But She's Black

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Chapter 34


Me - Devan ? I asked through squinted eyes as he kissed upon my neck

Me - uhmmmm w-what are you doing ? I asked

Devan - shhhhh he whispered

Me - get off me I tried pushing him but I couldn’t .

Devan - you are so beautiful I heard him say

Me - H-huh ? I slurred feeling a buzz as I moaned

Devan - You know I can treat you better he said sucking on my neck .

Me - better than who ? I asked confused


Travis left and I walked upstairs wondering where did Devan go .

I heard moaning the closer I got to Travis room and was confused .

I opened the door and seen Deven on top of Liyah .

My mouth dropped as he kissed on her neck .
She looked weak .
She tried pushing him but she couldn’t .
She asked him to stop as she moaned

Me - Devan .. What are you doing ? He jumped and looked back

Devan - nothing

Me - Devan I said looking at him again

Devan - bro I got her high .

Me - huh ?

Devan - them pills . She’s high , she won’t remember anything he told me

Me - what are you trying to do to her ?

Devan - she’s fine . Look at her . She thinks I’m Travis

Me - this not right

Devan - come on , let’s have some fun . Travis gone

I looked at her . She laid there with her eyes low asf

He walked back to her and slid down her jeans before sticking a finger inside of her

Liyah - Travissss she whined stop

Devan - Aaliyah he said come on

She barely could shake her head no

Liyah - T-Travis I don’t want to do this she whined please stop

Me - Devan stop I said and he looked at me

Me - you tryna rape her ? That’s not cool

Devan - this isn’t rape and she won’t remember !
I shook my head no

Me - then what you want to call it ? - no stop . I’m going to call Travis I said grabbing my phone .

He narrowed his eyes before stopping .

Devan - whatever ok he said and I nodded .
I made sure he walked off first before I shut the door .

He walked down the hallway and I went downstairs and sat back down .

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