But She's Black

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Chapter 39


The waiting room is where I sat for hours .

It was now about 5 pm and it was starting to get dark . Layla was asleep in a chair and Travis sat directly across from us .

All of our family live out of town , and they don’t even know my mama in the hospital because I haven’t told them .

Most likely some of them know tho .

He hasn’t left , neither has I . He just sat here worried , looking at me .

Maria left back to Travis house . She needed to get back there .

The waiting room door opened and Deja and her mama rushed to me

Deja - Bestfriend she said pulling me to her which made me want to brake down into tears again but I didn’t .

Deja - it’s ok baby she said rubbing my back as she pulled me closer to her chest .

Her titties almost suffocated me .
Deja got some fat ass titties .

Deja - We came as soon as we heard Aaliyah she said just as heart broken as me

Deja mom - you hear anything yet ?

I shook my head no

Deja mom - I know your scared Aaliyah , but everything’s gonna be alright she assured me grabbing my hand . She looked around and saw Travis

Deja mom - Heyy Travis

Deja - Heyy white boy

Travis - hi he greeted back


I just been sitting here looking at Aaliyah . She haven’t / won’t speak one word to me .

All she’s been doing is crying and she won’t even let me comfort her . I hate seeing her like this .

I noticed her playing with something on her wrist . As I looked closer I seen it was a hospital band which really left me confused as fuck .

Why was she at the hospital lastnight ?

That’s must where she was at when I was calling her .

Deja and her mom took a seat next to Liyah and it became silent once again as we just waited .

Deja - Why were you at the hospital ?

Liyah - huh ?

Deja mom - why do you have on a hospital band ? She asked and I looked at Liyah .

She made eye contact with me before quickly glancing away

Liyah - no reason , just a cold I could tell she was lying .

She ripped it off and threw it in the garbage can .

About an hour later a doctor walked in

Doctor - Alicia Carter he said and Liyah hopped up along with me , Deja and her mom .

Liyah - is my mama alright ? She asked shaking as she bit her lip

He gave her a sorry look

Doctor - unfortunately her cancer is at its worst stage . She’s been in treatment for years , it’s not effective anymore . I’m so sorry , we’ve did everything we can . All we can do now is pray .

I looked at Aaliyah as her heart shattered .
Deja mom looked at her and tried hugging her but she shook her head no

Aaliyah - p-p-please don’t touch me she mumbled looking down

Doctor - on the bright side , she’s woke . Shes really weak and she’s asking for her two daughter’s and Travis . We ask that no one else besides them go to see her until tomorrow because she needs to rest .

Deja mom nodded

Deja mom - alright her and Deja kissed Liyah cheek and left .

Doctor - I’ll show you guys her room .

Aaliyah sniffled and I went to pick up Layla .

Aaliyah - no Travis she cried trying to stop me

Me - chill baby , I got her I said looking her in her eyes . She slowly put her hands down and I picked Layla up and we followed the doctor to momma’s room .

He showed us her room and left .

Aaliyah just stood there


I stood outside my mothers room .

I don’t want to go in .

Travis - you ok ? Come on
I shook my head no

Me - no I said lowly .

Travis - Aaliyah ba -

Me - no . I don’t want to see my mom in that hospital bed I said sniffling .

Travis - momma wants to see you

I shook my head and walked back to the waiting room . I don’t have enough courage to go into that room .


Liyah walked off and I sighed .
I opened the door and walked in with Layla head on my shoulder .

The room was dark and the only lights you seen were the ones coming from the machines she was hooked up too .

As soon as the door closed her eyes opened . I closed my eyes and blinked away the tears .

I slowly walked on the side on the bed

Me - hey momma I said

Momma - hey Travis she said trying to force a smile where’s Liyah ? Her voice was low and hoarse

Me - she didn’t want to come in , she’s really sad I said and her face fell into a frown

Momma - I know she said rubbing Layla’s back as the room became silent

Momma - thank you she said breaking the silence

Me - no problem momma I replied I already knew she was talking about me calling the ambulance .

Momma - I really want to see her Travis she trailed off shutting her eyes tightly in pain

Me - imma go try again I said laying Layla down in the recliner chair I seen

She nodded and I walked out the dark room into the light .

I went back to the waiting room where I seen Layla sitting in the chair with no emotion

I sat next to her and wrapped my arms around her

Me - Liyah I said softly

Liyah - don’t fucking touch me said yanking from me but I wrapped my arms around her again .

Me - she really wants to see you

Liyah - I don’t want to see her like that she said as her eyes watered

Me - I know baby but she really want you I said she was just silent

Me - come on I said standing up and grabbing her hand . We walked back to the room and I opened the door .

She took a deep breathe before walking in .


I took a deep breathe and wiped my tears before I walked in and stood by the door silent .

I seen all of the machines that was hooked up to my mom and I fought the urge to cry in front of her .

I don’t want her more sad , seeing me cry .

Mom - Aaliyah she said as I looked down at the floor .

I don’t want to see her .

Mom - Aaliyah she called out louder . She could barely speak

Me - yea ma ? I asked as quiet as I could to keep my voice from crackling

Mom - come here , look at me she instructed I shook my head no

Mom - come here Aaliyah please

I walked to the side of her bed and stood there .

I felt her hand grab onto mines and looked seeing she had a lot of tubes in her arm

Mom - Aaliyah baby I’m still here . I’m still here right now , I’m not going anywhere ok ?

I nodded as she rubbed her thumb back and fourth across my hand . I tried to hold it in , I really did try holding my tears in but one accidentally feel onto her hand and I started crying .

Mom - Aaliyah she said as I used my other hand to wipe my eyes

Me - mama your gonna leave me I cried

Mom - everything gonna be fine was all she said over and over

Me - it’s not momma

Mom - it’s is chile , gimme kiss

I leaned down and kissed her .
I pulled up a chair on the side of her and sat there holding her hand

Not so long after she started to get really sleepy

Mom - I want you guys to go home . Y’all got school tomorrow -

Me - I’m staying here

Mom - no your not Aaliyah she said with her eyes closed . It’s getting late and y’all got school tomorrow .

Me - ma -

Mom - Aaliyah I’m fine . I’ll see y’all tomorrow ok ? I nodded

Mom - take care of my babies Travis She said completely unaware of me and him not talking

Travis - yes ma’am he said and I got up . I kissed her again and she kissed Liyah before I said I love her and walked out the room .

Not so long after Travis came out

Travis - come on he said grabbing his keys and trying to grab Layla

Me - we’re straight I said looking at him sideways .

I’m not going with him

Travis - come on , she wants me to take you guys

I shook my head no

Travis - Aaliyah

Me - fine , come on .

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