My New Neighbour

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Chapter 11

Okay then, I think I will have to do the rest of my shopping alone but then, will I have to walk the whole way home?

I heave out a sigh. Well, since Max abandoned me, I think this is the only way home.

I began walking around. Even if my feet are hurting, a girl needs to finish her shopping spree, right? I smiled when I stopped in front of a boutique with cute outfits seen hanging through the window from outside.

“Wow, back-to-school sale!”, my smile widen even more when I saw this. My father may have given me his credit card but I wouldn’t dare finish his money in one go. We may also be rich but i know how to save money. Why not buy many clothes in cheaper prices?

I entered and went through the racks and stopped in front of different types of sweaters hanging on a sliver rack. Now this is cool!

I pulled out an amazing blue sweater and checked the size. It looked fluffy and soft.

It is my size! Perfect! I smiled and slipped the sweater over my head. I checked myself in the large mirror beside me.

“It looks great on you. I think you should buy it”, someone said and I yelped out of fright.

What the hell? I almost had a heart attack. I turned around and glared at the guy who scared the hell out of me. Wait! He looked awfully familiar.

“Oh sorry if I scared the little cutie”, he added and chuckled and then winked at me.

Oh my god! I think I had a spaz attack. And with my heart already beating like a drum, I think am gonna faint. Holy shit! Standing in front of me was Alex Maynard with his famous smirk on his face. Max’s best friend and St-Xavier’s jerk and player like Max Jackson, the Greek god himself.

Why god? Why me? I wanted to stay unnoticed until I finally finish school to avoid drama. But sadly, life is being a bitch and is doing the complete opposite. It is my last year aka my senior year and I wanted peace and silence and not chaos and destruction.

Well, what am saying is right. Merging and talking with Max Jackson and Alex Maynard, the two bad boys will only bring destruction in my life, right? Yeah, that’s a big yes.

I pulled myself together and tried my best to muster a smile on my face.

“Nice to know that I have a certain effect on you, huh cutie?”, he snickered and winked again. Is it a typical thing of winking or smirking for players. It really irritates me. With Max doing that again and again, I can’t bear to see someone else doing that.

I gulped hard trying to get a good comeback but just found myself getting stuck from blushing.

He chuckled and smirked again. Uhggggggg smirk!, smirk!, smirk!

“Stop doing that, it’s irritating me”, I scoffed and removed the sweater.

“Stop what?”, he asked while grinning.

“Stop smirking at me”, I said and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Oh that, it comes naturally, cutie“, he replied and then he was stressing over the cuuuuu like a five year old and finishing with the tie by puckering his lips. I burst out laughing at his antics. He soon join in cackling like a hyena.

“Oh g-god! Y-y-you are s-so fu-nny”, I wheezed out through giggles and tried to stop laughing but I couldn’t with his funny laughter. Even his laughter was comic.

“I’ve been told so”, he said grinning like a cheshire cat and then he winked at me.

“So, since you are already here, why not shop together, my lady?, he asked enacting a british accent, held out his right hand to me and perched a little bit down like a gentleman. I tried my best to control myself from laughing at his horrible gesture of a gentleman. This is something to capture in a camera.

“We shall”, I replied in a british accent too and slipped my left hand in his.

“The pleasure is all mine, my lady”, he kissed the back of my left hand and stood up straight, my hand still held in his.

“You know something”, I asked making a sound halfway between a snort and a giggle. I made a straight face quickly and acted normal.

“What?”, he asked, studying my face and looking at me weirdly.

“Never try to be gentleman ever again, your face was worth look-looking a-at - “, I bursted out laughing again unable to tell him that he looked constipated.

“What?”, he asked with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“Y-you lo-looked cons-ti-ti-pa-t-ted”, I said between giggles and saw his confused face turned out into a horrifying one.

“Really?”, he asked, shock evident in his tone.

“Really”, I said and snickered.

“Thanks for telling me that, now, I will think twice or maybe thrice before being a gentleman to a certain cutie”, he winked at me.

“Yeah, sure”, I replied while rolled my eyes at him jokingly and walked around in search of other clothes that I would like to buy.

“Let’s shop”, he said squealing and imitating an overexcited crazy hyper girl.

He is surely a funny guy.

After like two whole hours, we have been at every store twice and our hands were filled with shopping bags from different boutiques.

I have bought light blue jeans, red jeans, three pairs of black leggings, five new different colours of summer dresses which were knee length. I also bought a few blouses, two pairs of converse, one black and one white. Three skirts which were neither that tight nor that loose.

And I also bought a leathery jacket on Alex’s request. According to him, all my outfits will look great with a leathery jacket on top. He just wants to make me dress like a badass like him, I think. But I couldn’t care less, I am enjoying myself and some little badass styles won’t do that big of a harm.

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