But She's Black

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Chapter 9


Liyah didn’t even look my way the rest of the time we ate and I felt kinda bad . But I shook it off .

Me - I’m finna go use the bathroom
They nodded and I got up walking to where she was at . I knew Devan or James couldn’t see me with her as I talked to her .

Me - Liyah ?
She was silent

Me - Liyah

Me - Aaliyah ! I said as she ignored me

Liyah - wha the hell you want ?

Me - I’m sorry

Liyah - It’s ok Travis . I don’t care she said not looking at me

Me - you don’t care ? I asked

Liyah - Ian tryna be in no typa relationship anyways . Ion even want friends she said pushing some chairs in

Me - Liyah -

Liyah - gon’ head delete my number - ion wanna talk to you no more

Me - why ?! I almost yelled

Liyah - You just made me look lih a damn fool in front of your friends . They don’t like me cause I’m black and you don’t wanna disappoint them . I caint have that

Me - what you mean ? Ion care what th-

Liyah - lie to me if you want to . You woulda gave me a kiss right there .

I looked back making sure they couldn’t see me before pulling her to me and kissing her lips

She shook her head pushing me before letting out a laugh

Liyah - you don’t gotta worry , they don’t see you back here she said and walked off .


I walked off and clocked off cause my shift ended . I walked outside and got into Deja car

Deja - bih what’s wrong ?

Me - shiddddd nothing

Deja - I should punch you in ya head for lying to me lil bitch she said pulling off , making me roll my eyes before I told her what happened

Deja - I don’t like his fine ass she said flat out , making me laugh a little .

I shrugged
Me - it’s whatever I said going into my house after telling her bye . My mama left for work and I took my tired ass to sleep with Layla .

I walked into school with Deja who dragged me along with her .

She hugged me before we went our separate ways to class .

As much as I tried to focus on my work , my eyes kept shutting .

Teacher - Aaliyah ? He called out

Me - huh ? I mumbled with my head on the desk

Teacher - your needed in the office , bring your stuff your not coming back . I nodded and got up walking to the door and making my way to the office , after he wrote me a pass .

I don’t do nothing wrong in school besides do my work so I caint be in trouble .

When I entered the office the old lady greeted me , telling me to go into the principal office .

I knocked on the door and he smiled opening it
Principal - how are you Aaliyah ?! He greeted , cheerfully .

Me - tired , Whatchu need me for ?

Principal - I was wondering if you would tutor a struggling student for me ?

Me - nope I told him flat out

He called me outta class to ask me to tutor a struggling student at math ? The mf hell ?

Principal- why ?

Me - don’t have time , sorry ask another person . Im not even that good at math , yo ass know I gotta do summer school for that I said getting annoyed at that fact .

I’m missing a couple math credits so I gotta make them up in the summer if I wanna graduate on time .

He smiled big

Principal - That’s why I asked you , your one of my best students at math so if you tutor him you don’t have to summer school and I’ll give you them credits he said making my eyes pop open .

Me - you dead ass ?
He nodded grinning

Me - but I don’t have time I said feeling defeated and sad knowing I’ll have to pass up this good opportunity .

Principal - You can do it during your study hall ?

I nodded
Me - alright

Principal - You’ll do it ?! He asked and I nodded

Me - who the person ?

Principal - You’ll meet him during your study hall in the library today . I nodded and he explained to me how instead of having study hall , I’ll just be in the library tutoring the whole period .

He signed my pad for me to go back to class and I walked off

Principal - thank you sweetheart he said smiling
I nodded

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