But She's Black

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Chapter 36


I ended up staying in the hospital overnight .
Layla laid on the couch asleep as I stayed awoke .

I didn’t let them call my mother . She still out having fun and I don’t want to add any more stress on her due to the condition she’s in .

Maria - what happened ? She hesitantly asked breaking the silence

She stayed here with me and just have been sitting next to me .

Maria - do he know ? She asked

I fiddled with the ugly gown I was in as I looked at all of the tubes going in and out of my body .

A clear one was connected into my stomach , taking everything out .

Maria - who drugged you ?

The doctor found a dangerous date rape drug in my system . The tube is helping pump the drugs out , Gamma - hydroxybutyrate (GHB ) , flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) - and some more shit of my system .

The doctor said so much drugs was found in my system that I could have overdosed . And due to that , he also told me the police are gonna have to investigate .

Just what I fucking need man .

Maria - what happened chica ?

I took a deep breathe

Me - I don’t know Maria

Maria - why were you and Travis arguing ?

Me - he raped me .. he did this I mumbled

Maria - what ?! So you saying he drugged you ? She asked

Me - Maria I don’t know I said rubbing my forehead as I kept trying to think .

I was thinking so hard , I caught a bad headache .

My head my pounding so bad , I started to cry .

Maria - Travis wouldn’t have did this to you . Why would he ?

Me - who else could have done it then ? I woke up next to him

Maria - Travis was not at the house long enough to do that .

Me - who was there then ?

Maria - Devan and James she said . Instantly when she said Devan I started having flash backs before tears started rolling down my eyes again .

Maria grabbed my hand and looked me into my eyes

Maria - Devan did it ?
I nodded up and down as I felt my salty tears on my lips .

Maria - what happened ?

Me - I don’t know Maria I groaned I just remember him climbing ontop of me before I felt high I broke down into tears as she hugged me .

Maria - we have to tell the police and T -

Me - no I said quickly cutting her off

Maria - what ?

Me - no Maria
She looked at me

Maria - you have to . He could have killed you and your baby she said and I looked down at my stomach . Not daring to say a word .

I found out I’m pregnant ..

Maria - did you know ?
I shook my head no as a stray tear rolled down my face

Maria - so Travis don’t know ?
I slowly shook my head no as I became deep in thought .

Devan raped me and I’m 1 month and a week pregnant ….

Like a month and a week is when me and Travis first had sex .

What the fuck am I gonna do ?

- She’s pregnant ……..

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