But She's Black

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Chapter 35


I woke up with Travis arms wrapped around me .

In between my legs were sore and I had the biggest fucking headache . When I opened my eyes everything was blurry until my eyes got adjusted .

I laid there with my eyebrows furrowed wondering why could I possibly be sore inbetween my legs .

Me and Travis didn’t have sex ?

I closed my eyes trying to think real hard before tears started to fall one by one .

All I remember is telling Travis to stop and he didn’t . He raped me .

I instantly pulled from him and jumped up , which made Travis wake up as I ran down the stairs .

Travis - Liyah

Me - how could you ? I asked

Travis - huh ? How could I what ?

Me - don’t play stupid I said wiping my tears how could you ! I yelled feeling betrayed

Me - where’s my sister ? I yelled becoming frustrated when I didn’t see her

Travis - Aaliyah you need to chill out he said

Me - where is my sister ?! I yelled again not seeing her in the guest room

Travis - with Maria in the kitchen he said and I nodded going down there but he stopped me

Me - Travis let me go I said

Travis - what did I do ? He asked confused

Me - you raped me I cried hitting him

Travis - I what ? He asked dodging my hits

Me - you raped me when I told you no Travis . I told you no I cried and pushed him walking down stairs

Me - come on Layla I said and she nodded .
I grabbed my stuff before walking to the door .

All he kept doing was begging me not to go and telling me he didn’t know what I’m talking about

Me - Travis I’m done with you . Fuck you I said and wiped my tears as I walked out of his house

Travis - it’s too late for you guys to walk -

Me - don’t worry about us bitch I said and grabbed Layla hand .

I cried each step I took .
I’m in so much pain and my chest burns . My head keeps spinning and I don’t know why .

Travis - your alright

Me - leave me alone I snapped as Maria rushed out .

She insisted on not letting us walk and ending up driving us home .

She kept asking me what happened but I just stayed quiet as she drove .

Maria - Chica what’s wrong ? She asked once more .

We were at a read light . When I went to talk , I felt everything rushing up and quickly opened the door .

I threw up and wiped my mouth before shutting the door

Maria - you need to go to the hospital she said and I shook my head no

Me - I’m fine

She shook her head no as she stared at me

Me - Maria I’m fine

Maria - you can barely keep your eyes open

She shook her head no once more and proceeded to the hospital .

When we got there she came to my side and opened the door .

Maria - come on she instructed and tears rushed down my cheeks as I tried to stand .

Me - Maria I c-caint I told her it hurts

She nodded and got a doctor to wheel me in .

- she thinks Travis raped her ….

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