My New Neighbour

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Chapter 12

“Shelly”, Alex whined like a girl for the eleventh time or maybe a lot more.

I turned around and grinned sheepishly at him.

He came out of the store that we currently shopped in, with bags filled with clothes hanging on his arms while he looked at me with raised eyebrows and pouting like a five year old.

“What? We are almost over, Alex. Come on”, I waved at him to hurry up.

“But, just look at me”, he exclaimed loudly and raised his two arms horizontally, as if classifying his point. I frowned at him.

“Yeah, what?”, I asked, trying to figure out what he was trying to say with a slight grin playing on my lips. I am so loving his plight right now.

“What? I am currently carrying more than twenty bags among which only two are mine and to top it all, the rest are all yours and you are asking what as if you don’t know!!!”, he whined, throwing his hands up in the air out of frustration.

“B-b-but, I am not done yet”, I pouted slightly.

I am not the shopper type but I think I get over board when I have to buy clothes for school. And also with my mom being a fashion designer, I am usually forced to go shopping like every Sundays. Like really! So, shopping gets boring for me. I already have my closet filled with clothes but some new clothes would make me feel even more confident for my first day back at school.

“What? You are not done yet? Just remind me never to go shopping with girls again”, he said, shaking his head from side to side while looking up.

I glanced up but saw nothing that special for Alex to stare at, up there, or rather admiring the shopping mall roof. What’s the matter with him?

“What are you doing?”, I asked confusedly.

“Praying, you dimwit!”, he smacked my head lightly.

“What the hell?”, I rubbed my head while glaring at him. He chuckled and smirked at me.

“Oh, so, the little nerd can swear, huh? And yeah, stop being a drama queen, I did not hit you that hard”, he snorted jokingly and nudged me with his right shoulder.

“What the matter with you giving me nicknames? And I did not swear and what prayer? Why are you praying in the middle of the shopping mall?”, I whined and stomped my feet in frustration.

“To make me avoid meeting girls like you and to make me think twice before asking a certain cutie for shopping together again”, he said slowly.

“So, are we back with cutie now, huh, are we?, I asked and winked at him. He narrowed his eyes amusedly at me.

“Yeah, what can I do? You are too cute, cutie“, he did his little act again, stressing over the cuuuuuuu and finishing with the tie by pouting.

“And you are also too cuteeeeee”, I squeezed his cheeks and grinned at him.

“Stop it”, he swatted my hands away and rubbed his cheeks with his arms as his hands were filled with a lot of bags. He was kind of struggling to do it but he looked too cute and funny, so, I did not help him. Instead, I watched him giggling silently.

He looked at me and glared jokingly at me.

“You know, my heart has been split in two. Telling a player and bad boy that he is cute is like telling that Zayn Malik is gay. ( No offense to the fans of Zayn Malik ) Cutie, I can only be sexy and gorgeous as hell but not cute”, he said and winked at me.

That’s when realisation dawned on me. He is a player and bad boy too, just like Max. He too, will not want to talk to me when he knows that I am just a nerd at St-Xavier and that I have no friends other than Aubrey. I was too lost in enjoying myself with him that I forgot that he is after all Max’s best friend, a selfish and arrogant jerk just like him.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”, Alex asked, looking at me intently. I am sure, my face looked pained right now. What can I do? Nothing at all. He will turn out like Max too. I shook my head, refusing to look at him.

“Hey, cutie, tell me what’s wrong?”, he asked again, his voice dripping with concern.

“Why are you talking to me?”, I asked seriously and held his gaze. He was popular at school and I know for sure that he wouldn’t risk his reputation by talking to a nerd.

“What?”, he studied my face as if trying to read what was going on in my mind.

“Why are you talking to me, Alex? I am a nerd and a bookworm. I don’t have a lot of friends at school. I am a complete loner when my best friend doesn’t come at school and I….”, I trailed off, my voice cracking at the end.

“Shelly, why are yo -

“No seriously, Alex, why are you talking to me? You are a popular guy at St-Xavier and I know for sure that you wouldn’t want to talk to a loner like me”, I cut him off.

“Shelly, please, why ar -

“I have always been unnoticed to all the student body and you were also ignorant of me, then, why the sudden meet up? And why are you being so friendly? Why are you -

“Okay fine, Max called me and asked me to keep an eye on you. He was -

“What? Why would he do that? What is his problem? I swear he -

“Wait Shelly, he wanted to know if you are safe”, he said softly and sincerely.

“You know what, do tell him that I don’t need his concern and if he really wanted to know that I am safe, he wouldn’t have left me alone in the first place”, I said through gritted teeth.

“Give me my fucking bags, I can take care of myself”, I added and outstretched my palms in front of him. He gave me my bags but grabbed my right arm when I was about to walk away.

“Wait Shelly, I just wanted to tell you that even if Max had asked me to check if you were okay, I was really enjoying this moment with you”, he said sadly and looked down.

“Just save it, Maynard”, I disdained with a scoff and released my arm from his grasp. Wow! I am becoming Aubrey there for a second. Where have I got that energy to dare face Alex Maynard, the player of St-Xavier. I walked a few steps away from him but stopped abruptly with what he said next.

“It’s just that, you remind me of my deceased little sister”, he choked on his own words. I froze on the spot. When I turned around, it pained me to see him like that. He was looking at me, his two arms opened widely at his sides as if begging me to return and stay with him. His eyes red and filled up with tears. Oh no! Why him?

“Please, cutie. Will you be my little sister whom I never got enough time to pamper and spoil?, he managed to say and smiled weakly at me.

Without wasting another second, I dropped all my bags on the floor and ran in his arms, hugging him tightly. Almost instantly, he hugged me back squeezing me even more tighter. Soon, he was sobbing uncontrollably, hiding his face in the crook of my neck.

“Let it all out, Alex. And don’t worry, I will be your little sister”, I said sniffling while wiping the tears flowing down my cheeks. I did not notice when I started crying.

Soon his sobs turned out into hiccups and then he calmed down slowly. I could feel his tensed muscles relax and I pulled away slightly to look at him. His eyes were still a bit red and puffy from crying but he looked okay.

“You know Mr Bad boy, crying does not make you appear sexy and gorgeous as hell like you boasted about a while ago”, I snorted jokingly at him. He chuckled and then smirked.

“So, you do admit that am sexy and gorgeous as hell?”, he winked and flipped his imaginary hair as if he was feeling honoured but he actually looked like a girl. I started giggling but it soon turned out into cackles.

And it was even worst when he started laughing too. I couldn’t stop giggling with his funny laughter.

“Now come on, let’s go get some food, am hungry cutie”, he whined again for I-don’t-know-how-many-times-since-we-started-our-shopping-spree. He lifted all the bags from the ground and waited for my response.

“I am kinda hungry too and stop whining, big bro” I winked and grabbed his right arm, dragging him all the way to a nearby coffee shop.

All the time I spent with Alex surely changed my thoughts about him. He was nothing like Max. And I am definitely going to treat him like my own brother. But only one thought still lingers in my mind…

What happened to Alex’s little sister?

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