But She's Black

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Chapter 6


We outside and I seen an all black Audi .
I wonder how many cars he got ?
He opened the door for me and I got in and buckle up as he did the same .

Me - where we going ? I asked after about 5 minutes of driving

Travis - surprise

Me - Travissss ion like surprises I said pouting
He looked at me pushing his fingers in my dimples

Travis - shhh love

Me - tell me ?

Travis - no

Me - pleaseee

Travis - nooo
I rolled my eyes and gave up

He glanced at me from the road
Travis - aye don’t do that .

Me - do what ?

Travis - roll you eyes
I rolled them again and he chuckled .
His hand grazed my thighs that was showcased from the skirt .

I became a little self conscious as he rubbed them .

*1hr later*
Travis- wake up

I opened my eyes as he led me inside this 5-star expensive ass restaurant .

He told the lady his last name and she led us to a table .

I raised my eyebrows as I picked up a menu .

Water wasn’t even free .

He watched me as I sat it down .

Travis - problem ? He asked nervously.
I could tell he really wanted me to like this restaurant .

Me - you didn’t have to bring me to this expensive restaurant I told him truthfully

Travis - huh ? He asked a little shocked

Me - you didn’t have to bring me here I woulda been fine with anything .

Travis - for real ?
I nodded

I don’t know what gold digging hoes he been around


Me - for real ?
She nodded making a smile creep on my face .

All the girls I been with want to go to an expensive restaurant that’s why I brought her here .

Me - you wanna go ?
She shrugged

Liyah - yea , we can .
She got up and we walked to my car .
I drove off

Me - where you wanna go ?

Liyah - wherever

Me - wanna watch movies at my house ?
She nodded and I drove to my house .

I shut my door locking it and she instantly took off them heels putting on some socks from her purse .

She sighed in relief taking off the jacket and earrings along with the jewelry making me bust out laughing . She just taking off everything .

Liyah - I’m sorry boy but this shit annoying .

Me - it’s ok I said walking to my room changing into some basket ball shorts .

I walked back downstairs grabbing some snacks before we went to my room and laid on my bed as she picked out a movie .

Liyah - can I get some shorts to put on ?

Me - yea I gave her some basket ball shorts from my closet and walked out the room , to give her privacy .

Liyah - I’m finished
I walked in and bit my lip looking at her in my shorts .

They hugged her waist tightly and everything else hung loosely .

I watched her as she climb in my bed before I climbed in too .

We layed next to each other talking eating popcorn .

We wasn’t even watching the movie .
I learned a lot about her

She only has one sibling , Layla .
She don’t know her dad , her moms a single parent . She’s 17 and a senior . She wasn’t born in Cali , she been here all her life but she was born in Illinois .

Me - what school do you go to ?

Liyah - South Central (made up)

Me - for real ? I go there .

Me - wonder why I never seen you ?
She shrugged

Liyah - maybe cause it’s my 1 year and I only hang with one person

I nodded
I started telling her stuff about me .

We layed in the dark room .
I put my arms around her , expecting her to move them but she didn’t .

She snuggled in closer to me and I put my face in the crook of her neck inhaling her sweet scent .

I felt her breaths even out meaning she was sleep .

I kissed her cheek and closed my eyes .

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