My New Neighbour

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Chapter 13

All the time I spent with Alex surely changed my thoughts about him. He was nothing like Max. And I am definitely going to treat him like my own brother. But only one thought still lingers in my mind…

What happened to Alex’s little sister?

We walked in the coffee shop and I smiled in delight when I smelled the chocolate and coffee smell. I am really addicted to chocolate and coffee. Alex was grinning while he raised an eyebrow at me.

“What?”, I asked and made a pointed face at him.

“Nothing, I just came to know that my little sister liked smelling coffee shops”, he mocked me and nudged my side amusedly.

“Shut up”, I groaned and stomped my feet.

He laughed lightly and placed the bags at the bottom of an unoccupied table. We sat down and I glanced around, looking at the well organized decorations and well maintained little shop. It was not that big but big enough to accommodate at least ten squared tables with four chairs at each side.

Soon a waitress at around our age approached us, swaying her hips while walking.

“She is smoking hot”, Alex said while looking at her with a dreamy look on his face, lost in his thoughts.

“Don’t tell me you are imagining dirty things in that filthy mind of yours”, I whisper-yelled at him and kicked his leg under the table.

“What was that for?”, he hissed in pain and glared at me. He then made his pouty face at me.

“Oh! Is the bad boy in pain? And don’t you think making that pouty face could destroy your bad boy image? That too in front of a girl that you are trying to impress?”, I said sarcastically.

He opened his mouth to say something but I kicked him again and shook my head slightly in the direction of the girl who was now standing at our table. He closed his mouth but then gaped at the girl again, his eyes fixed on her chest.

I slapped a hand on my forehead out of frustration. What do I do of this boy? I looked at Alex again who at last managed to compose himself in front of the girl. He was now busy, reading the menu and looking for something that he would like to have.

“What will you have?”, the girl asked in a slutty voice and trailed her fingers on Alex’s left bare arm. Alex jumped at the sudden touch of the girl and his face contorted into discomfort and uneasiness.

I tried my best not to burst out laughing.

Alex looked at me as if begging me to do something.

I cleared my throat making the girl look at me and she trailed her eyes over my body in disgust. What the hell? I should be the one looking at you disgustedly. You look like a slut who takes a bath with powder and make up every mornings. Like really! Her face was caked up with make up.

“Would you mind leaving my boyfriend alone?”, I said in a serious voice, acting like Alex’s girlfriend. She shook her head from side to side and glared annoyingly at me. And then glanced back at Alex as if I was invisible to her.

“Hello, I am talking to you”, I raised my voice and scoffed at her.

She gave me the bird. She did not just do that.

I may be a nerd but I don’t like when people do that.

I swallowed my pride and stayed calm. I have to stay quiet. But, Alex looked like he wanted to vomit. I grinned at his constipated face. He looked at me again as if he could burst out crying. I chuckled and then shrugged at him.

“How about I give you a nice time? You wouldn’t be getting anything from this little tramp”, she whispered huskily while bending down a bit in front of Alex and then rolled her eyes at me.

Oh you shouldn’t have said that. Mess with me, then you will have to face the worst side of me. I am also tired after having shopped for several hours. And she was wasting my time. I only wanted to grab a drink and eat something, not to bear a certain whore’s statements.

That’s when I exploded. I slapped my hands on the table causing a loud bang to erupt from it. Everyone around us looked up in surprised and kept quiet to watch the little scene. Stupid typical onlookers.

“Listen, you piece of shit. I am not the one who is a little tramp over here. Go, take a look of yourself in the mirror, you will see who is the little tramp among us. Also, would you mind leaving me and my boyfriend alone if you are done showing your body? And yeah, no one is interested in having a nice time with you, you got that, bitch?”, I tutted and pointed my index finger at her.

Looking embarrassed was an understatement. Her eyes were widely opened and her face was red like a tomato, clearly, not expecting such a reaction from me. She was breathing heavily and narrowed her eyes at me. I chuckled and then shook my head slightly from side to side and looked at her with disgust like she did a while ago.

She came nearer and got into my face as if threatening me to fight back. I smirked back.

“You little -

“Oh! Am so scared”, I snickered mockingly at her.

She raised her hand to slap me but I caught her wrist mid air and swung it back at her side. Her mouth dropped open and she gasped faking like she was hurt. Oh really, Barbie girl?

Suddenly, a man came bursting in the shop and made his way towards us. He looked like the owner of the shop, well dressed in a black and expensive costume and a black cap on his head.

“Please forgive us for any misconduct of one of our waitresses. I will look further into this matter but please do feel free to order whatever you want and don’t take into consideration what she said”, the man apologized and then made the girl go inside.

“It’s okay”, I smiled warmly at him and he smiled back. He then went inside too.

I huffed out and sat down. Soon, everyone turned back and continued minding their own business. Good! Don’t know why people are always curious and jumping in every sauce that are not theirs to digest in the first place.

“Woah, that was worth watching, cutie”, Alex said after a while, grinning satisfactory at me.

“Well, you mess with my big bro, you mess with me”, I winked at him.

We then ordered two large coffee with chocolate cream on top and I ordered a croissant while he ordered a vanilla muffin.

“So”, he simply said and took a bite of his muffin.

“So?”, I asked while taking a sip of my coffee. He chuckled and took a sip of his coffee too.

“Tell me about yourself, dimwit”, he winked and smirked at me.

We talked about a lot of things and then decided to play twenty questions. Soon, it was time to get back home as it was already past seven o’clock.

We exchanged numbers when we reached at my place and I got all my shopping bags from the back seat of his black Lamborghini. Yeah I know! Shocked? Me too, I was kinda shocked when I saw his car. We waved goodbyes and I got inside quickly because of the heavy bags.

Only god knows how he carried all the bags?

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