pay but I just acted like I didn’t see her hand .

Like I said what’s mines , hers .

My phone ranged and Maria was letting me know James and Devan was waiting for me at the house .

When I pulled up to my gate I parked before I helped the girls out the car .

Layla - can I bring my toy ? She asked and I nodded . She grabbed it and I shut the door .

When we entered the house Devan and James looked at Layla and Liyah .

Devan eyed me
Me - don’t start I said shutting him down before he even started

I’m honestly not in the mood

James - what’s up ?

Me - hey I said and watched as Liyah grabbed Layla hand and led her upstairs .

Me - I’ll be up soon baby girl

Liyah - yea yea .

I sighed and walked into the kitchen as me , Devan and James talked .

Devan - how did the meeting go ? He asked referring to the one from the other day as he opened my refrigerator .

Me - good I said plainly

James - were all going to be at Harvard together he boasted and I nodded , not wanting to get into that topic .

I don’t want to leave and go to Harvard away from Liyah .

I haven’t even told her about Harvard yet .

Devan - who drink ? He asked eyeing the Arizona

Me - Liyah’s I told him and he nodded .

He stared at the drink a little longer before slowly putting it back and closing the fridge door .


Me and Layla sat upstairs eatting in Travis room .

I honestly don’t want to be in his room eatting , I would rather be in the kitchen but I’m not finna be around his friends .

Devan or James making a racist comment around my sister will get their ass beat quick .

1 hr and a half later

Travis been downstairs with his friends while me and Liyah been up here .

He came up and checked up on us earlier .

When I walked down the steps I was in shock

The living room was trashed . Devan and James were playing the game and Travis wasn’t around .

I scrunched my face up as Maria bent down cleaning up after them .

Me - Maria don’t clean their mess up

Maria - it’s okay Liyah
I shook my head no

Hell no
Fuck no

She don’t clean up for her gohdam help and this house was spotless before they came here .

Me - James , Devan ayee y’all gotta clean y’all mess up I told them nicely .

Devan didn’t look my way and James rolled his eyes .

I took a deep breathe

Me - get the fuck up I told them .

Me - clean this shit up and I’m not asking again .

Maira - I got I -

Devan - that’s what a maid is for he said throwing wrappers down

I furrowed my eyebrows hell nah

Me - she don’t clean up for mfs help . My sister clean her messes , y’all cleaning y’all messes I stated .

They both ignored me and it was starting to piss me off .

Me - Look , either get the fuck up and clean y’all mess or get the fuck out . Simple .

James - huh ? This is Travis house - you caint put us o -

Me - I don’t care this Travis house

Devan - you cannot put us out of somebody else -

Me - this my house . Y’all got 10 seconds . I’m not playing

Me - 10 . 9 8 they didn’t move

Me - they think I’m playing ? I bent down and tied up my shoes

Me - 4 , 3 . 2 - they picked the stuff up and walked off to the kitchen , with their dishes mumbling

Me - yea I thought . That having Maria clean y’all messes shit over I said watching as they did something they bout never did a day in their life .

Wash some fucking dishes .

Travis - you good love ? He asked kissing my lips as he walked in from somewhere

I nodded
Me - perfect I said and walked off to the kitchen

I opened the refrigerator and grabbed one of my Arizonas .

When I shut the door I looked back and Devan was just watching me

Me - fuck you staring at me so hard for ? I asked annoyed . All he did was smile as I walked back into the living room .

Me - Maria go take a break or sum . She shook her head no

Maria - I couldn’t she sighed

Me - girl yes you can . This house clean , you have nothing to clean . she laughed and walked off after thanking me

Me - let me come back down here and my house dirty . Just let me I tested walking up the stairs after grabbing my Arizona .

You gotta talk to people like Devan and James like you crazy , otherwise they’ll just look at you like your stupid and won’t listen .

I opened the tea and drunk some as I walked back into the room

Layla reached for it and I went to hand it to her but something told me not to give it to her .

Layla - can I have some ?

Me - here I said handing her a Arizona I seen sitting on the side of the bed .

It was mines from earlier that I was going to drink . I just forgot about it until now .

I sucked my tongue as I got a funny taste in my mouth .

As I was laying down my stomach did a U turn and I suddenly felt nauseous

I turned on my side and started rocking my self back and fourth .

I felt my body becoming drained and tried and my eyes started shutting .

I heard the door creak open and someone whispered my name

I tried to open my eyes and thought I seen Travis but my eyesight was blurry and I seen Devan

Devan - Liyah he whispered

Me - hmmmm ? I trailed off as he continuously tapped me

He started saying some more stuff that I couldn’t understand . Everything was just a mumbled and the next thing I knew , he was climbing on top of me .

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