But She's Black

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Chapter 42


When lunch ended everyone got up to go to their next class , including Devan .

Me - tell me you did not do what I think you did I said scratching my neck

Devan - I didn’t .

Me - your lying I said shaking my head how could you Devan ? Do you know how much trouble you can get in ? This could ruin your life .

Devan -chill . No ones never going to find out unless you tell . So keep your fucking mouth closed he said through gritted teeth

I shook my head no

Me - you realize if I don’t tell Travis , she is . Devan she’s not gonna keep this shit to herself , I know she know you raped her .

He just shrugged and walked off .

All I know is I’m not going to get in trouble for something James did .


I walked off and went to my locker .
I unlocked my phone and the seen the picture of Aaliyah that I set as my background photo

I swiped to the side to another one of her holding a dog in her hand .

I couldn’t help but smile to myself .


I don’t know what to do .

I don’t know if I should tell Travis or what ?

What if he don’t believe me ?

I mean this is his friend ? Devan don’t even like black people , how’s him raping one gonna seem ?

These white people got money , they can twist my words up and have me looking stupid .

Too much is going on right now . I ran to the bathroom and threw up .

I pulled my hair as I cried .

Too much is going on right now , I cant be stressing . I got a baby .

Deja - what the fuck ? Bitch are you alright ? She asked me when I came out the stall

I nodded I went to wash my hands and grab gum out of my purse

Deja - no you aren’t Aaliyah . Forreal she said

Instantly I just broke down into tears as she held me

Deja - Baby everything’s gonna be fine she said rubbing my back as I cried into her chest

Me - no Deja it isn’t

Deja - it is

Me - it isn’t . He raped me and I’m pregnant I mumbled into her chest

Deja - what ? Bitch who ?! And what ?! She yelled angry and I realized what I said as I broke down into more tears .

Deja - oh my god she said tearing up as she held me in her arms rocking me side to side as we both cried

Deja - w-who raped you ? She cried

Me - Devan Deja

Deja - when ?

Me - t-t-the other day I said that’s why I had to go to the hospital

Deja - and your pregnant

Me - by Travis , not him . I just found out I’m 1 month and some weeks yesterday I said as I felt her tears

Deja just held me and told me everything was gonna be alright

Deja - have you told anyone ?

I shook my head no

Me - your the only one who knows

Deja - Travis doesn’t know ? I shook my head no

Deja - you have to tell him

Me - what if he don’t believe me Deja ? I asked

Deja - he will . And I got something for that bitch James she said shaking her head I got something for him . Now stop crying , Bestfriend your too fucking pretty to cry

Me - I’m not pretty I mumbled truthfully . I’m ugly as ever .

I don’t even know what Travis sees in me .
Hell Deja look wayyy better than me.

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