But She's Black

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Chapter 4


My phone beeped and DaddyTravis flashed across the screen , making me laugh at what he saved his number under .

DaddyTravis - Liyah ?

Me - Liyah ? I decided to play stupid . When I was saving my number and looked in that boy contacts he had hella contacts with girl names . Which means he got hella hoes .
I saved my number under ’Ali” and I kid you not this boy had bout 5 Ali’s already saved .

DaddyTravis - This not the beauty from the store ?
Me - No .
Shit , Im not finna be this white boy hoe .
Hell im not gone be NOBODY HOE . So I might as well end it now . Ion even got time for a boyfriend , or friends for that matter anyways .


I scanned through my phone once more before I sighed and sat it down
Brian - What are you looking for ? he asked sitting next to me
Me - Nothing I said , she clearly didnt want to talk to me cause she didnt put her number in my phone about 3 weeks ago at the grocery store .
I shook my head . I was stupid to even think I had a chance .

Brian stood up grabbing his coat
Brian - Let’s go to that restaurant ? Amanda gone meet me there with Sophia he said referring to his 3 year old daughter
I shrugged
Me - What ever , come on .

We walked in and was seated . I looked around the nicely decorated restaurant .

This restaurant the best one in the whole city .

My thoughts were cut short when the waiter walked up . She was the typical skinny blonde girl .

?- Hi she said eyeing me as she shot me a flirtly smile Im going to be you guys waiter today … can I start you guys off with anything ?

She licked her lips and winked at me .

Brian - Yea I want a- He was cut off when she dropped her pen and bent over right in front of me showcasing what I guess was her ass .

After seeing Liyah ass she got me questioning all these girls .

She came back up smiling

Me - Can we get a new waiter ? I asked annoyed . I get tired of girls throwing themselves at me .

Sometimes I just let them put their number in my phone to get them away from me .

?- Why ? She asked heart broken

Me - Please just get me a new waiter I said bringing out my phone . I looked up to see her smiling at Brian , who was smiling right back .
I cleared my throat . Im hungry as hell .

Me - new waiter please ? sheesh
she walked off

Brian - Dude , whats up with you ? She was fine

Me - Yea whatever , I dont care .

Brian - Why havent you been talking to any girls lately ?

I just shrugged , I wasnt finna tell him I was stuck on a girl who didnt want me .

Brian - What ever girl got you like this , you need to let go .

Me - Yea man whatever I said thinking about his words , Imma let her go .


I sat in the back after checking on some of my tables .
About 2 weeks ago I got hired at that fancy restaurant me and Deja came to .
Boss - Liyah ? he said
Me - Yes ? I said looking up at him , smiling . He’s a really tall nice white man

Boss - Can you handle table 6 for me ?

Me - Why ? Thats Selena’s table .

Boss - They requested a new waiter

Me - Why ?

He was silent which meant
Me - Selena was being a hoe ..

He nodded and laughed

Boss -Thanks , sweety .
I nodded and made sure my black apron was tight around my body before walking out the door .

My work uniform consisted of some black work pants , that hugged my curves tight , A white button up shirt and an apron . I had my freshly did box braids in a ponytail and my edges laid .

I approached the table seeing a boy with his back faced towards me , slouched in the seat on his phone . A boy was across from him he kinda reminded me of Travis .

Me - Heyyy , Sorry about Selena but im gonna be yall new waiter , Aaliyah .
When I said my name the boy head shot up from his phone .

His eyes kinda sparkled but went blank , like his heart dropped before he turned back to his phone .

Ion know why but that had me feeling some typa way .
Me - Can I start yall off with some drinks ? I asked politely

Brian - Coke , You can take his …. Travis Amanda outside I’ll be back he said getting up and going to the door

Me - … Uh You Travis ?

Travis - A sprite he mumbled and I nodded quickly walking off
I returned with their drinks seeing the cutest little girl ever

Me - Awhhhh I cooed , I couldnt help it .
Brian looked from the little girl to me

Me - Is she yours ?
he nodded smiling , proudly .

