But She's Black

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Chapter 8


I walked into Deja house and up to her room silently .

She was sitting up watching tv with Lay sleep on the side of her

Deja - how was it ?

Me - good I told her slipping in the bed as my phone beeped with people asking for “candy” ((drugs)) and closed my eyes .

Me - wake me up in 10 minutes I said and she nodded

As soon as I closed my eyes it was like she shook me to get up

Me - that was 10 minutes ?
She nodded and I groaned as I got up putting on some black jeans and clothes

Deja- where you going ?
I looked at her , she don’t know I sell either

Me - home to let my mama in cause I got her key I said half lying .

She nodded

Deja - you coming back ?

Me - in the morning I said walking to her door

Deja - take my keys ? She said throwing them to me

Me - thank you

Deja - no problem , love you

Me - love you too I said walking downstairs and getting in the house .
I went home , opened the door for my mama and grabbed my bag driving to the block to sell .

Ain’t no sleeping , time to make money .


I laid in bed with one hand in my boxers looking at my phone .

It been a whole month since me and Liyah date . We text from time to time but the messages be simple or I don’t get a reply .

I shook my head getting up as I heard a knock on my door .

I walked down seeing James and Devan at the door .

I let them in and we sat down
Devan - wassup Trav ? he said

me - Wassup I said on my phone

James - Yall wanna go to that resturant ?

Devan - its whatever come on . We got up and I put on my shoes . We all got into James car and he drove to the resturant. we walked in and was instantly seated but unfortunatley Sarah was my waiter again .

Sarah - hey Travis ! I see you came back for me ?!

me - nope sarah i said

Sarah - Selena she corrected and you still fucking with that bum a-

me - check yourself Sarah

Sarah - I can offer you way more than she can

devan - who is she talking about ?

sarah - Aaliyah

james - whos that ?

sarah - ooh there she go right there she said smirking my eyes shot back behind her at Liyah who walked out the door to a table

a smile never left her face as she handed them some people their food . Their baby dropped her bottle and she bent down picking it up

?- stephani now its dirty the woman complained

Liyah - ill go wash it off ?

?- no you dont have to

Liyah - its fine she said and walked off

she returned and handed it to the baby as the parents thanked her

liyah - awwh no problem she said I got up and she walked past me not noticing me so I grabbed onto her waist

Me - How you just gone walk past daddy ? I asked and she looked back and laughed wrapping her hands around me and hugging me .

Me - I miss you

Liyah - I kno she said cocky making me look at her

Liyah - nah I’m jus’ playin’ boy , I miss you too

Me - I bet I said squeezing her tighter

Liyah - hol up she said letting me go as someone called her name

Liyah - whatchu wan Selenah ?

Selena - Get to work Aaliyah

Liyah made a face

Liyah - bit- bih oh I’m sorry who are you talkin to shorty ? she asked her and I laughed cause she was serious

Selena - get to work for I tell boss

Liyah - tell em .

I heard Devan and James mumbling under their breathe . Damn I forgot about them being here .


I looked and seen his friends - them same racist hoes mumbling about me under their breathe

?- fuck he with her for ?
I wrapped arms around Travis and looked up at him

Me - gimme a kiss ?
He looked back at his friends , who was looking at him with disappointment shaking their heads before he shook his head no

Me - no ? I asked as he avoided eye contact before I let him go .

I bit my lip and walked off but he grabbed my arm

Me - don’t fucking touch me I said clearing my throat so my voice wouldn’t crack

Travis - Liya-

Me - man watch out I said and walked back to the table .

He lowkey broke my mf heart . You don’t care about me being black but when your stupid ass friends say something you don’t wanna give me a kiss when that’s all your ass been asking me for ?

Ok fuck him . I went back to waiting tables .

Once again Stefani dropped her bottle . I silently picked it up
Me - I’ll be back I said and washed it refilling it with half water and juice giving it back .

I took their dirty plates going back

Boss - What’s wrong sweetheart ?

Me - nothing I told him

Boss - you sure ? Selena just said you got your heart broken

Me - Selena gone get her jaw broken if she keep messing with me I said showing him a fake smile walking back off .

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