But She's Black

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Chapter 38


When I was getting discharged my phone kept ringing .

Maria signed my discharged papers for me since I’m not 18 .

Travis been blowing my phone up for the longest like can he fucking stop ??

My legs were shaking as I asked for them to hurry up

Me - please hurry up I pleaded not trying to be rude as she signed the paper

I talked to my mom lastnight and she haven’t called me today , like she said she would .

I’m worried something may be wrong with her . She told me that she was coming home in the morning and will call me when she got here but she haven’t yet and I know she bout there .

I know something not right and I caint even call her phone because Travis keep clicking in .

The doctor brought in a wheel chair and instructed for me to sit in it .

I’m still very weak and dizzy so I sat down in it and they wheeled me out and helped buckle me into the car .

After they told me to be careful we drove off

As I turned onto my street I seen all types of police cars and shit . I also seen an ambulance speed past .

I started tapping my foot when I seen they were by my apartment complex .

I opened the door and hopped out before the car even stopped .

Maria - Aaliyah be careful ! She urged

Me - what happened ? I asked . Everyone was just looking at me with sympathy as I ran to my apartment door , ignoring the dizzy feeling .

I got to make sure my momma alright .

Mrs Evans - Aaliyah baby she said calmly

Me - wait , let me go check on my mama

Mrs Evans - she left in an ambulance a couple minutes ago

Me - what you mean ? I asked squinting my eyes what’s wrong ?

All she did was look at me with sad eyes and do the slowest fucking shrug ever so I looked to the side at all of the other mfs who were looking at me .

Me - you know ? I asked and he shook his head no too

Me - so you mean to tell me … all you mfs was being nosey and don’t know what the fuck happened to my mama ? I snapped shit makes no fucking sense I said as I grabbed my phone .

Any other time mfs woulda knew what happened .

My head started to pound and spin as my legs started to hurt a little bit.

Maria - Aaliyah calm down . Come here she said coming to my side and wrapping her around me to make sure I wouldn’t fall .

Me - what ? I asked grabbing my phone to find out where she went

Maria - Travis just called me

Me - and ?

Maria - he’s at the hospital with her and she wants you guys . Come on .

I rushed into the hospital and gave the lady my name . All she did was instruct me to sit down

Me - is my momma ok ? What’s wrong ? was all I kept asking

” Hunny please sit down in the waiting room the doctor will be out soon ” she said politely , smiling .

Her smile was warm and friendly and for the second made me think everything would be ok .

Me - alright

I felt a tiny hand grab onto mines and looked down seeing Layla which made me sad all over again

Layla - where’s mommy sissy ? I’m hungry

Me - alright come on I said and walked off to the waiting room .

I seen Travis standing by the door and my heart rate increased more than what it was at already .

I couldn’t look him in the eye as he looked at me .

When he walked to me I pulled Layla closer to my body .

She tried getting pulling alway from me and hugging him but I wouldn’t let her .

She starting to whine and I eyed her

Me - shut up I instructed

Travis - Layla

Me - what happened ? I asked

Travis - I went looking for you and she was on the floor bleeding . I called the ambulance and we just got here . They just rushed her back . I nodded as tears started to fall down from my face

Maria - everything’s going to be fine

I sat down holding Layla body close to mines

I hope .

Maria took Layla to go get something to eat , leaving me and Travis alone in the waiting room .

She told me I needed to eat also but I told her no .

I just shook in fear of something bad happening to my mama or me again .

I know it has been a month but my momma’s a fighter , she’s not leaving me .

She caint leave me .

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