But She's Black

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Chapter 40


I sat in silence as he drove down the street towards my house .

When we pulled up he turned the car off and looked at me .

I got out the car and he followed , picking up Layla .

When we made it in my house I shut the door and just sat down as he brought Layla to her room .

He came into the living room and went walking towards the door . I really didn’t want him to leave tho , I wanted him to comfort me and I wanted to lay on his chest . I don’t want him to be away from me . During the car ride here I realized he don’t know about what happened so I shouldn’t be mad at him . Plus him being there for my mama means a lot to me .

Me - Travis I mumbled and he looked back


Liyah - Travis she mumbled and I looked back

Me - yes

Liyah - p-please don’t leave she said with her head down as her lip started quivering .

Me - I’m not leaving baby , I just gotta make sure my doors are locked

She didn’t say anything

Me - ok ? She nodded and I walked outside and made sure my doors was locked . I looked around and seen a black car but it didn’t look like anyone was in it . I shrugged it off going back in .

She sat on the couch and I sat next to her

Me - you need to eat and get cleaned up , come on I said

Liyah - Travis is fine , I’m just tired she said yawning

Me - you need to eat I said going to the kitchen and making. Sandwich

Me - here . I said setting it on the table but she wouldn’t touch it . She just laid her head on the arm couch and curled up

Me - Liyah eat that sandwich I said sternly or at least take a couple bites . She picked it up and took 4 bites and I smiled .

I rubbed her back as she closed her eyes

I heard her start to silently cry and I pulled her into a hug . She buried her face into my neck and wrapped her arms around me tightly

Me - everything’s gonna be alright I told her I’m here for you . She sniffled and I felt her breaths start to even out , meaning she was falling asleep .

Me - I love you I whispered

Liyah - I luh you too she said yawning and I kissed her forehead .

That’s where we both fell asleep , on the couch with her in my lap laying on my chest .

She’s not mad anymore

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