My New Neighbour

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Chapter 10

“Well, well, well, look we have here, Max with his cute little girlfriend”, someone sneered from behind. Max went stiff for a while but then pulled me more in his arms, hiding my face in his chest.

It was a guy and his voice sounded frightening. My heart was beating rapidly. I felt an eerie kind of feeling. I gripped Max’s shoulders more tightly and he held me securely in his arms. I felt safe with him.

But who was this guy?

Maybe a friend of Max joking around but with Max’s reaction, I could easily tell that this guy could not be his friend.

“Why are you here?”, Max’s chest rumbled as he talked and I felt another flutter in my heart. I sniffed him lightly and he smelled like aftershave. So good and nice. How can he be so handsome, hot and sexy? It becomes even more difficult to avoid him. I smiled in his chest. I still couldn’t digest the fact that I am falling for him.

“Oh, it’s a free country and I don’t think that I should be taking your permission to come here”, the stranger replied, his voice bringing a chill down my spine again.

“You, bastard”, Max yelled and took a step forward.

“Max”, I grabbed his arms to stop him but he glared at me, making me shrink back. He got in front of the guy and grabbed his collar.

“What? Afraid that I will take your girl?”, the boy sneered at him.

How dare he? We are not even couple. I am not his girlfriend nor his girl. I am not Max’s girl. I wanted to yelled that at him but I kept quiet.

I stood there in shock when Max threw a punch at the stranger, a cracking sound was heard. I gasped and covered my mouth with both my hands. Oh god! I think, Max broke his nose. I froze on the spot. Many people was surrounding us then, curious to know what was happening.

The guy’s nose was bleeding and he wiped it with the back of his right hand. Suddenly, he laughed out loud. What the hell? He is laughing. He is a sadist or what? Is he mad? This guy is definitely a weirdo and also a mad man.

“Look Aiden, you get the hell out of here and the hell out of my life. You should know better than to mess with me”, Max pointed his right index finger at him as if warning him. Max turned around and perched down to grabbed our shopping bags. He held my hand in his free hand and without a glance back, he pulled me towards the exit of the shopping mall. So, the guy’s name is Aiden.

But wait! Why are we going? I am not done with my shopping yet. I pulled back and stopped him.

“What?”, Max yelled at me.

“What the hell, Max?”, I exclaimed out loud.

“What?”, he yelled again and glared at me.

“What? Do you expect me not to question you about what I just saw back there?”, I fired back at him and snatched my shopping bag.

“That one is mine”, he said while his lips twitched upwards in a slight smirk.

“What’s yours? Aiden? Oh my god! Don’t tell me you are gay. Are you gay?”, I asked shockingly.

“What?”, his cheeks turned slightly red. Oh no! He is blushing. Don’t tell I have been falling for a gay.

“Oh! That’s true, right? It’s true. Don’t worry. Your secret will remain a secret with me. You don’t have to feel shy. You know, I always wished to have a gay friend. But wait! Why are you a player then? Why do you pretend to like girls when you like boys? Max, if you are worried ab - ” my rambling was cut off when he captured my lips and kissed me again.

He pulled away and winked at me.

“I am not gay. See, I kissed you”, he grinned at me.

“And for your kind information, I was talking about the shopping bag. The one that you took is mine”, he added and held out my shopping bag. I gave him his and grabbed mine.

“Oh! Sorry”, I said sheepishly and looked down.

“I love it when you blush. You are so cute”, he snickered and pecked my left cheek.

“I have to admit that you have so soft and kissable lips that I can’t keep myself from kissing you again and again”, he leaned down and whispered in my left ear.

“Shut up”, I said and punched his right shoulder jokingly. He hissed out loud and feigned being hurt while rubbing his shoulder.

“Being violent now, are we? But you know, it hurts. Having an angel beating you hurts”, he continued with his little acting and snorted jokingly.

I chuckled and slapped his right arm lightly.

“Stop being aggressive, woman”, he frowned at me.

“But really Max, what was the issue with that guy?”, I asked him seriously.

He avoided me like a plague and looked around as if arguing with himself about telling me the truth or not to. I waited, tapping my my foot impatiently and crossed my arms over my chest.

“It’s none of your fucking business”, he snapped after a while making me jump back.

“Are you dumb? Don’t you know that you shouldn’t shout at a girl like that?”, I yelled at him irritably.

“Look who’s talking”, he sneered and smirked at me.

“Are you bipolar?”, I asked him.

“What? I am not bipolar and would you please stop showing this rude attitude of yours? Because it is fucking irritating me”, he said slowly as if he was teaching me a lesson at school.

“Thanks for telling me that I am the one being irritable here”, I chided, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“You”, he took a step forward and got into my face.

“What?”, I said angrily and glared at him.

He was breathing heavily and then huffed out in frustration. He ran his fingers through his hair in a frustrating manner. He always does that when he is frustration, nervous or angry.

There was a moment of silence and then he moved even more closer to me. My heart beat accelerated and I realized that only he could make me feel this way. I have many guy friends but I never felt this way with anyone. Max was the first guy making me feel this way.

He swallowed hard and I saw his adam’s apple move up and down.

“Nothing”, he finally said and made his way out, leaving me behind.

Okay then, I think I will have to do the rest of my shopping alone but then, will I have to walk the whole way home?

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