My New Neighbour

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Shelly Anderson is an average student enduring a normal high-school life. Max Jackson is known as the most mysterious player and bad boy at school. She likes going unnoticed at school and does not like to be the talk of everyone. He is one of the popular guys and does not care about what others think. She likes her own free time, reading her books and spending it on Netflix and she prefers to be alone in a quiet space instead of feeling alone in a crowd. He is often seen hanging out with his two friends, Connor McAllister, the playboy of the school and Alex Maynard, the friendly one among these three but also a jerk to others. She is antisocial and a loser, well, nerd to others as she gets straight A's. He is a rich brat and gets whatever he wishes to have by hook or by crook. Dancing and reading books is her passion. Racing and fighting is his obsession. What happens when Max becomes her new neighbor? With them clashing again and again, will Shelly be able to cope with him? Will he be able to make her his without telling her about his dangerous secrets?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Shelly’s point of view

I watched my mom cutting the cucumber into round slices and placing them onto another plate one by one. Like really, one by one! She is really weird. She likes everything in proper and ideal way. Same goes with her cooking style. She likes everything to be well organized.

Since dad is returning back home from his business trip from Alaska, mom gave Linda two days off. Well, Linda is our maid, as well as my nanny since my birth. You must be wondering why do a 17 year old girl still need a nanny.

Well, both my parents are rarely home. My father is a business man always travelling for his business issues while my mother is a fashion designer who has to give her full time to her models. So, eventually, she has to be present for every shows that she contributed to around the world. So, my parents wanted to assure that I would be safe during their absence.

And here we are, my mom wants everything to be perfect for my dad. He has yet to come.

“Mom, am bored. When is dad going to arrive?”, I questioned my mom for the third time I think. I am being really impatient right now. You can’t blame me. I am seeing my dad after a whole month.

“Shel, you have asked me this for the fifth time already and the answer is he will be here soon”, she deadpanned and rolled her eyes at me.

Gee mom. Don’t roll your eyes at me. It makes you appear like my grandma. Seriously, if I had to spend a day with my grandma, I would prefer watching a scary movie than being lectured by my grandma about the ‘sex talk’. You heard that right, my grandma is the most unbearable person on this earth. My mom always told me that I am just like my grandma and am like ‘Go and get your eyes checked up’.

Just then I heard the doorbell. I smiled widely. Dad is finally here. I jump from my seat and ran all the way to the living room to open the door.

“Gotcha”, I hollered at my mom who was currently laughing at my childish behavior. I am so happy. After all, am a daddy’s girl.

“Daddy”, I screamed with joy and jumped in his arms, hugging him tightly.

My dad chuckled and hugged me back. He pulled back and caressed my head.

“How’s my princess doing?”, my dad asked, smiling at me. I felt complete now, with both my parents at home. You won’t know how I felt living alone in such a huge house by myself. Even with Linda by my side, I still felt incomplete without my parents. That’s why when one of my parents is back home from their work, they let Linda go and spend time with her family. Linda is just like a second mother to me. She is always there for me.

“I missed you daddy.”, I blinked back the tears holding them. I wouldn’t cry in front of my parents. I am a grown up girl now. I can live independently. I can take care of myself and let my parents fulfill their dreams.

“It’s okay baby girl. I am here now. You, me and your mom will make this time memorable for you. We will spend a lot of time together this time.”, dad responded back calmly and winked at something behind me, or rather someone. I grinned at them.

I turn around and surely, they were both staring at each other as if they are back in their high school time. Oh, they seem so much in love. I cleared my throat loud enough to break their eyes connection.

Mom looked down blushing while dad looked everywhere except me. Come on guys, stop acting as if you are newly married. You have a daughter already. I smirked at my mom who made eye contact with me. She smiled and suddenly she made a serious face as if she regained her posture.

“If you both are done with your father and daughter time, would you come in for dinner now? It’s pretty late”, my mom tried her best to order us. The key word here is tried. She failed miserably.

I chuckled at her attempt while my dad just started laughing like a hyena. When he saw my mom glaring at him, he coughed to control his laughter. He grabbed his luggage and disposed them on the near by couch.

“Come let’s have dinner. I will unpack my bags later on”, my dad said and we made our way to the kitchen. I sat down beside mom and we ate silently. It is actually sort of a rule to eat in silence. According to mom, one should not talk with a mouth full of food.

My mom is really a weird person. And I am completely like her. Me too, I don’t like such things. But today, I can’t wait for dad to tell me a bit about Alaska. I heard great things from there.

Later on, we were sitting in the living room watching television. I was so immersed in swooning over Ryan Guzman in the current show that I did not noticed when my dad placed a huge packet in front of my legs. It was when I was getting up that I almost fell over it. I looked up and both my parents were as if urging me to open the wrapped up packet with their looks. I smiled and pulled it up.

What I saw made me jump with excitement between my parents and hugging them both tightly. It was the series of vampire diaries. I love reading books.. I am a huge bookworm. This is what I usually do to spend my time alone at home.

I am not the party time like most teenagers. I prefer staying at home, well comfy in my bed reading a book or with Netflix while enjoying a chocolate ice cream.

At about eleven o’clock, I was so tired that I went straight to bed. My bed time is normally at ten o’clock but as today is a Saturday, my parents let me spend some time with them. I can sleep till late tomorrow. I smiled and fell into a sound and peaceful sleep now that my parents are back.

At around one o’clock at night, I heard noise from outside in the yard. I woke up with a jolt. I shivered at the cold air entering through the widely opened window. When the hell have I left the window opened? Now I am really scared. I walked slowly toward the window with my arms wrapped around me.

I grabbed it and pulled it back to close it but I stopped midway when I noticed the lights next door. Who could that be? The house beside us was empty for almost one year. I looked closely and could actually see inside too from the window adjoining mine. Like really, I could strangled the guy who constructed these houses like that. The house was so close to mine. We got some new neighbours.. Hope they would be nice.

Something caught my eyes. Or rather someone. I looked down towards their drive way and noticed a guy staring right back at me. I sucked in a deep and long breath. Oh god! I don’t get a good vibe from him. He seems a bit off. Really scary like.

I shook my head when I realized that I have been checking him out and the way he was looking at me was really scaring me. I closed my window real quickly and drew my curtains. My heart was beating like a drum. I jumped back into bed and closed my eyes tightly in hope to get some sleep.

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