But She's Black

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Chapter 5


8 PM came and I became nervous when I walked outside and seen Travis leaning against an all black range rover looking sexy .

Selena - Look at his sexy ass she said smiling and unbuttoning her work shirt more than it already was , making me look at her as she walked to him .

Travis smile dropped as she started talking to him , flirting
Travis - Im taken
selena - by who ? she dont have to know she said rubbing her hand up his shirt

I walked to him and moved her hands wrapping my arms around Travis torso

me - by me
She started laughing

Selena - Daddy your joking right ? she asked looking me up and down before laughing

Travis - does it l-

Selena - you can do better she told him eyeing me which made me scrunch my face up as I removed my arms .

This skinny ass hoe throwing shots ?
me - whatchu mean ? elaborate .

She started laughing

Selena - Look at me then look at you ….. he dont even look like he date black girls like you .

I chuckled to my self and looked up at Travis before pulling his face down to mines crashing my lips onto his pretty pink ones . I could tell he was confused then he gave in and started kissing me back as he hesitantly moved his hands down to my butt .

I pulled away and watched as he licked his lips before turning to a Selena who was looking stupid .

me - go be a hoe somewhere else hes mines I said smirking

She smacked her lips
me - and the next time you start throwing shots expect to get smacked I told her truthfully .

Disrespect is something I do not tolerate , from anybody .

I walked to Travis door and opened it only for it to get slammed back

me - problem ?

travis - yes ma’am there is

me - Tell me why ?

travis - when your with me , you are not to open doors .

I raised my eyebrow before I went reaching for that mf once again only for him to slam it back before pinning me against it

travis - you heard me and I will not say it again he said against my neck before kissing it .

He opened the door and I got in and buckled up as he got in and started driving .

Travis - where do you live ?
I bit my lip

Wasn’t finna show him my run down apartment so I gave him Deja address .
She lived in a nice single family house with her mom and dad .

He pulled up and turned the heat down a little looking at me


Me -let me take you out tomorrow ? I asked breaking the silence , since tomorrow’s Saturday .

She was silent as she shrugged

Me - come on Love .
Her phone ranged

Liyah - I’m outside - in a min - no- ok bye
She hung up and looked at me

Me - so ?

She shook her head no

Me - pleaseee ?

Liyah - uhm sure .

I smiled

Me - I’ll pick you up at 8 ?
She nodded and went reaching for the door that I locked .

Liyah - Really ?
I got out and opened it for her closing it behind her .

Me - see you later
She nodded and went to walk off but I pulled her back to me hesitantly kissing her .

She gave in and I pulled her body closer to mines

?- Liyah bitchhhhh when ?!
She pulled away quickly as her face turned a little shade of red .

Liyah - bye she mumbled

?- Bitch dont mumbled now ! Y’all caught when you get with his fine ass ?!

I looked at the girl , she was the same girl from the mall

Liyah- shut up Deja
I smiled before getting in my car and driving off


Deja - hoe you gotta get up its 6 she said snatching my phone out my hand

Me - girl

Deja - get your dirty ass in the shower .

Me - I’m not dirty I mugged her as she threw me a towel
I took a 45 minute shower doing my hygiene walking out

She handed me this skirt and crop top with these heels , jacket and hoop earrings.

Me - girl who wearing this ?

Deja - You ?

Me - no .
My stomach is not flat . I’m too fat for crop tops and skirts . Plus I wear diamonds .

Deja - stop being boyish

Me - I’m not wearing that

Deja - yes you are

Me - girl I caint even fit your size

Deja - yes you can

Me - Deja I said annoyed

Deja - look just one time . Goh damn you don’t want the boy to get turned off do you ? now then put this shit on .

I obediently put it on and she put my box braids in this bun putting pink lip stick on my lips .

Deja - see you look pretty . Now get up let me take a picture

I got up

Deja - smile .
I smiled

Deja - look lil Liyah finally look my size she said cause the heels gave me some height

Me - not for long when I take these bitches off

Deja - then imma pop you in your mouth she said as another flash went off

The door opened and Lay came in
She smiled brightly

Lay - You look so so so pwetty

Me - thank you the door bell ranged and Deja looked at me

Deja - stay right here I wanna see his face she said rushing out


The door opened and I seen the girl from yesterday .
She smiled at me

? - Hi im Liyahs Bestfriend , Deja

Me - nice to meet you
She stepped to the side letting me in as I stood there with flowers .

I had on some black jeans with a black polo shirt with a white polo sign and some black and white Jordan’s .

Deja - Liyah being ya short ass down here

Liyah - I’m not short girl I heard her say before she walked down the steps .

My eyes scanned her outfit looking at her chocolate thighs .

She looks beautiful
Me - you look beautiful .

She smiled
Liyah - thanks , you too .

Deja - see you wanted to walk out here like a nigga -

Liyah - girl chill
I laughed lookin at Layla who hid behind her legs .

Me - hi Layla
She slightly waved

Deja - girl ya ass was just yelling , yo ass not shy she said bluntly

I handed Lay a flower and handed the rest to Liyah

Liyah - thanks

Me - no problem
She grabbed my hand and we left out

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