But She's Black

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Chapter 7


I feet my phone vibrating and I tried moving but something was holding me down .
I turned around seeing Travis
I ignored the call seeing it wasn’t nobody important
Me - Travis
Me - Travis

Me - Travis .
This mf sleep hard I wiggled from his grip and walked to the bathroom using it before washing my hands .

I opened the door and Travis was still asleep .

He looked so cute

I grabbed his phone that kept beeping going to the camera taking a couple before setting it back and getting back in bed laying on my belly .

20 minutes later

I felt him lay his head on my thigh , under my butt putting his arms around me .

Travis - Aliyah ?

Me - Yea

Travis - You hungry ? Want some pasta a-

Me - no

Travis - Want me to make y-

Me - Nah

he not finna have me eatting hotdogs and macaroni and I damn sho don’t want no pasta .

Me - let me cook for you .

Travis - foreal ?

Me - Yea , move so I can get up .

Travis - but I don’t want to he mumbled

Me - boy move

I felt his hands creeping up as he grabbed a handful of my ass , gripping it .

Me - ouch Travis that hurt I whined as he squeezed tighter .

Travis -You don’t got on panties ? He mumbled

Me - yes I do I lied

Deja made me wear some thongs cause you could see my panty print .


I gripped her ass some more

Me - You lying

Liyah- boy I’m not

Me - well let me see them then I asked creeping to the waist band of my shorts

She smacked my hand away getting up and walking to the door .

By the way that ass jiggled
I knew she was lying .


I looked in his freezer and fridge debating on what to cook ..

I placed a hand on my hips before taking out some frozen chicken .

I stood tryna reach in the cabinets but I couldn’t so I put one knee up , bringing my other before standing on the counter .

I jumped down and grabbed some pots and proceeded to making chicken and Macaroni . He didn’t have no cornbread , beans or any thing else I would eat with the meal .

He felt his hands creep up on my waist and I moved them .

me - Move

He placed them back
Me - Travis moveeeeeeee I’m cooking

He came up closer behind me and jumped when he got popped with the grease . He quickly released his hands and walked off , rubbing his arm .

That’s what he get
I made our plates and we sat down eating and talking .

Travis - this good Liyah

Me - thanks I said

Travis looked at me as I took his plate to wash the dishes

Travis - I got it

Me - it’s good
His phone ranged and he went upstairs to get it as I ran dish water and started on the dishes

Travis - ok he said coming on the side of me and wrapping one hand around my waist as he continued talking to I guess his father who he told me was a doctor .

Travis - alright dad he said hanging up the phone and resting his head on my shoulder

Me - do you like to touch me or something ? I asked cause it seems he just caint keep his hands off me
He nodded

Travis - yes love he said running his finger down my arm , giving me goose bumps . Get used to it he said chuckling as I put the dishes up .

Travis - lets play a game

Me - no , ion play games .

Travis - Forreal .

Me - Forreal .

Travis - truth or dare ?

Me - whatever
We sat down

Travis - truth or dare ?

Me - truth ?

Travis - punk but how many boyfriends have you ever had ?

Me - none . truth or dare

Travis - wait what ? You never had a boyfriend ?
I nodded

Travis - so I was your first kiss ?
I nodded and he peeked down at my thighs

Travis - so you a … Virgin ?
I nodded and he smiled

Me - truth or dare ?

Travis - truth

Me - you a Virgin ?
He nodded

Me - no way
He nodded

Travis - that don’t mean nobody ever sucked before
I nodded

Travis - truth or dare ?

Me - dare

Travis - I dare you to gimme a kiss
I quickly leaned in and pecked his lips .
I looked at the smile that danced on his lips wanting more

Me - truth or dare ?

Travis - dare

Me - I dare you to stay still while I try something I trailed off climbing onto his lap

Travis - what ?

Me - shhh Travis I said mumbled against his lips before wrapping my arms around his neck and leaning in .

The kiss grew deep as he started kissing and sucking on my neck .

He released with a loud pop and had a satisfied grin

Me - Whatchu do ?

He ran his finger across my skin before pulling out his phone and taking a picture with the flash on .

I looked at it seeing a big red and purple hickey mark .

Me - let me give you one ?
He nodded and leaned back onto the couch as I placed my lips onto him neck .
I felt him harden under me each second I sucked . He moved under me as I released seeing a red mark before he slid me off of him quickly .

Me - what was getting hard under me ?
His eyes widened

Travis - n-nothing . My phone .
I laughed cause I know he lieing .

He got up and walked to the bathroom
Travis - I’ll be back he said grabbing some lotion

Nasty I mumbled pulling out my phone I jumped up when I noticed the time .

11:48 damn I needa get going


I washed my hands and walked back out
Liyah - I should get going

Me - spend a night pleasee ?

Liyah - I needa get home to my sister .
I nodded

Liyah - lemme take off your shorts she said grabbing that skirt

Me - nah keep it on . Ion wanna see you in that skirt no more

Liyah - why ?

Me - cause ion want other people looking at you

Liyah - Boyyy
She still went grabbing that damn skirt

Me - Liyah don’t play with me I warned her taking it from her .

Liyah - I am afraid of you she said being sarcastic

Me - just wear the shorts please
She nodded and I grabbed my keys as she got her bag and we got in my car .

I pulled up in front of the same house as she reached for the door that I locked .

Me - I had a lot of fun with you today

Liyah - same

Me - when am I gonna see you again ?
She shrugged

Liyah - I got to go she said reaching for the door

Me - not without giving me a kiss I said puckering my lips that she quickly kissed

Me - bye love

Liyah - bye boy

Me - I’m daddy
She rolled her eyes

Liyah - bye daddy she said shutting the door where I watched her walk in before pulling off .

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