Me - Want me to get her half water - half juice ? he nodded and they ordered before I walked off attending to my other tables .

Im a waiter , and the tips I get are really good .

The whole time they been here all Travis did was avoid looking at me as I brought the things they ordered and played with the little baby .


Brain - Why you so silent ?

Me - Im not I said finishing up my food
Liyah came back and handed us our bill , smiling at Sophia who was trying to get her attention .

Sophia - Hiiiiiii Sophia , who was currently in my arms cooed reaching for Liyah .

She grabbed Sophia hand

Liyah - Uhmmm can I hold her ?
I passed her to Liyah and she grabbed onto to her braids looking at them before she grabbed onto her face , rubbing her cheeks .

Liyah was kind of stuck like she didnt know what to do as Brian looked at me with this look .

like he wanted to say something about Liyah being black and holding her .
No black person ever touched his baby .

Liyah - Why is she lookin’ at me lih’ this ?

Brian Never been held by a real African before he mumbled

Liyah - Huh ? Is there a problem and immah need fa ya to rephrase how y-

Brian - No there is no problem she likes you he said smiling

Liyah smiled taking her hair from Sophia’s mouth
Sophia - pwetty

Liyah - Thank you baybeh she said as Sophia pulled her face down to her placing a kiss on her cheek

Liyah went to hand her back to me
Me - It’s alright

Liyah - nah ion want it ta be a problem cause I’m black a-

Brian - there is no problem Aaliyah my daughter just admiring you that’s all . I have no problem with blacks and I’m sorry if I came off that way to you .

Liyah smiled
Liyah - it’s okay

She said handing me Sophia before walking off .

I payed for the bill and Brian went to go put her in the car

Me - I gotta go use that bathroom I’ll meet you
He nodded and walked off
I took a pee and washed my hands before going back by the table

I watched Liyah as she smiled at a table walking off .

Her hips swayed back and fourth as she walked to the table picking up the bill .

I walked besides her and she jumped
Me - here let me give you your tip

Liyah - Nah , you don’t have too

Me - I insist
I walked up behind her and slip some money into her back pocket .

My hand rested in her back pocket , feeling all her ass .

Me - let me go I mumbled before walking off

Liyah - what’s wrong ?

Me - I get it I’m not your type and you don’t want me bu-
She pulled my arm

Liyah - Huh ?

Me - but you didn’t have to play me and not give me your number I told her truthfully

Liyah - I gave you my number

Me - no you didn’t

Liyah - I did . You just got so many hoes you didn’t see the my name she said walking off

Me - hold up . Ion got hoes
She scoffed

Liyah - he had bout 5 Ali’s

Me - so is that why you been avoiding me and stuff ? You think I got hoes ?

Liyah - I know you got hoes and Im not finna be ya hoe boi .
I admired that accent

Me -First imma grown ass man and I don’t got hoes ..

Liyah - bull shit I seen them she said walking off attending to a table

I walked to her after she was finished
Me - them girl numbers don’t mean nothing I promise you Love .

Liyah - uh huh she said not believing me

Me - for real just gimme a chance I’ll show you
She shook her head no so I grabbed my phone and placed it in her hand

Me - type in the code

Liyah - I don’t know it
I told her 1947

She typed it in

Liyah - ion see no point here she said handing me the phone tryna walk off

Me - I got hoes ? I’ll drop them I said truthfully .

Liyah - stop-
I selected every girl number in the phone before I pressed delete .

Me - there gone . See . I said as nothing but boy names came up

Me - if I had hoes they gone now beautiful .

Her face started turning red and her dimples poped out as she tried hiding her smile .

A big bright smile was replaced on her face

Me - now can I get your number ?

Liyah - You been had it . I’m the one who told you no

Me - imma text you , answer .
She nodded

Me - you drive to work ?

Liyah - nah

Me - what time you get off ?

Liyah - 8

Me - imma pick you up

Liyah - nah-

Me - imma pick you up understand Love ?
She nodded and I leaned in to kiss her cheek before walking off .

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