But She's Black

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Chapter 37


I laid with my cellphone in my hand texting Aaliyah confused .

Last night I think she was high .
When she was yelling at me , it was like she didn’t even know what she was talking about .

She couldn’t even stand .

Since today’s Monday I put on my clothes and left for school .

When I seen Deja I walked up to her

Me - where Liyah ? She wasn’t in 1st hour
She shrugged and told me she didn’t know so for lunch I left school and went to her apartment .

I know Aaliyah isn’t trying to miss any days of school .

Graduation in less than a week so we really just need to take a couple more tests , then we’re finished .

Me and Aaliyah haven’t talked about graduation at all , other then her helping me to graduate .

I locked my doors when I jumped out of my car and walked up to her apartment complex .

I sighed as everyone watched me .

It used to make me uncomfortable but I’ve gotten a little used to it .

I will never fully get used to being watched by the whole street .

As many times as they have seen me come here , they still watch me .

I rung her apartment buzzer and stood there .
I didn’t get buzzed in so I buzzed it again .

? - I gotchu cuz I heard behind me and a black dude from the complex let me in . I sometimes see him hanging around the parking lot or the corner with other dudes when I’m driving .

Me - thanks

He nodded

? - yo ol lady lil mama with the fat ass ?
I looked back at him and he chuckled

Me - chill I warned

? - I’m just playin ’ fam he said dapping me but I see you not a lul bitch . Be smoov baybee I nodded and I walked up the stairs as I called Aaliyah .

Ive learned that some black dudes that really close to eachother will end the sentence with baybee .

(( not on a sexual way . People do it in the hood ))

I knocked on the door and didn’t get an answer .

I went to walk away but noises behind the door caught my attention .

I heard light groaning and a faint help me .

Me - momma ? I asked concerned and leaned my head to the door some more to make sure I was hearing things correctly .

I kicked the door down and ran in to see her on the floor with blood coming from her mouth .

I instantly ran to her side as I called 9-1-1

I hugged onto her afraid as she hugged me back . I felt myself shaking and looked down to see her gripping onto my hand tightly .

Me - momma I said as a tear rolled down my face

The way she’s looking , breaks my heart .

Momma - don’t cry Travis she said faintly . Where’s my babies ? She could barely talk

Me - they’re - the door opened and in rushed the paramedics .

They lifted her onto a gurney and instantly started tending to her needs

A policeman came and asked me questions .

Me - I just got here but she has cancer I said following them as they rushed her down the stairs .

The whole neighborhood was crowded outside watching everything

I followed right behind them and watched as they lifted her into the back of the ambulance

Momma stared back at me with a oxygen mask on her face as a paramedic man put his hand out to stop me from getting on .

” family only ” he said strictly and I raised my eyebrows as I bit my lip .

Me - th -

Momma - h-he’s my son she struggled out and they nodded

I hopped on back of the ambulance and held her hand as the truck sped down the street .

She squeezed tighter onto my hand as she squeezed her eyes together .

I can tell she’s in a lot of pain .

Me - don’t worry , imma be right here momma I said kissing the back of her hand

Where the fuck is Aaliyah is all I thought as I looked down at my phone .

I know it’s been over a month , all I can do is pray that her time to leave this earth isn’t right now .

- Merry Christmas
- Momma
- Travis right by her side
- What’s gonna happen next ??

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