But She's Black

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Chapter 41


I woke up to Layla climbing on the couch next to us .

Me - GoodMorning baby I said yawning as she smiled at me

Layla - Mornin ’ Travis she said as Liyah started to move on my chest

Layla - Liyah I want to see mommy . When she come back ?

Liyah - uhmmmm we’re gonna see her after school

Layla smiled

Me - now come on , get up . We got to get ready for school I said .

Liyah said nothing but just climbed out of my lap and walked off with Layla behind her .

Me - I’ll be back , I need to go get ready .

Liyah - alr - no Travis she said quickly coming back to me and grabbing my arm

Me - what’s wrong ?

Liyah - no Travis , don’t leave me . We’re gonna get ready fast she said looking at me with her big brown eyes .

I nodded ok but she still didn’t let go , she held my arm tighter .

Me - I’m not gonna leave Love

Liyah - Alr she said and let me go .

She got ready then got Layla ready real fast before we left to my house so I could do the same .

When I walked through my door Maria eyed her .

Maria - how everything Chica ? She asked

Aaliyah just shrugged .

When we made it to school , after dropping Layla off I turned the car off and Liyah just sat there in silence

Me - you alright ? I asked as she looked at her phone

She put her hands on her face and sniffled

Liyah - I’m fine Travis

Me - you sure ?

Liyah - yes she said and got out the car


I got out the car and Travis did the same . He latched his hand onto mines and we both walked into school to his locker . I had everything I needed .

I dead ass do not want to be here , I just want to go see my momma .

I heard his voice and my heart rate picked up .

James - what’s up Travis ! When I looked back I seen him with Devan .

Travis - Heyy James he replied and James looked me in my eyes before he smiled which made me really uncomfortable .

I grabbed on to Travis arm as he shut his locker

Travis - are you ok ? He whispered

Me - no Travis . I want to go I said quickly

Travis - ok . Is it fine if I talk to them for a minute ? I nodded and looked away even though I wanted to tell him no .


James and Devan starting talking to me but I noticed how James kept looking at Liyah .

Liyah - Hurry up please Travis she said and when I looked down at her I seen she was almost in tears .

Me - I got to go I told them and grabbed her hand walking off

Me - Aaliyah baby are you ok ? I asked .

Her lips starting quivering and a tear slid down her cheek as she nodded

Liyah - give me a minute she said and rushed into the bathroom

I sighed wondering what’s wrong .

Why was James looking at her like that ?

Devan walked back up to me

Devan - Travis is she alright ? Why is she crying ?

I took a deep breathe

Me - she’s going through some family issues right now

He furrowed his eye brows

Devan - is that all ? He asked
I nodded

Devan - you sure it isn’t something else that happened ? He asked hinting towards something else .

Last night when he was texting me it was like he wanted to tell me something

Devan - did she say anything about James ?

I shook my head no

Me - no why ?

Devan - no reason he said and walked off .

I turned my head to James who was at the end of the hallway with Melena .

He looked back at me and smiled .

Is there something they need to tell me ?

Me and Liyah don’t have all of our classes together but the couple we did was spent with her being quiet as I rubbed her leg .

She wasn’t saying much , just doing her work .

When lunch time came around me her and Deja walked into the lunchroom .

Me - come sit with me I said when I noticed she was walking to a table different than where I sat with Devan , James and some more of my friends at .

She shook her head no

Me - why not ?

Liyah - I don’t want to be at a table with your friends Travis she said lowly

Me - please , just today ?

She scratched her head before giving in and walking to the table .

I know she’s not a fan of being around my friends a lot

James - Hi Aaliyah he said to her as she sat down .

Deja - bitch don’t try being cool with her she said as Liyah grabbed onto my arm tightly

Me - you ok ? I asked
She nodded

The whole lunch period was just awkward . Liyah eventually ended up getting up and walking away without any explanation .

James was just acting weird , smiling more and shit and Devan was looking at me . Still acting like he wanted to tell me something .

Me - Liyah where are you going ?

She said nothing but just kept walking with Deja .

I sighed and got up going to follow after her

Devan - uhm Travis can I talk to you ?

Me - not right now -

Devan - it’s important .

I looked back at him and he had a guilty face .

James - Devan keep your fucking mouth closed he said through gritted teeth .

Me - what’s up ?

Devan shook his head

Devan - nevermind Travis

I shook my head annoyed and walked off .

They’re both hiding something from me and I know what they’re hiding is gonna piss me off .- Do y’all think Devan is gonna tell him what happened ??

- Do y’all think Devan is gonna tell him what happened ??

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